BIOS Error Beeps List (Aptiva 2170/71/72 - SL-A)

Table 2-2 BIOS Error Beeps List

NOTE: To diagnose a problem, first find the BIOS error beeps in left column.
If directed to a check procedure, replace the FRU indicated in the check procedure.
If no check procedure is indicated, the first Action/FRU listed in right column is the most likely cause.

BIOS Error Beeps  
   (L: long beep, S: short beep)    Action/FRU
   L-S-L-L    System board
   DMA internal register test fail  
   KBC (keyboard controller) self  
   test is failed or not installed  
   Shutdown byte in RTC/CMOS  
   read/write test failed  
   L-S-L-S 1. Insert the memory modules in the DIMM sockets properly,
   System DRAM refresh cycle is     then reboot the system.
   out of specification 2. Memory module. See the Step 005 of 'Memory' to replace memory module.
   L-L-L-S 3. System board
   The first 128KB of base memory  
   r/w test failed  
   L-L-S-L 1. See 'Flash (BIOS) Update Procedure'.
   The BIOS code in flash ROM is 2. System board
   L-S-S 1. Video adapter card
   Video buffer has error 2. System board
   S-S 1. Reconnect monitor.
   Console does not exist and 2. Monitor.
   message displayed to terminal  
   S    See 'BIOS Setup Utility'.
   User is allowed to enter Setup  
   after this beep  

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