Micro Channel POS @xxxx.ADF - ID/Adapter (0000-6FFF)

Hint: If you should have the problem, not to know which adapter is installed in a MC-slot you can try POSID.EXE or a DOS-Bootable diskette which contain QCONFIG.EXE to get the ADF-Number from that Slot. After you know the ADF-Number return to here and find the description for the adapter. (Your Reference/Option diskette must have a file @xxxx.ADF which contains the MC-description for that adapter (xxxx is the ADF-Number)).

See   ADF-part 2 >> 7000-FFFF

Adapter-POSIDs from 0000 - 6FFF

ADF POSID#    Company / Adapter Name
   001D    DR-one SC306 Video Standards Converter
   002D    Madge 16/4 MC Ringnode
   0024    ACCTON RingPair 4/16 Token-Ring Adapter
   0035    G.V.C. 1200 BAUD 50/60 MODEM
   0036    G.V.C. 2400 BAUD 50/60 MODEM
   0038    YARC u785+ COPROCESSOR
   003A    STD PSX/386/486 LO_Memory Master Card
   003C    SBA (System Bus Adapter for Union)
   0041    3Com EtherLink/MC 32 Ethernet Adapter (PN 3C527)
   004E    NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
   004E    NCR 53C700 SCSI Controller
   004F    NCR 53C710 SCSI Host Adapter Board
   0050    Cabletron 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
   0051    Thomas-Conrad TC4046 - (Twisted Pair) FRU P/N 72G9980
   0061    NCR Dual Channel Ethernet MCA Adapter
   0063    RAC/M** IX
   0069    Network Peripherals FDDI Adapter
   006C    Thomas-Conrad TC5046 16/32 bit Ethernet Adapter
   006E    Aox Enhanced MicroMASTER 386 32 bit (V1.5)
   006F    Aox MicroMASTER 486 Plus (V1.5)
   0074    Madge 16/4 MC32 Ringnode
   0083    SK-NET FDDI-FM/FDDI Network Adapter
   0086    Orchid Technology ProDesigner II/MC v1.00
   008E    Kingston MC Master v2.2
   0092    NCR 53C700 SCSI MCA Adapter
   00C4    Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
   00C5    Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
   0100    NCR 16/4 Token Ring Adapter/MC
   0101    Proteon p1840 ProNET-4 Network Adapter for PS/2
   0130    Proteon p1892 4/16 Mbps Token Ring adapter
   01B2    Cogent E/MASTER III 32-bit Ethernet Adapter
   01BA    NCR Dual SIOP SCSI Host Adapter Board
   01BB    NCR 3360 SCSI SubSystem
   01DB    Corvus Omninet I Transporter
   0202    Proteon p1890 4/16 Mbit/S Token Ring Adapter
   0280    Systech 6280 Host Adapter
   0300    NCR SIMPL SCSI Host Adapter Board
   0301    3514 External (SCSI-2) Disk Array Adapter
   0425    Pacific Image Superfax Modem Adapter
   04DC    Omninet/4 PS/2 Transporter
   04FF    Viking PS2 Display Controller
   0500    CORE CNT-MCK Fixed Disk Adapter
   0503    Kurzweil Discoverer SCSI Adapter
   05FF    Viking 1600 Display Controller
   0611    Hercules Graphics Station MC
   0616    Jones Futurex Encryption Adapter (Model 526)
   0700    Proteon p1892 4/16 Mbps Token Ring Adapter
   0708    BusTek BT-640A MCA-to-SCSI Host Adapter
   0708    BusLogic 32 Bit Busmaster SCSI Host Adapter
   0708    Storage Dimensions SDC3211B SCSI Host Adapter
   0709    Storage Dimensions SDC3211F 32-bit FAST SCSI Host Adapter
   07F4    NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
   0800    DR-one Multiple Display Adapter
   0803    Madge MCA Ringnode
   0808    BICC ISOLINK IEEE 802.3 Network Adapter
   080E    Madge MC Ringnode (2nd generation)
   0813    Analog/Digital-Digital/Analog-TTL-Multifunctionboard
   0817    Relays - I/O BOARD
   0818    12-Bit 16-Channel Analog to Digital Converter Board
   0819    12-Bit 8-Channel Digital to Analog Converter Board
   081A    32-Bit Photocoupler I/O-Board
   0A84    Olicom MC 16/4 Token-Ring Network Adapter
   0A85    Intel® TokenExpress™ 16/4 MCA Network Adapter
   0A85    Pure Data MC 16/4 Token-Ring Network Adapter
   0A84    Pure Data MC 16/4 Token-Ring Network Adapter
   0A85    INTEL® TokenExpress™ 16/4 MC Adapter
   0A86    Pure Data MC 16/4 Token-Ring Network Adapter
   0C83    Olicom PC/MC Token-Ring Network Adapter
   0DE0    XGA Display Adapter
   0EFF    Northern Telecom Lanstar/MC Card
   0F1F    Adaptec AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter
   0F1F    Storage Dimensions SDC1611 16-bit SCSI Adapter
