SW-Configuration SAMPLES and HINTs

  SAMPLE >> 2133-642 486SX-25 MHz (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> 2168-866 (SL-C) 486SX2-50 MHz Aptiva (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> 2168-790 (SL-C) 486SX2-66 MHz Aptiva (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> 2168-931 (SL-H) Pentium-75 MHz Aptiva (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> 2155-674 486DX2-50 MHz PS/1 (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> 2144-798 Pentium-60 MHz PS/1 (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> Warp 6581-WV1 486DX4-100 MHz (Preload German)

  SAMPLE >> Warp 6577-9AJ PC330 Pentium-166 MHz (Preload German)

< DOS ERROR codes


< OS/2 TRAP-ERROR codes

< Force OS/2 to VGA-Mode

  SAMPLEs (file) can be COPIED !

  1.  Select the SAMPLE file (double Click)
  2.  Click on SERVICES (Screen top/left side)
  3.  Click on COPY to FILE

A flat ASCII file 'TEXT.TMP' should have been written (to the DIR, where (W)EPRM.INF is installed.)
The file 'TEMP.TXT' should be (renamed) copied to the machine under test, w/o edit/type line by line.

  Don't forget to save the origin CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT Customer file(s). (before starting experiments on a customer-machine).

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