Undetermined Problems (Aptiva 2170/71/72/74/87/90 - SL-A)

Undetermined Problems

If an error code, error message or error beeps is present, go to 'Index of Symptoms, Messages, Error Codes, or Beeps'.
If you did not receive any messages, error codes, or beeps, see if the symptom is listed in 'Table 2-3 Error Symptoms List (2170/71/72/74 or 2187/2190)'.
If you still cannot solve the problem, continue with this check:

  1.  Check the power supply voltages (See 'Power Supply Connectors and Voltages').
     If the voltages are correct, return here and continue with the following steps:
  2.  Power off the system unit.
  3.  Perform the following checks, one by one, until you have isolated the problem FRU
     (refer to 'Parts/Test Point Locations' for locations):

  4.  If the jumpers, switch, and voltage settings are correct, continue with the following steps:

  5.  Power on the system unit.
  6.  Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you find the failing device or adapter.
  7.  If software related, reload software from Recovery CD.
  8.  If the symptom changes, go to 'Index of Symptoms, Messages, Error Codes, or Beeps'.
     or to the check procedure for the last item tested.

     Replace the last item tested if the system operates normally after removing the last item.

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