   0F2F    Lantana Technology Cypress/2 Token Ring MCA
   0F5F    Multisync Graphics Engine
   0F5F    EIZO GC40
   0F7F    PSconnect
   0FC7    Wizard i860 Attached Processor Adapter
   0FCC    D-Link Ethernet Card DE300
   0FCD    D-Link Ethernet Card DE300
   0FDF    NI9210 Micro Channel Network Controller
   1185    VEN-TEL 2400 modem
   16D4    Safe-board
   3420    PowerPort 2 Game Adapter
   3420    Alert Technology Game Adaptor
   35FF    Dual UART Adapter
   3DB3    M-Motion Adapter
   500A    Micro Channel Bus QIC O2 Adapter
   5017    MetraByte uCDAS-16G A/D, D/A & Digital I/O Interface
   501C    DT2901/05: Data Translation Analog/Digital I/O Adapter
   5022    Online CDI-210S (Sony) CD-ROM Controller
   5023    PCM Audio Record/Playback Unit
   5025    Online CDI-210H (Hitachi) CD-ROM Controller
   5028    Emerald SCSI / Micro Channel™ Tape Adapter
   502E    IDT FAME 9 Track Tape Coupler
   5035    Panasonic FX-RS505/RS506 Image Scanner Adapter
   5039    Kurzweil Flatbed Scanner Adapter
   503A    Kurzweil Discover 7320 Mod. 115 Optical Character Recog. scanner
   5047    (IC640WMI920) GE Fanuc Series 90 Work Station Interface
   5048    ACCTON Token Ring RINGPAIR TR1803 MC Adapter
   506C    Intel® Visual Edge
   506E    MIDIator**
   5073    Bi-Tech 2300 Smart SCSI Interface
   5075    AMS MULTI-IO-10 Adapter
   5075    PIICEON SCSP-10 (1-serial) Adapter
   5076    CNet ARCnet CN190/2 NIC
   5077    Rabbit RB77 Remote Communications Adapter
   5078    AMS MULTI-IO-11 Adapter
   5078    PIICEON, INC. SCSP-11 (1-S/1-P) Adapter
   507E    AMS MULTI-PARALLEL-2 Adapter
   507E    PIICEON SCSP-20 (2-S) Adapter
   507F    AMS MULTI-IO-10 Adapter
   507F    PIICEON SCSP-21 (2-S, 1-P) Adapter
   5080    Chi NineTrack Tape Controller
   5084    Creative Labs, Inc. SOUND BLASTER/MCV
   508C    Trantor T228 Micro Channel SCSI Host Adapter
   508E    Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter
   50A1    Professional Micro Channel DG/LAN Controller
   50C1    Artisoft Inc. LANtastic Voice ™ -or- Data Translation 2901 Data Acquisition Board
   50CD    200E NIC
   50CD    C-NET 650E/2 Network Adapter
   50CE    VN800E NIC
   50D2    1Mb/s - 500Kb/s Tape Controller with H/W Data Compression
   50D4    QIC02 Tape Controller with Hardware Data Compression
   5101    AMS IOSIX Adapter (Serial/Parallel)
   5101    PIICEON SCSP-01 (1-parallel) Adapter
   5103    Creative Labs SOUND BLASTER PRO MCV CT5330
   5108    Procom Technology, Inc PIRA 55
   5116    NCR Business Audio with FM Synthesis
   511F    NetWorth, Inc. - v Series
   5120    NCR IPSNet Board (IPSB or IEIB)
   5121    NCR Recognition Accelerator Board 4MB
   5124    Emerald Systems SCSI - HAC/MC Tape Adapter
   5125    Tecmar QIC-60 QT-60, QT-90, QT-125 Tape Drive
   5126    Tecmar Floppy Tape Controller
   5127    Tecmar QIC-02 Host Adapter w/ Data Compression
   5128    Tecmar HDE/SCSI MCA Host Adapter
   5130    Tecmar HDE+ SCSI Host Adapter
   5130    SoundPiper 16/32™ Adapter
   5136    NCR Audio Adapter w/o FM Synthesis
   5137    REPLY SB16 & SCSI Adapter
   5138    REPLY SB16 Adapter
   5150    ChipChat Sound Card
   5152    Intel® Micro Channel Connection CoProcessor
   5156    Intel® Micro Channel Connection CoProcessor with Modem Option
   5186    Daitoh SCSI Interface Adapter
   51FF    ETen Laser Printer Controller
   5260    AT&T PC/PBX Interface Adapter
   5278    RPTI-NET 1000M (R1000M-001/3)
   5323    Infosys SCSI C5640 Adapter
   5323    Cumulus / 3 Plus SCSI Adapter C5640B
   5327    Emerald Systems SCSI - HAC Tape Adapter
   5333    National Instruments MC-GPIB IEEE-488 Interface
   5347    Invisible Ethernet/A (with 16K ROM)
   5348    Invisible Network Model 300/A (with 16K ROM)
   5349    Invisible Network Model 200/A
   5353    National Instruments MC-DIO-32F
   5356    TOPS FlashCard/MC LocalTalk Adapter
   53FF    CORE PS/2 SCSI Host Adapter
   5500    COREtape Controller
   5502    CORE CNT-MCF Tape Controller
   5541    Alert Technology Printer Adaptor
   55FF    Orchid PCnet Communication Adapter
   5600    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020
