SCSI-2 F/W Hard Disk Drive Jumper Setting

SCSI-2 F/W HD Jumper setting

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Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive (IBM PC Server)


J1    SCSI Signal Cable
   J2    Power Connector
   J3    SCSI ID Jumper Block
   pos-1    Auto Start (if Jumper = installed)
   pos-2    Reserved
   pos-3    SCSI ID Bit 0
   pos-4    SCSI ID Bit 1
   pos-5    SCSI ID Bit 2
   pos-6    SCSI ID Bit 4
   pos-7    Term Power (if Jumper = installed)
   C1    Option Connector
   C2    Termination Jumper (if Jumper = installed)

NOTE for SCSI-2 FAST/WIDE. Drives All IBM SCSI controllers support SCSI IDs 6 through 0.
(ID 7 is used for the SCSI controller).
Some SCSI controllers support SCSI IDs 15 through 8. If the SCSI controller supports more then 7 devices,
then you can use SCSI ID 15 through 8.

The Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive has a built-in terminator that is activated by installing a jumper.
External storage enclosures might have a terminator at the end of the cable inside the enclosure, or on a connector outside the enclosure.
However, if the Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive is the last SCSI device in the chain and neither the cable nor storage enclosure has a terminator, then activate the terminator on the drive by installing a jumper on the C2 Terminator Pins near the side of the drive.

Some SCSI controllers provide term power to the bus, making it unnecessary for the drive to also provide term power. If the system requires you to provide term power, then install a jumper in position 7 (Term Power).

J3 SCSI Address Settings  (X = Jumper installed)

SCSI ID 6 5 4 3 SCSI ID 6 5 4 3
7 Reserved 15 X X X X
6 . X X . 14 X X X .
5 . X . X 13 X X . X
4 . X . . 12 X X . .
3 . . X X 11 X . X X
2 . . X . 10 X . X .
1 . . . X 9 X . . X
0 . . . . 8 X . . .

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