Media Console Drive Devices (2140, 2142)

Media Console Drive Devices (2140, 2142)

Problems with the 3.5-in. diskette Drive, the CD/DVD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse, the On/Off switch, or the hard disk drive LED might be caused by the Media Console.

Multiple error codes can also be the result of a loose Media Console cable or defective host or client cards. If the system unit powers up with some or all of the following POST error codes, the Media Console might be at fault. Depending on service procedures, replace either the Media Console FRU parts or the Media Console FRU parts or the Media Console unit.

   1780    Hard disk error
   5803    Keyboard error
   5806    Diskette drive error
   5886    Pointing device error

If you receive multiple POST codes:

  1.  Check the installation of the Media Console cable on the host card.
  2.  Check the installation of the cable from pin 33 on system board A-1 or  pin J23 on system board A-2. See 'System Board Layout - Type A-2' for more information.
  3.  Check the installation of the power connector from the power supply to the host card.

If the problem persist see 'Diagnostic Aids' for more information.

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