   5601    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3020-X
   5602    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030
   5603    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3030-X
   5604    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040
   5605    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3040-X
   5606    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010
   5607    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3010-X
   5608    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3100 Series Ethernet Adapter w/ 16K RAM
   5609    Cabletron Ethernet Board E3100-X Series Ethernet Adapter w/ 64K RAM
   5656    AMS Multi-PARALLEL-2 Adapter
   5656    PIICEON SCSP-02 (2-P) Adapter
   5666    Scanner Adapter GSII
   568B    MaynStream QIC-02 Tape Adapter
   568D    MaynStream SCSI Tape Adapter
   56AF    ICOT Multiprotocol Adapter/MC
   56CE    D-Link** (DN-300)
   56EA    D-Link Ethernet Card DE-320CT
   5756    Alloy FTC500/MCA Tape Adaptor
   57DF    DFI Handy Scanner HS-3000-II
   57FE    Micro Channel Streaming Tape Drive Host Adapter
   5800    DI400
   5802    Borsu SCSI Adapter
   5806    mps Adapter zu Siemens BS2000
   5818    Ines IEEE488 Adapter
   5822    Small 4 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
   5823    4 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
   5824    8 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
   5825    16 Port Chase Research Intelligent Serial I/O Controller
   582F    EDS 424 PCMAC Tape Drive Adapter for the IBM* PS/2*Computers
   5830    AXEL Micro Channel Tape Drive Adapter
   583D    SCSI Adapter (#1D3C)
   5848    PP153 CD-ROM Adapter
   5863    mbp ISDN-Adapter SoLIS-MC
   5959    AMS XPRESS 42MC (Class I) Adapter
   5962    Alert Technology Serial Adaptor
   5C04    JBCC Diskette Adapter
   5C0F    Land Computer SCSI Interface Adapter
   5C1C    IRMAtrac - DCA Token Ring Adapter Card
   5C1D    IRMAtrac Token-Ring Adapter/Convertible
   5CC1    MAP 3.0 Adapter, Type 1410 Concord Communications Inc.
   5CCC    IOtech Personal 466 Interface
   5CEC    CEC PS<>488 GPIB Adapter
   5CED    PS<>488 IEEE-488 Adapter from CEC (rev D)
   5CFF    GammaFax CMPC Communications Adapter
   5D59    Scientific Solutions DAS-1612
   5D5B    Scientific Solutions MC IEEE488
   5DEF    AGA Micro Channel SCSI controller (burst mode)
   5DFF    GammaFax PS/2 Communication Adapter
   5EDF    National Instruments MC-MIO-16 Data Acquisition Card
   5EEE    HITACHI CD-ROM Adapter
   5F2F    Micro Channel Tape Drive Host Adapter
   5F51    IDEA Minicom serial controller (5250/Remote Gateway)
   5F60    Tiara Local Area Networks LANcard/A-II ARCnet Adapter
   5F77    Future Domain SCSI Adapter
   5FA6    Flagstaff Engineering Micro Channel Disk Controller
   5FAA    Flagstaff Engineering Micro Channel Tape Controller
   5FCB    Iomega PC4B SCSI Host Adapter Board
   5FD6    Micro Channel ALICE Processor
   5FD7    Pentax PS/2 SB-X4301 Scanner Interface Card
   5FD8    ES-2000/ES-3000 Eight Asynchronous RS-422/RS-485
   5FE0    QUATECH QS-1000 Quad asynchronous RS-232
   5FE1    QUATECH MXI-1000 GPIB interface adapter
   5FE3    QUATECH RS-422 Driver adapter
   5FE4    QUATECH PXB-7200 Parallel Expansion Board
   5FE5    QUATECH GPA-1000 Game port adapter
   5FE6    QUATECH DS-1000 Dual Asynchronous RS-232
   5FE8    QUATECH SP-1000 Parallel printer adapter
   5FE9    QUATECH SP-1050 Serial/Parallel port adapter
   5FEC    QUATECH QS-2000 Quad port asynchronous RS-4225
   6000    Tiara LanCard/EII ETHERNET/CHEAPERNET Adapter
   6001    Tiara LanCard/E*MC TWISTED PAIR Adapter
   6002    Tiara LanCard/E * MC 10BT ( AUI / 10BaseT UTP ) Adapter
   6007    MCNIC
   6011    Computer Logics Ltd. - MicroLogic II Adapter
   6014    Standard Microsystems Corporation ARCNET-PS110
   6016    SMC3016/MC Ethernet Card
   6018    Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller
   601C    Multi-Tech Systems MT224PS/ES
   601F    Hewlett-Packard Scanner Interface Adapter
   6020    Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 2 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
