OS/2 Trap Error Codes

HINT : It is possible to find the OS/2 TRAP meaning from/within OS/2 fullscreen/window by ADDING the decimal TRAP number to 1930 and enter  HELP 19xx (e.g. Trap 000D .. HELP 1942) 

If you are here because it seems that the Operating System OS/2 is defect, please run SYSLEVEL.EXE  to see the current installed CSD-level, for error reporting to your SUPPORT - line. In some cases it is helpful to run the RMVIEW.EXE  to have also the SYSTEM-RESOURCES (OS/2 is working with) available.

  OS/2 Trap Error Codes

The following chapter only deals with the first 16 Traps which concern the servicer. Traps 0 through 16 are "exceptions" which means if they occur, the processor takes the appropriate action according to the instructions in the interrupt handler routine of the user's Operating System. The exception handler can vary widely according to the software vendor.

TRAP 0000 - DIVIDE ERROR. A program attempted to divide a number by zero. Contact software support.

TRAP 0001 - DEBUG EXCEPTION. Contact software support.

TRAP 0002 - NMI INTERRUPT. An NMI interrupt is generated by the system when a
catastrophic error occurs. There are four possible causes of this problem. These are summarized below:

110 error - system board memory parity error
111 error - I/O channel check (adapter card error)
112 error - watchdog timeout (may be hardware or software)
113 error - DMA bus timeout (>7.8us / may be hardware or software)

If memory adapter FRU 34F2825 is installed, then see >> ECA 042
If machine is 8570 then see >> ECA 059

The Service Aid Diskette (SAD) may be useful to determine whether the problem was a 110, 111, 112 or 113 error. Note, if a 112 or 113 error cannot be resolved by hardware troubleshooting, software support should be contacted.
(Some operating systems do not support this service aid.) Try also to run CHKDSK, may be there are some crosslinked files. Check if any adapter/port setup have DMA-Arbitration enabled, if yes, try with disabled arbitration setting.

TRAP 0003 - BREAKPOINT. This is a special instruction (INT 3) used in "debugging" software, which was left in the code either accidentally or by design. Contact software support.

TRAP 0004 - OVERFLOW. An overflow occurred while doing an arithmetic operation. Contact software support.

TRAP 0005 - BOUND RANGE EXCEEDED. A BOUND instruction exceeded the specified limits. Contact software support.

TRAP 0006 - INVALID OP CODE. The processor tried to execute an unreserved invalid opcode. Run CHKDSK. Contact software support.

TRAP 0007 - COPROCESSOR NOT AVAILABLE. If Coprocessor diagnostics run error-free, run CHKDSK, contact software support.

TRAP 0008 - DOUBLE FAULT. The processor detected an exception while processing an exception. It could be caused by either hardware or software. If trap 0002 is also being experienced, Contact hardware support.

TRAP 0009 - COPROCESSOR OVERRUN. The middle portion of a Coprocessor operand is protected or not-present. Contact software support.

TRAP 000A - INVALID TASK STATE SEGMENT. A task switch to an invalid task switch segment was attempted. Contact software support.

TRAP 000B - SEGMENT NOT PRESENT. The segment being referenced is not present. Contact software support.

TRAP 000C - STACK FAULT. (Stack exception) Contact software support.
If memory adapter FRU 34F2825 is installed, then see ECA 042 If a 113 error appears, see ECA 024 - 113 Error

TRAP 000D - GENERAL PROTECTION EXCEPTION. All protection violations which do not cause another exception cause a TRAP 000D. Contact software support.
(If 'Int Proc Error at 0220:3557' appears, set the Token Ring to 16K RAM)

TRAP 000E - PAGE FAULT. The page being referenced is not present in memory or the procedure referencing the page does not have enough privilege to access the page. (Application Software error in some cases HW-error (e.g. cache memory)). Contact Software support.


TRAP 0010 - COPROCESSOR ERROR. The processor detected an error from the Coprocessor. This could be caused by hardware or software.




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