Test Results


Test Results

IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostic test results will produce this error code format:

    Function   Failure   DeviceID   Date  ChkDigits   Text
    Code       Type

Function Code:    Represents the feature or function within the PC.
Failure Type:    Represents the type of error encountered.
DeviceID:    Contains the component's unit-id which corresponds to either a fixed disk drive,
     removable media drive, serial or parallel port, processor, specific DIMM,
     or a device on the PCI bus.
Date:    Contains the date on which the diagnostic test was run.
     Date is retrieved from CMOS and displayed using the YYYYMMDD format.
ChkDigits:    Contains a 2-digit check-digit value to ensure that:
     ° Diagnostics were run on the specified date
     ° Diagnostics were run on the specified IBM computer
     ° The diagnostic error code is recorded correctly
Text:    Description of the error.

Note: See 'IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics error codes' on page 1 for error code listings.

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