   6021    Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 4 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
   6022    Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 6 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
   6023    Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 8 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
   6024    Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 10 Memory Multifunction Adapter
   6025    Cumulus CuRAM-16 Plus 12 MB Memory Multifunction Adapter
   6028    I.C.S. UCDIO-24 Parallel Port Interface
   6029    MetraByte UCDAS-8PGA Data Acquisition Board
   602A    MetraByteuCCOM-422 RS-232/422 Communications Interface
   602F    ARCMASTER Microchannel/Arcnet Interface
   6038    DEST Corp. Scanner Controller
   6040    Intel® 2400B Modem 2
   6042    3Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter
   6043    Multi-Tech 3270 Emulation Board
   6054    Kronos RS-485 Comm/Key Adapter 6600133-001
   605F    Tiara Computer Systems LANCARD A/II ARCNet Adapter
   6060    IDEAcomm 5251 4 or 7 LU Card
   6060    Trisystems TRI-010-1 Local 5250 Adapter
   6061    IDEAcomm** 3278/DFT Gateway
   6061    3270 Local Communication Card
   6073    MicroFax
   6077    Periscope Model I
   6078    COMTROL HOSTESS/MC Eight Port Serial Adapter
   608D    Hyperam 32/16 SIMM
   608E    Multifunction HYPERAM MC 32/16
   608F    HYPERPORT II**
   6091    Stallion Tech. ONboard2 Terminal System
   6092    Rabbit RB78 Coax Adapter
   6094    REPLY AT IDE Drive Adapter
   609B    MetraByte UCDISO-8 Control Input & Relay Output Interface
   609E    MICROTEK MS-PS/2 Interface Adapter
   60A1    Software Dynamics, Inc. MPCC/2
   60AC    MICROTEK MS-PS/2 Interface Adapter
   60B7    Advanced Vision Research MegaBuffer/2
   60C2    Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter
   60C6    Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. 1784-KT2
   60C9    Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter
   60D0    Quadram Hayes JT Fax 4800P
   60DF    Rabbit RB74 Remote Communications Processor
   60E5    Boca Research Dual Async/Parallel Adapter 2
   60E7    MicroWay mW1167-M70/80 With 3167
   60E9    IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A (Future Domain)
   60ED    MDCB/2 & FDCB/2 Disc Coprocessor Board
   60FC    AMS RS232CL or RS422/485-IO MC Adapter (Rev B)
   60FE    Datapoint MicroChannel RIM IV Adapter
   6103    SCANCAD 128 Micro Channel
   6104    AMS Multiport Adapter - 2 Ser./ 1 Par. Ports
   6104    AMS XPRESS-144 MC (Rev C)
   6106    Altera LP5 Logic Programmer
   610F    AMS IOSIX-6 Adapter
   611B    Raster Devices Controller
   611E    Corel LS2000
   611F    NetWorth, Inc. - EtherNext/MC Network Adapter
   6127    Future Domain SCSI Adapter MCS600/700
   612D    DaynaTALK**MC LocalTalk** Interface Card
   613D    Rabbit RB75 Remote Communications Processor
   613F    SONIC Model 50,60,70,80 Demo Board
   6145    UCPIO-24 High Current Parallel Port Interface
   6147    Novell Micro Channel Compatible Key Card
   6149    Micro Channel Key Card Extender
   614E    CLI 5250e Adapter
   6150    Novell NL/2 MCA LocalTalk Adapter
   6167    5136-SD-M Direct-Link** Interface Card
   6169    Gravis Eliminator or AGCT Ltd Game Card
   616A    Wide Area Network Interface Co-Processor (WNIC)
   616C    A-Bus Data Acquisition and Control Adapter
   616F    AMS IOSIX-1 Adapter
   6175    InfoChip Systems MC-105 Data Compression Coprocessor
   6179    COMTROL HOSTESS 550/MC 8 Port Serial Adapter
   617B    Wall Data Datagate/Coax
   617E    Computone PS8 8-port Controller
   617F    AMS IOSIX-2 Adapter
   6180    LavaLink Dual Async Adapter
   6181    Lava Systems Parallel Adapter
   61A2    Digital Audio Playback Adapter
   61AF    AMS IOSIX-9 Adapter
   61B2    SCSI Fixed Disk Controller
   61BF    Intel® SatisFAXtion Adapter
   61C4    LanWay** TR 16/4 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   61C7    AVM ISDN-Controller B1 for IBM *Micro Channel* Architecture
   61C8    SMC EtherCard PLUS (SMC8013EP)
