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SCSI External Cables / Terminator & Converter 

SCSI Adapter-to-Device Cables 

Conn. Adapt Conn. Dev. Length
meters / ft.
FRU P/N Opt. P/N Remark
D A 1.5 5 34F0017 32G4143  
H C 0.2 0.6 55H8190   RAID-Adapter -> SCSI Break-Out
H C 0.4 1.2 76H2678 76H2675 RAID-Adapter -> SCSI Break-Out
D A 1.5 5 31F4221 31F4187  
E A 1.5 5 92F0321 32G3915  
E A 1.5 5 71G2590 32G3099  
E A 1.5 5 92F2559    
E C 1.5 5 92F0326 32G3913  
E C 1.0 3 06H3231 PRADC1M  
B A 1.5 5 32G4089 PCSC01Y  
B A 1.5 5 32G0397 8191286  
C A 1.0 3 70G9858 70G9858
Cable with active 8-bit (high-
-bit) termination. (06H6037)
C A 1.5 5   SSSPC1Y  
C C 1.5 5 70G9857 70G9857
C C 1.5 5 21F9046    

SCSI Device-to-Device Cables 

Conn. Dev. Conn. Dev. Length
meters / ft.
FRU P/N Opt. P/N
A A 1.5 5 34F0018 6451042
A A 0.5 1.5 92F0325 32G3917
A A 0.5 1.5 31F4222 31F4186
C A 0.5 1.5 92F0442 32G3916
C C 0.5 1.5 92F0441 32G3914

SCSI Terminators 

Conn. Remark FRU P/N Opt. P/N
D for PS/2 Adapter w/Cache (85F0063) 33F8464 15F6743 6451039
Int. for 85F0063 (Card w/o int.cable) 34F0025 33F8724  
Int. for HD w/o terminators (Cable <term> HD) 92F0142  
Int. for 85F0002 (DIL) 57F2870  
A Active Term. 92F0057 32G3919
C Active int.& ext.
92F0432 32G3918
SCSI Terminator Kit
active 50-pin 8-bit Note 1
active 68-pin 16-bit

Note 1: dataMate DM550-06-ADR

SCSI Converters 


Conn. Remark FRU P/N Opt. P/N
Int. 68-to-50-pin
16-8 bit (w/o term.)
92F0324 32G3925
Int. 68-pin device to
50-pin int. cable
w/o termination
(16-bit device on
8-bit/50-pin cable)
87G4587 01K1326

System / Adapter - SCSI Connectors 

System / Adapter Conn.
3516 Expansion C
3517 Multi Storage Enclosure C
3545 ThinkPad Expansion D
6015 6040 6042 B
65xx 68xx B
8556 8557 8580 8590 8595 D
8639-Server 310 B
8639-Server 325 C
8640-Server 300 Exx B
8640-Server 330 Pxx C
8640-Server 320 PCI/ISA C
8640-Server 320 PCI/MCA C
8640-Server 320 RAID (Mylex) C
8641-Server 500 MC (IBM) E
8641-Server 500 RAID MC (IBM) E
8641-Server 520 PCI (AHA-2940W) C
8641-Server 520 RAID PCI (Mylex) C
8642-Server 720 RAID PCI (Mylex) C
8644-Server NetFinity 3500 C
8650-Server 704 RAID PCI (Mylex)
2x Channel (0/1) .8mm 68-pin ultra high
9556 9557 9576 9577 D
9576i 9577i MC (IBM) E
9576i 9577i MC (Future) B
9585 Mod. xXx, 1NG, V01 D
9585 Mod. ONx, Exx E
9590 MC (IBM) D
9595 Mod. Axx Sxx MC (IBM) D
SCSI-2 fast PCI Adaptec AHA-2940 B
SCSI-2 fast PCI Future Domain B
SCSI-2 fast/wide PCI Adaptec AHA-2940W C
SCSI-2 fast MC/A Future Domain B
SCSI-2 fast/wide RAID PCI Mylex C
IBM SCSI-2 fast/wide MC/A E

Option - SCSI Connectors 

Option Conn.
3431 3440 3445 3450 A
3509 3510 3511 3516 A
3517 3532 A
3518 C

Do NOT MIX - Single-ended and Differential devices on a single SCSI bus!
(Otherwise, if mixing be sure - have the FIREBRIGADE nearby). 

Most common SCSI Standards - Specifications

Mode Bandwith Frequ. Max Data
Max Cable
SCSI-I 8-bit 5 MHz 5 MBps 6 meters
SCSI-II 8-bit 5 MHz 5 MBps 6 meters
Fast SCSI 8-bit 10 MHz 10 MBps 3 meters
Wide SCSI 16-bit 5 MHz 10 MBps 6 meters
Fast/Wide SCSI 16-bit 10 MHz 20 MBps 3 meters
32-bit SCSI 32-bit 5 MHz 20 MBps 6 meters
32-bit Fast SCSI 32-bit 10 MHz 40 MBps 3 meters
Fast-20 SCSI 8-bit 20 MHz 20 MBps 1.5 m
Fast-20 Wide SCSI
16-bit 20 MHz 40 MBps 1.5 m

NOTE: Fast-20 Wide SCSI is also reffered to as UltraSCSI single ended. The single ended refers to the length of the SCSI cable w/o using differential technology and w/o the use of a SCSI repeater.

With an SCAM (SCSI Configured AutoMagically) Adapter installed, the adapter use ID #6 during BOOT. All to an SCAM-adapter connected devices should support SCAM - otherwise conflicts.

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