2174 Aptiva SL-A - System Board

2174 Aptiva SL-A - System Board
System Board Connector Functions 

Connector Function Connect to...
J1 PS/h2 keyboard and
mouse connectors.
PS/2 pointing device
PS/2 keyboard
J2 Serial
2 connector, COM1
Serial device (Reserved)
J3 Serial 1 connector, COM0 Serial device
J4 USB connectors USB devices
J6 Parallel connector Printer or parallel device
J9 PCI connector 0 Adapter card
J10 PCI connector 1 Adapter card
J11 PCI connector 2 Adapter card
J12 PCI connector 3 Adapter card
J13 PCI connector 4 Adapter card
J16 AGP video card connector VGA card
J17 Fan connector Fan
J18 Password/Flash Jumper
J18 pins 1-2 = Flash update
J18 pins 2-3 = Password clear
J18 pin 2-open = Normal oper.
J19 Secondary IDE connector IDE drive
J20 Power supply fan connector Fan
J21 Wake on LAN (WOL) connector LAN adapter card
J22 ATX Power connector Power supply
J23 Speaker header connector Speaker
J24 Primary IDE connector IDE drive
J25 SCSI LED header connector SCSI LED
J26 Front panel connector
(HDD LED: pins 1,3,5,7
Power switch: pins 6, 8)
Power button
J28 Diskette drive connector Diskette drive
J29 Power LED connector Power LED
BT1 System Battery connector System Battery
System memory module connectors Memory
SLOT-A Processor connector CPU

DIMM Configurations

A maximum of 768MB memory may be installed.
The factory pre-installed 128MB PC-100 DIMM can be placed in any socket.

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