BIOS Error Codes - Beeps List (Aptiva 2165 - SL-A)

Table 2-2 BIOS Error Codes - Beeps List

NOTE: To diagnose a problem, first find the BIOS error messages, codes, or beeps in left column.
If directed to a check procedure, replace the FRU indicated in the check procedure.
If no check procedure is indicated, the first Action/FRU listed in right column is the most likely cause.

BIOS Error Codes - Beeps List 
BIOS Beep Codes    Action FRU
   Messages, beeps  
   (2: long, 1: short)    This code indicates that a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the
   2-1-1    video screen to display any additional information.
   2- (repeatedly)    The code indicates that DRAM error has occurred. See 'Memory (DIMM)'
     to get more information.

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