9576/9577 - and Streaming Adapters

9576/9577 - and Streaming Adapters
see also PLET ZG94-0100

Symptom: LanStreamer and EtherStreamer adapter do not work in 76i/77i with 25MHz planar (FRU P/N 95G9691)

Problem Isolation Aids: Adapter cards function correctly in other 9576/9577 models & 76i/77i with 33MHz planar.

Fix: Streaming mode adapter cards are not supported for use with 76i/77i systems fitted with 25MHz planar. The problem is caused by a limitation of the level of Bus Interface Controller chip used on this planar. 76i/77i systems with the 33MHz planar are unaffected by this problem.

Possible (not a free cost) Solution: Replace the systemboard FRU P/N 95G9691 with FRU P/N 96G1305. (Identification - FRU 95G9691 = 'yellow' / FRU 96G1305 = 'blue' Synchro Stream Controller.

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