2138 SL-A FRU P/N

System Unit - Exterior FRU P/N 

Index    FRU P/N
1 Top/Side Panel    02K2324
2 Front Panel    02K2325
3 Top Cover    02K2326
4 Screw for Top/Side Panel    02K2327
5 Screw for Top/Side Panel    02K2329
6 Screw for Front Panel    02K2329
7 Drive Bay Panel  
   2nd & 3rd 5.25-in Drive    02K2330
8 Drive Bay Panel  
   1st 5.25-in Drive    02K2331

System Unit - Interior FRU P/N 

Index    FRU P/N
1 Assembly Lower Case  
   (w/power supply frame, driver frame  
   bracket port, w/o housing stands)    02K2605
2 Power Supply Frame    02K2604
   Screw for Power Supply Frame    02K2334
3 Bracket Port    01K4200
4 Screw for Bracket Port    02K2334
5 Assembly Wire LED    02K2335
6 Mounting Purse Lock    01K4213
7 EMI Core    01K4192
8 Housing Stand    02K2606
9 System Board V65XA-1  
   (w/l retention module, EMI grounding  
   I/O port bracket, hex screws and label)    02K2609
   System Board V65XA-1 (China only)  
   (w/l retention module, EMI grounding  
   I/O port bracket, hex screws and label)    10L6657
   Screw for System Board    02K2334
10 Intel® Pentium® II 266 w/I ECC    02K2563
   Intel® Pentium® Pentium® II 300 w/I ECC    02K2564
   Flash ROM    02K2345
11 Processor Fan Sink    02K2566
12 Backup Battery (CR2032)    01K4278
13 DIMM 16 MB w/o EEPROM    02K2288
   DIMM 32 MB w/o EEPROM (02K2289)    20L2203
14 Modem Card  
   see CD-ROM, Modem Card - FRU P/N below.  
15 Power Supply 200W    02K2562
16 Power Switch and Cable    12J6877
   Screw for Power Switch    02K4259
17 Power LED 3-pin to 2-pin  
   Conversion Cable    02K2634

FDD, HDD Drive - FRU P/N 

Index    FRU P/N
1 1.44 MB Diskette Assembly  
   2-mode w/shutter, spring    02K2299
2 Screw for Diskette Drive    01K4259
3 Diskette Drive Cable    02K2603
4 4.0 GB Hard Disk Drive, 3.5-in    10L6630
   8.0 GB Hard Disk Drive, 3.5-in    02K2561
   6.0 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5.25-in    10L6649
   8.0 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5.25-in    10L6645
5 Hard Disk Drive Cable    01K4224
4a Mounting Screw for 3.5-in Hard Disk Drive    01K4260
   Mounting Screw for 5.25-in Hard Disk Drive    01K4259
   6 3.5-in Drive Frame    02K2607

CD-ROM, Modem Card - FRU P/N 

Index    FRU P/N
1 CD-ROM (24x), AO  
   (12J6907)    10L6647
   CD-ROM (24x), API    12J6909
2 Mounting Screw for CD-ROM    01K4259
3 CD-ROM IDE Cable    01K4224
4 CD-ROM Drive Audio Cable    02K2339
   DVD II    02K2575
5 Modem, CIS 56K - D/F/V, Japan    02K2294
   Modem, CIS 56K - D/F/V, US, CA, TW    02K2639
   Modem, GVC 56K - D/F, US, CA    10L6633
   Modem, GVC 56K - D/F  
   UK, GE, SW, DK, NO, FI, BD, BF, FR    02K2632
   Modem, GVC 56K - D/F, SG, SF    02K2587
   Modem, GVC 56K - D/F, IT    02K2633
   Modem, GVC 56K - D/F, SP    02K2610
   Modem, GVC 56K - D/F, CN    02K2640
6 Speaker-Jazz, 3W    02K0322
   Speaker Adapter,3W UL/CSA    02K2312
   Speaker Adapter, 3W, BS    02K2313
   Speaker Adapter, 3W TUV/CE    02K2314
7 Microphone unidirectional, Jazz    01K4191
   Microphone Noise Cancelling, Andrea    02K2320
   Microphone Noise Cancelling, NC-8, Andrea    10L6656

Monitor and Power Cord - FRU P/N 

Index    FRU P/N
1 Monitor (MT 2122) 14-in w/stand  
   (54KHz, 13.1-in viewable)    02K2350
   Monitor (MT 2124) 15-in w/stand  
   (54KHz, 13.6-in viewable) (02K2353)    02K2619
   Monitor 17-in w/stand  
   (72KHz, US, 15.7-in viewable)    12J6903
2 Monitor Stand for 14/15-in.    02K2347
   Monitor Stand for 17-in.    02K2328
Power Cord  
   Power Cord, CSA/UL 10A/125V    06J7900
   Power Cord, 10A/125V, UK    01K4198
   Power Cord, 10A/250V, CE    01K4196
   Power Cord, 10A/250V, AU    10L6651
   Power Cord, T-mark 10A/250V Japan    02K2300
   Power Cord w/I adapter 10A/250V  
   (TA-Hsing T-mark Japan)    02K2648
   Power Cord Adapter 10A/250V  
   (for Japan only)    02K2296

Keyboard and Mouse - FRU P/N 

Index    FRU P/N
1 Keyboard-104 (CE)    07H0666
   Keyboard-104 (CF)    07H0668
   Keyboard-105 (FR) (07H0680)    28L1835
   Keyboard-105 (GE) (07H0681)    28L1836
   Keyboard-105 (UK) (07H0701)    28L1855
   Keyboard (ND) (07H0679)    28L1834
   Keyboard (SW, FI) (07H0697)    28L1851
   Keyboard (DK) (07H0678)    28L1833
   Keyboard (NO) (07H0688)    28L1843
   Keyboard (IT)    07H0687
   Keyboard (LS)    07H0670
   Keyboard (BD) (07H0675)    28L1830
   Keyboard (SP)    07H0796
   Keyboard (BF) (07H0674)    28L1829
   Keyboard (JP)    07H0704
   Keyboard (TW/HK)    07H0705
2 Mouse    01K4263


Application CD Pack, Voice Type 3.0 Kit, Lotus SmartSuite 97, MS Win95 Pack and Aptiva Customized I.E. 4.0

Aptiva owners and servicers will need to call their local IBM HelpCenter to order the above software.

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