   61C9    SMC EtherCard PLUS (SMC8013WP)
   61D6    MSA Multi-Serial Adapter
   61DF    ATTACHMATE - Asynchronous SNA Adapter
   61E0    NCR Neural Network Board
   61E1    MC2450MNP - 2400 Baud Modem with MNP** or MC2450 - 2400 Baud Modem
   61E8    LASAT PSM96Prestige or PSM96Plus or PSM24Prestige
   61EB    FAXPRO** 1402-IO
   61EC    FAXPRO** 6000-PP
   61ED    FAXPRO** 3L52-IO
   61FD    IntelliPort Cluster Controller PSCC and C16 Remote Cluster
   61FE    Telebit Trailblazer Plus PS Internal Modem
   6201    QUADPORT PS/Q I/O Adapter R2 9087
   6203    QUADPORT PS/Q I/O Adapter R2 9087
   6205    Excelan EXOS 215T Intelligent Ethernet Adapter
   6213    C1000 IDE Hard Disk Adapter
   6217    Everex Speedlink Ethernet Adapter
   621C    NCR 16 Port Serial Controller/MC
   621D    VideoWindows for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   621F    HP C1753A ScanJet IIc Interface Kit
   6221    The ITI LinkUp COAX - 3270 Emulation Adapter
   6222    The NCI 4700 PCI/MC
   6226    Asante Technologies EtherPaC Ethernet Adapter
   6232    LaserMaster WinPrinter Controller
   6237    LANSprint High Speed Printer Controller
   6247    Lasergraphics RASCOL IV
   6250    DataTrac/MTC-16 Half Inch Tape Drive Controller
   6253    Touchscreen Controller Model E271-2202 for Accutouch** Touchscreen
   6256    Xionics Lightning Image Accelerator
   6258    Alert Technology Serial Adaptor
   6259    Alert Technology Printer Adaptor
   6262    p1800 ProNET-10 Network Adapter for PS/2
   6263    Arco Electronics AC-1070 IDE Controller
   626B    Apricot AdLOC™ Security Card
   626C    MS1553MC MIL-STD1553 Adapter Card for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   626F    Hypercope ISDN Communication Server 1
   6271    CLI 5250 EMULATION Adapter
   627A    Kingston Technology Data Master
   627C    3Com 3C529 Network Adapter
   627D    3Com 3C529-TP Network Adapter
   6283    NCR 53C400 SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA)
   628B    Intel® EtherExpress™ Network Adapter
   628D    Digital Ethernet Adapter
   628D    Digital EtherWORKS MC Adapter (DE210/DE212)
   6293    Rabbit RB62 Coaxial Communications Adapter
   629F    Reply AT IDE Drive Adapter
   62A9    NCR Recognition Accelerator Board 10MB
   62AC    Logitech ScanMan256 Adapter
   62AF    BocaBoard Micro Channel 4 Port Serial Adapter
   62B0    BocaBoard Micro Channel 16 Port Serial Adapter
   62B1    AT&T Intelligent PC ISDN Board
   62B6    Arco Electronics AC-1079 SLIM Drive Adapter
   62DB    VocalCard**/Digital
   62E9    PM14400 Internal Modem
   62F0    Plexus Advanced Image Processor 2 for IBM *Micro Channel* Architecture
   62F4    Memorex Telex 6508 SSI LINK-MC Adapter
   62FC    The Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
   62FE    The Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
   62FF    The Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
   6300    ProModem 2400PS
   631F    Hewlett Packard ScanJet II Interface Adapter
   6320    MCL-920 Digital I/O and Counter Card
   6321    The MicroPort 2
   6322    MicroPort P
   6323    MicroPort
   6343    LANtastic ™ Artisoft Inc. 2 Mbps Network Adapter
   6348    MCL-948 IEEE-488 Interface Card
   6361    Arnet Corporation, Smartport/2 Communications Adapter
   6378    Digi SyncPort/1
   63B3    CH Products GameCard III-Automatic/MCA gameport adapter
   63CA    Hewlett Packard StarLAN-10 Adapter Rev 1.1
   63FE    NCR** 796 Terminal Emulator
   63FF    Local 5250 Adapter Card
   6405    IDE Controller for Model 60 & 80
   6406    AT&T GIS 8 Port Serial Controller/MC
   6407    Avanstar 100 M
   642F    PS2000 OCR Reader Adapter Card
   6442    NCR ISDN Personal Computer Terminal Adapter/MC
   6447    Olicom Ethernet MCA 10/100 Adapter
   6449    NCR ISDN Data Terminal Adapter/MC
   647C    COMTROL HOSTESS/MC 4 Port Serial Adapter
   64B6    Thomas-Conrad ARC-CARD/MC
   64B7    Thomas-Conrad TC3046 CX TCSN ADAPTER/MC (Coax BNC RG62A/U) Description avail.
   64B7    Thomas-Conrad TC3046 ST TCNS ADAPTER/MC (Fiber) Description avail.
   64B7    Thomas-Conrad TC3046 STP TCNS ADAPTER/MC (STP) Description avail.
