1GB Pegasus IDE Hardfile (6050/6070) Data loss / WinNT

Subject: 1Gb Pegasus IDE HardFile on 6050/6070

Problem: Potential data loss with 1Gb H/F running under Win NT.

There exits a possibility of data loss when updating device drivers due to the write Cache on the 1Gb Pegasus IDE Hardfile. This problem is actually a Windows NT problem but it can be resolved by disabling the DASD Cache. All systems are now being manufactured with DASD Cache disabled in order to avoid this problem.


If you replace the 1Gb Hardfile ( FRU P/N 06H6416 ) then you must unsure that the Hardfile jumpers are in the same position as the Hardfile being removed. Please ensure that jumpers are on positions 1 and 5. If not, move jumper from position 7 to position 5.

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