Undetermined Problem (2140, 2142)

Undetermined Problem

Check the POST Error History

The system board retains the last three POST error codes in a POST Error History saved in CMOS memory. Each time a POST error code is detected at the power-on/power-off cycle, it is added to the bottom of the list in the POST Error History.


Most recent error code is listed at bottom

To view the POST Error History:

To check for the error again, repeat the above steps to add the error to the list once more. You should see the same POST error code listed in the last two lines of the POST error History.

To print a copy of the screen to an attached printer, press Print Screen

If an error code is present , go to 'Index of Symptoms, Messages, Error Codes, or Beeps' If no error code is present, continue with this check.

Check the power supply voltages (see 'Power Supply'). If the voltages are correct, return here and continue with the following steps:
  1.  Power-off the system unit.
  2.  Perform the following checks, one by one, until you have isolated the problem FRU  (refer to 'Parts/Test Point Locations' for locations:

     If the jumpers, switch settings, and voltages are correct, return here and continue:

  3.  Remove or disconnect the following, one at a time:

    1.  Non-IBM devices
    2.  External devices
    3.  Any adapter
    4.  Modem card
    5.  DIMMs (Remove all but one DIMM. Swap last DIMM with known good DIMM)
    6.  ZIP drive
    7.  CD/DVD-ROM drive
    8.  Diskette drive
    9.  Hard disk drive

  4.  Power-on the system unit.
  5.  Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you find the failing device or adapter.

If the symptom changes, go to 'Index of Symptoms, Messages, Error Codes, or Beeps' to check procedure for the last item tested.

Replace the last item tested if the system operates normally after removing the last item.

NOTE: If you are unable to find a check procedure that corresponds to the device or error code, you either have an IBM device with its own service manual or a device not supported by IBM diagnostic tests.

If all devices and adapters have been removed, and the problem remains:
  1.  Remove all cables from connectors on the system board except the power  supply and switch cables. See 'System Board Layout - Type A-1'  and 'System Board Layout - Type A-2' for connector locations.
  2.  Remove all but one DIMM from sockets. Replace last DIMM with known good DIMM.
  3.  Power-on the system unit and listen for any beeps.
  4.  If there are beeps, replace the system board and use the current processor on the FRU system board.
  5.  If there are no beeps, replace the processor and use the current system board.
  6.  If there are still no beeps, replace the current system board and use the FRU processor removed in step 5.

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