   64FA    RTI HiLink5 Multiprotocol communications adapter
   64FF    The Quadram MainLink IIM - 3270 Connection
   6508    PDIuC508 Micro Channel ARCNET Interface Adapter
   6509    PDuC8025 Micro Channel TRN Interface Adapter
   650B    PUREDATA PDuC8023 Ethernet
   651B    Racore Token-Ring Adapter
   651E    Racore LANpac II for the IBM PS/2
   655B    Wang Micro Channel Local Office Connection (MCLOC)
   6571    Keithley Instruments Series 500 Interface
   6578    Exchange Series** Sync Interface Adapter
   657D    Comtrol Hostess 550 four Port Series Adapter
   657E    DFL 104 Multi Function I/O Adapter
   65AC    ISAC 3200
   65D4    Howtek Scanner Parallel Interface
   65F1    ShineLink 3270 Terminal Emulator (LCS-8848/II)
   65F2    ShineNet LAN Card (LCS-8834-II)
   65F3    Shine Modem Card (LCS-8824B/II)
   6600    Ziatech IEEE 488 Interface Adapter
   6612    Evercom 24/2 Modem
   6674    DayStar LocalTalk/MCA AppleTalk Adapter - DayStar Digital
   6688    MC-8 Intelligent Multi-Serial Controller
   66C0    POWERPORTS MC 8/16/32
   675F    Memorex Telex Universal/1472 /3270 Coax Adapter
   6767    3270 Coax Adapter/MC**
   6769    Hardlock on Card for IBM *PS/2* Computers
   677F    ATTACHMATE - Advanced 3270 Adapter/2
   6781    NeoTech SERIAL ADAPTER
   6782    NeoTech PARALLEL ADAPTER
   6784    NeoTech DUAL RS-422/RS-485 SERIAL ADAPTER
   6785    S/485 RS-422/485 Serial Adapter
   678B    NeoTecH Dual RS-232 Async. Adapter
   678C    NeoTecH Dual RS-232 Async. Adapter, S2M100
   678D    NeoTecH MSP/4 Four-Channel Serial + Parallel Adapter
   678F    BBS GPIB-3000
   6790    MSI-QSA/2 - Quad Serial Adapter
   6791    MSI-SA/2 - Serial Adapter
   6792    MSI-PA/2 - Parallel Adapter
   6793    MSI-PSA/2 - Parallel/Serial Adapter
   6795    NeoTech - Dual RS-422/485 Differential Serial Adapter
   6796    MSI-DPA/2 - Dual Parallel Adapter
   6797    NeoTech Dual Bidirecttional Parallel Adapter PM102
   679F    MSI-GPIB/2 - General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB/IEEE 488) Adapter
   67B0    Artisoft LANtastic AE-2 MC Ethernet
   67B0    LANtastic(R) NodeRunner 2000M/TC AE-2 MC Eth.
   67C0    MS/2 Dual RS-232 Serial Adapter
   67C1    MAS/2 Dual Asynch/Synch Adapter
   67E1    Star Gate ACL_MC Adapter
   67E1    NCR 8 Port Serial Controller/MC
   67E7    KRAFT G/3+ Adapter Card
   67EA    IRIScom III Coax Adapter for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   67F8    Star Gate PLUS 8 Adapter
   67FD    Control Systems/Artist Graphics 12MC Graphic Controller
   67FE    ARTIST 16 MC** Graphic Controller
   67FF    Formwriter Adapter/Print Controller
   6869    ATronics Int. Inc. ATI-MC100 IDE controller
   68FF    Research Machines Z-Net LAN Controller
   6954    MicroCAT** Ceasurement Coprocessor
   69DC    CorNet Adapter
   69DD    TokenNet 1000
   69E7    COMLIB 2 - Synchronous/Asynchronous Adapter for Library Applications
   69EB    Voicecard 2000
   69EC    IF-330 9-channel Counter/Timer Board
   69EF    KORTEX 9600 SDLC
   69F0    Phase 1 Adapter for IBM* P/S* Computers
   69F2    5250 60 Cal Emulation Card Mod. 3M50
   69F8    DX-6600 Tape Drive Controller
   69F9    ibex** ISC-Intelligent Serial Communication Adapter
   69FF    ARC 500 LAN card
   6A03    INMOS IMS B017 Transputer Module Motherboard
   6A12    OST RNIS Adapter
   6A14    NCR WaveLAN Adapter
   6A0A    IF-800 Universal (E)EPROM Programmer
   6A13    XYNOX Modem
   6A14    NCR WaveLAN** Network Interface Card
   6A15    SAKHR** Arabic ROM Card (Model AX35MC)
   6A22    RM Ethernet Adapter
   6A2D    9100 Kit for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   6A3C    T.D.T. Single Pad Karte Synchron MC
   6A40    Microeye Picturebook Adapter
   6A41    Evaluator Channel 1
   6A42    Evaluator Channel 2
   6A43    Evaluator Channel 3
   6A44    Evaluator Channel 4
   6A46    Stollmann SICC-MC-X25 Communications Card
