Monitor (Aptiva 2170/71/72/74/87/90 - SL-A)

Monitor (Aptiva 2170/71/72/74/90 - SL-A)

First, set the system to VGA mode. To do this in Windows 98, depress the F8 function key during startup.
Safe mode (VGA) will be set for Windows 98.
Use the operating system's video setup to change the monitor resolution.

The monitors that come with the system are DDC2A/B or DDC1/2B+ (Display Data Channel) compliant.
While starting Windows 98, the DDC2 monitor passes resolution and frequency information to the system.
The system interprets the data and sets up the proper refresh rate.

If the monitor type is set to the power saving mode, the screen remains black and the LED lights or flashes in amber color.
When the monitor is turned on alone, or is turned on and connected to a powered-off system unit, the monitor LED blinks in amber color. Under the normal operating conditions, the LED lights in green color.

NOTE: Some monitors have a detachable system I/O signal cable between the monitor and the system unit.
Check the line voltage, power cord, and continuity for the system I/O signal cable before replacing the monitor.
See 'Monitor Port Signals' for pin identification.

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