2170 Aptiva SL-A - System Board

2170 Aptiva SL-A - System Board
System Board Connector Functions 

Connector Function Connect to...
CN1 Universal Serial Bus (USB)
USB device
CN2 USB HUB connector USB HUB device
CN3 Upper: PS/2 mouse port
Lower: PS/2 keyboard port
PS/2 pointing device
PS/2 keyboard
CN4 ATX Power Supply connector Power supply
CN5 I/O Port:
Upper: Printer port
Lower-left: COM1
Lower-right VGA
Printer or Parallel device
Serial device
CN6 HDD LED connector HDD LED
CN7 COM1 Serial device
CN9 Reset button Reset button
CN10 Floppy diskette drive connector Floppy diskette drive
CN11 Primary IDE Channel IDE drive
CN12 Secondary IDE Channel IDE drive
CN15 Upper: Game port (15-pin female)
Lower: (R-to-L)
Stereo line-in port
Stereo line-out port
audio input device
CN16 Power LED connector Power LED
CN17 Power Button Connector Power Button
CN18 Wake-up on LAN connector LAN adapter card
CN19 Modem Ring-In connector Modem adapter card
CN20 CD/DVD audio input connector CD/DVD-ROM drive
CN21 Fax-voice modem connector Modem card
FN2 Fan connector Processor fan
JP1 Passive/Active speakers jumpers  
JP2 Passive/Active speakers jumpers  
JP4 Password check  

System Board Jumpers and Switches Settings 

Jumper/Switch - Settings Function
JP1, JP2
1-2 & 4-5
2-3 & 5-6
Speaker Type:
* Speaker Out
Line out
JP4 Password Check
Password function
* Check
SW1 (switch 1, 2, 3)
Off, Off, Off
On, Off, On
Off, On, Off
On, On, Off
On, On, On
On, Off, Off
Off, On, On
Off, Off, On
Bus Clock Ratio
M2 - K6
3.5 - * 3.5
2.0 - 4.0
3.0 - 3.0
2.5 - 2.5
- - 4.5
- - 2.0
- - 5.0
- - 5.5
SW1 (switch 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Off, On, On, Off, On
Off, On, Off, Off, On
Off, On, Off, Off, Off
Off, Off, On, Off, On
Off, Off, On, Off, Off
Off, Off, Off, On, On
Off, Off, Off, On, Off
CPU Core Voltage
* 2.2V
SW3(switch 1, 2, 3, 4)
Off, On, On, On
On, On, Off, Off
Off, On, Off, On
On, On, On, On
Off, On, Off, Off
Off, Off, On, On
66.6 66.6 33.3
66.6 100 33.3
83.3 83.3 33.3
90 90 30
95 95 31.7
* 100 * 100 * 33.3

* Default Setting

DIMM Configurations

A maximum of 256MB memory may be installed.
You can install 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, or 128MB PC-100 DIMM
with gold contacts (64-bit, non-ECC, 100MHz, 3.3 volt) in any socket and with any combination.

Note: Some system boards require that DIMM socket number one be occupied. If after installing memory the system does not boot successfully and both DIMM sockets are not occupied, switch the DIMM to the unoccupied socket and reboot the system.

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