   6A47    Scanner Interface Mod. CT 1020 for the Micro Channel* Architecture
   6A48    Connection Board for Expansion Chassis Mod. CT 971
   6A4A    PE 117 Smart Card Security Device
   6A4E    INTERTEX IX22 Data/Fax Modem for IBM *Micro Channel* Architecture
   6A51    Terminal Emulation Adapter
   6A51    IBEX SERCOM2
   6A59    AC-2060 ESDI Controller
   6A5A    MainLan Ethernet Adapter
   6A5C    Specialix RIO MC Host Intell. Comm. Card
   6A62    PSP400 Cryptographic Module
   6A65    PCX.21 P/A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
   6A76    IF-120 Optocoupler Card
   6A77    IF-140 32 bit Digital I/O, 16 bit Counter
   6A78    IF-230 Multifunction Card
   6A79    IF-450 Intelligent RS422/RS485/RS232-Interface
   6A7A    IF-600 Reed Relay Card
   6A7B    Tueplan Ltd. Dual Channel Printer Port Adapter
   6A7F    M-Series BBC I/O Adaptor
   6A82    IDA Centronic MCA Interface Rev. 80.2
   6A8D    Quattro Modem
   6A90    DragonDictate Speech Board
   6A93    ISDN-S/2 Adapter
   6AB4    Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 24PS V26 bis Modem
   6AB5    Mayze Systems Ltd - Syncro 48PS V27 ter Modem
   6ABA    PTE Graphicadapter Cad Genius /2
   6ABF    RM Ethernet MC Adaptor
   6AC2    SNM 12 PS Modem
   6AC3    SNM 16 Modem
   6AC6    MC-SIO-4 Serial Input/Output Communications Card
   6ACB    MC-PIO-48 Programmable Input/Output Card
   6ACF    Modem Fonico R.C. Sysnet SMF-22
   6AE0    SCSI Fixed Disk Controller
   6AE2    Polytel Super Keycard
   6AE7    Dacom Asynchronous Modem Version 1.0
   6AFB    Miracom Keycard/PS Modem
   6AFD    SKNET Ethernet Adapter/G (ADF-Rev. 1.1)
   6AFE    QIC-02 Tape Drive Controller (ID=6AFE)
   6B06    Cristie SCSI Adapter
   6B06    NCPe 3270 COAX Adapter
   6B0F    Siemens BAM Adapter (FM9750 Emulation)
   6B1B    REDIO/2 RAMPA Engineering Digital I/O Card
   6B21    Compu-Shack CS-E-MC ETHERNET Adapter
   6B28    Mainlan Network Adapter
   6B29    Techland Sync Comms Adapter
   6B2C    Turbo Image Accelerator
   6B4D    PCX.21 N/A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
   6B76    Network Designers Ltd Garnet 2 Card
   6B78    Network Designers Ltd ONYX Card
   6B80    Dataflex Design MCA Biscom Modem
   6B84    NCPe 3270 Multiboard /2
   6B8D    MMR VTD/5MC for BULL Systems
   6B8F    M6520 ARCNET** 4-port Internal Active Hub Master Controller
   6B94    CORE CNT-MCA ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
   6B95    CORE ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
   6B9A    Technology Concepts CCB
   6B9B    Specialix SI Family
   6B9C    HWF-MC2 Intelligent Serial Comms. Card
   6BA5    COMTES SDX-Adapter MC
   6BA7    T.D.T. Single Pad Karte Asynchron MC
   6BA9    HEMA Transputer Adapter TR2/2
   6BB6    MARCP2 ARCNET** Adapter
   6BBA    Internal Ethernet Controller
   6BBB    BARR/6BBB Synchronous Communications Adapter from Barr Systems
   6BBC    Apricot Internal Synchronous Communications
   6BBE    M6060 Serial/Parallel Printer Adapters
   6BBF    M6600 Ethernet** Adapter
   6BC0    M6620 Ethernet** Adapter with Boot PROM Option
   6BC1    M6550 16-bit ARCNET** Adapter
   6BCB    CONNECT ARCnet Adapter
   6BD0    FURY 2400 PS/MNP
   6BD1    SOTEC Telbuch-Adapter for TBD_MAIN
   6BD2    RAFI Btx-Adapter
   6BDB    IBM PC Network Baseband Adapter/A
   6BE7    symicron dtsx 12 Token-Ring Adapter
   6BE9    SKNET Ethernet Adapter
   6BF2    Carte Modem KORTEX
   6BF3    ESP Elettronica Sillaro Adapter serial ports
   6BF4    ACF REINSA OMNILINK 422 serial ports 422/485
   6BF5    ACF REINSA OMNILINK 1 serial 1 parallel ports
   6BF8    Serial Communications Card
   6BFD    PCX.21 /A Multi-protocol Communication Adapter
   6BFF    Torus Ethernet Adapter
   6C01    JBCC Magnetic Card Reader Adapter
   6C06    Sanyo CD-ROM Adapter
   6C07    Kyocera Image Scanner Adapter Kit IK-2
