ECA 042 - enhanced memory expansion option

ECA 042 - enhanced memory expansion option


Enhanced 80386 expansion memory option w/4MB SIMM installed

To make available to the field a mandatory replacement enhanced 80386 memory expansion option adapter. Uplevel options 34F3011 and 34F3077 which use FRU P/N 87F9916, replace option 34F2811 which used FRU P/N 34F2825. This is done as a pre ECA: Measure due to the possibility of undetected data modification with 4MB simm(s) installed on this adapter.

Viewing the adapter from the back, with connector facing down, locate part number along the left hand bracket. If manufacturing P/N 49F5507 is present, the adapter is down level and must be replaced.

Enhanced 80386 memory expansion option adapters meeting the description in the physical check, with 4MB SIMMs installed, must be replaced with the current level FRU P/N 87F9916 at the earliest possible opportunity.

Down - level adapters with 1MB and/or 2MB SIMMs installed will not experience the data modification problem and installation of the UP - level FRU is optional. replacement of the adapter is required for customers planning to upgrade with 4MB SIMMs.

The 1 MB, 2 MB and/or 4 MB SIMMs present on the adapter do not need to be replaced.

Only memory adapters meeting the physical description are eligible for this ECA:.

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