IBM Advanced Memory Diagnostics


IBM Advanced Memory Diagnostics

The Advanced Memory Diagnostics provide the capability to identify a particular memory module (SIMM/DIMM) which fails during testing. Use the System Board Layouts section (PC300/700, Intellistation) to reference the memory sockets, or select F1 twice to load the Online Manual and select Chapter 11 'SIMM/DIMM Locator'.

Follow the steps below to locate the IBM Advanced Memory Diagnostics test options.
  1.  Select the DIAGNOSTICS option on the toolbar and press Enter
  2.  Highlight either the Memory Test-Full or Memory Test-Quick option  and press Enter

NOTE: Either level of memory testing can be performed on all memory or a single SIMM/DIMM socket.

Only sockets containing a SIMM or DIMM can be selected for testing. Unpopulated sockets are noted by ........ besides the test description.

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