Product Overview (Aptiva 2170/71/72 - SL-A)


This chapter gives a general overview of the Aptiva Machine Type 2170/2171/ 2172, describes the standard and optional features, and details functional and environmental specifications.

Product Overview

Machine Types 2170, 2171, and 2172 have two PCI slots and one PCI/ISA shared slot.
The 2170 system supports the AMD K6 processor family and while the 2171 and 2172 supports the Pentium® III processors.

The machine types 2171 and 2172 support Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), which allows installed system memory to be used as texture memory, yielding a huge texture footprint to enhance 3D graphical display performance.

Listed below are 2170, 2171 and 2172 system features:

Processors (Machine Type 2170)

Processors (Machine Type 2171/2172)

Pentium® III


External Ports

Diskette Drive

Hard Disk Drive



Video Cards

Power Management

Power Supply

Internal Cabling

Monitor (Not included with some models)



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