Ethernet - COLD-BOOT problem

See also RETAIN tip H127441  (16-Feb-96)

PROBLEM Description
The problem experienced with the Ethernet adapters (FRU P/N 48G7170 and 60G611) inside Series 300/700 system unit.

After a cold boot, the adapter may have it's stored configuration corrupted. In all cases of corruption the configuration ends up as follows:

   I/O Base Address = 300
   Interrupt Assignment = X, where X means the interrupt is disabled
                             and the adapter will not operate
   Physical Media = TPI(10BaseT)
   Adapter Architecture + I/O Port
   Boot Prom = No Boot PROM
   Advanced Configuration
    -  CHRDY = normal (default)
    -  TPI link integrity checking enabled (default)
    - No boot PROM

But, the first evidence of corruption is that a device driver load will not work and/or the system will hang.

If the above described problem occur, please contact your technical local IBM HW-support-Group for instructions.

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