6893 Parts Listing

6893 FRU P/N 
Index    FRU P/N
1 Cover Assembly    02K2731
   Name Plate and Bezel Kit    03K9817
2 CD-ROM (32x Max)    02K1119
   CD-ROM Drive (40x)    36L8757
   IDE Cable, CD-ROM (1-drop)    03K9724
   CD-ROM Audio Cable    75H9219
3 6.4GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)    10L6078
   6.8GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)    36L8703
   10.1GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)    10L6063
   13.5GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive    36L8689
   IDE Drive Data Cable    76H7341
   4.5GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)    10L6084
   9.1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)    10L6085
   9.1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (10000rpm)    10L6016
   9.1GB SCSI Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)  
   (non terminated drive)    36L8648
   Cable - SCSI (terminated cable)  
   (used for the above 9.1 GB 7200 rpm HDD)    37L5445
   SCSI Adapter Card (AHA 2940 U/W)  
   (OPT P/N 02K3454)    10L7095
   SCSI Data Cable    76H7343
   SCSI LED Cable    76H7344
4 EMC Shields 5.25-Inch    76H7338
5 Hard Disk / CD-ROM Cage    03K9641
6 3.5-Inch 1.44 Diskette Drive    75H9550
   3.5-Inch 1.44 Diskette Drive - Japan    75H9552
   Diskette Drive Cable    76H7340
7 3.5-Inch Diskette Bracket    76H7330
8 RFID Antenna (03K9769)    03K9654
9 Side Bracket    76H7329
10 System Board (no processor, memory, rails)  
   See > Asset EEPROM backup  
   for Not EMEA countries    11L1619
   in EMEA use    61H2388
   System Board (no processor, memory, rails)    11L1622
   System Board (no processor, memory, rails,  
   video) (For Pentium® III processors)    61H2349
   System Board Guide Rails, center and front    03K9626
11 Memory - 32 MB DIMM, EDO ECC    01K1143
   Memory - 64 MB DIMM, EDO ECC    01K1140
   Memory - 128 MB DIMM, EDO ECC    01K1141
12 Processor Pentium® II 350-MHz (02K2776)    01K4333
   Processor Pentium® II 400-MHz (03K9672, 37L5841)    01K4334
   Processor Pentium® II 450-MHz (37L5842)    01K1578
   Processor Pentium® III 450-MHz    33L1614
   Processor Pentium® III 500-MHz    33L1615
   Processor Pentium® III 550-MHz    37L5603
   Processor Pentium® III 600-MHz    01N2037
   Processor Mounting Bracket kit  
   (for all processors)    33L4321
   Retentiom Module (RM) adapter  
   (for Celeron™ and Pentium® II processors only)    33L4320
13 Latch and Screw    01K1612
14 Card Blank Bracket (AGP Cover)    03K9623
15 Fan/Speaker/Power Switch Assembly    76H7332
16 I/O Bracket    03K9622
17 Riser Card (61H2330)    11L1566
   Riser Clips, front and rear    02K2766
18 Chassis Assembly    03K9818
19 Side Panel    02K2728
20 Power Supply (145W)    01K9846
   Power Supply (145W) - Japan    01K9848
   Matrox Millenium Video Card  
   (01K4326)    01K4340
   Video Adapter - Matrox G400    37L2398
   Video Adapter - 2D Matrox Millenium  
   G200-REV D 8MB (AGP)    37L2382
   Video Adapter - Appian J Pro 16MB    00N3626
   Mirage GXT 2000 Video Card (IBM Fire GL1)    37L2375
   Matrox Eclipse Video Card    01K4422
   Permedia 2A Video Card (01K4331)    28L4968
   Cable - Wake On Ring    76H7345
   Foot (4x)    93F2386
   Jumper Kit    93F0067
   Keylock Assembly    03K9624
   Lithium Battery    33F8354
   Miscellaneous Screw Kit    93F0041

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