   6C0F    Roland MIDI Processing Unit - MPU-IMC
   6C3A    ModConnect MC-984 Programmable Controller, AM-0984-MCO
   6C3B    Modicon SM85/Modbus Plus Adapter
   6C67    Opto 22 Isolated R8-485 Serial Port
   6C68    Opto 22 Dual RS-485 Serial Port
   6C69    OPTO 22 Pamux 4 Adapter
   6C6F    IDEAmax /MC
   6C7C    Phaser Two Model 50+
   6C7E    Jovian Logic Corp. SYLVIA
   6CBB    DATEM dDCM800 BITBUS Interface Adapter
   6CC7    CCS7 Attachment for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   6CEC    GAT PS2 Coprocessor
   6CFD    OPTIPAC** Series 250 for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   6D6D    EICON TECHNOLOGY - Laser Printer Adapter / Micro Channel
   6D78    Memorex Telex 3270 Coax Adapter
   6DAC    Logitech ScanMan Hand-held scanner adapter
   6DD4    FasTalk V.32/5/V.32/42b
   6DD5    Sync-Up 2/v.32/5 by Universal Data Systems
   6DD6    Sync-Up 2/201
   6DD7    Sync-Up 2/V.26
   6DE0    UDS Sync-Up/2 9600 V.32 Modem
   6DE1    Sync-Up 2/T9628B
   6DE2    Fastalk 2/V.32
   6DE3    Fastalk 2/2400
   6DE4    Fastalk 2/1200
   6DE5    Sync-Up 2/V.22 bis
   6DE6    Sync-Up 2/201/212
   6DE7    Sync-Up 2/208/201
   6DEB    Multi-Tech Systems MT1432ES
   6DED    U.S. Robotics Courier 2400 eps
   6DEF    Digital EtherWORKS Micro Channel Adapter
   6DF0    Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XTwin/2
   6DF1    Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XPlus/2
   6DF4    Emerald Technology, Inc. 3XPlus/2 Rev. B
   6E03    Contex SCSI Adapter
   6E6C    IBM Audio Capture and Playback Adapter/A Description avail.
   6E6E    EICON Technology Single Port Communication Adapter Level 2
   6E78    IRMA2-MCA Adapter
   6E79    IRMA 3 3270 Coax Adapter
   6E7A    DCA MCA Link
   6E7C    DCA Intelligent Comm Adapter
   6E7D    DCA Smart Alec 5250/90
   6E7E    Linkup M/COAX (Rev. 705)
   6EBE    Applied Creative Technology Systemizer MSC
   6EC6    SMC TokenCard Elite (8115T)
   6EDD    U.S. Robotics Courier Modem
   6EE7    IMC Networks Corporation PCnic II Ethernet Controller
   6EEE    Sync-Up 2/Multi-Protocol Adapter
   6EF0    10NET/STARLAN LAN Adapter
   6EF1    DCA 10NET Coaxial LAN Adapter
   6EF2    DCA 10NET 10BASE Twisted Pair LAN Adapter
   6EF8    IRMA 3t 3270 Coax Workstation Adapter
   6EFF    CLEO SIB (Synchronous Interface Board)
   6F01    Hayes 2400bps Smartmodem Model 2400P
   6F04    Hayes Enhanced serial port adapter
   6F0A    CAMAC Interface (Model 2928 - Z1A)
   6F4B    RTI**-220 Analog Input/Output Expansion Board
   6F4D    RTI**-217 High Density Digital Input/Output Board
   6F4E    RTI**-205 Multifunction Analog and Digital Input/Output Board
   6F4F    RTI**-204 Analog Input and Digital Input/Output Board
   6F57    Octocom OSI8224APS Modem
   6F58    INTERTEX IX33 Data/Fax Modem
   6F5B    RTI**-222 Analog Output Expansion Board
   6F6B    AccuSpec**/MC Acquisition Interface
   6F6F    EICON Technology Single Port Communication Adapter Level 1
   6F77    Lantana Tech. Inc. Tamarix/2 Ethernet Adapter
   6F7E    Street Electronics "ECHO" Speech Synthesiser
   6F94    Screen Machine PS/2 Adapter
   6FAD    CodeNet** 8320/8322 Fiber Optic / 8321 FOIRL Ethernet** Network Interface Card
   6FB0    VBX200/MC by Natural Microsystems
   6FB3    SCS-MC Communications Co-Processor
   6FB4    STACKER MC/16 - Data Compression Coprocessor Card
   6FB5    Reply On-Board Serial/Parallel Adapter
   6FB6    Canmax DLC 01 Serial Comms Adapter
   6FB9    Attachmate 19.2Kb SDLC Adapter
   6FBB    Racal-Vadic 2400/PS Autodial Modem
   6FBE    X-LINK** File Accelerator/2**
   6FBF    WATSON Board By Natural MicroSystems Corp.
   6FC0    Western Digital WD8003ET/A Ethernet Adapter
   6FC1    Western Digital WD8003ST/A Starlan Adapter
   6FC2    WD EtherCard PLUS 10T/A (WD8003W/A)
   6FC9    Applied Digital Parallel Adapter
   6FCB    Practical Peripherals PM2400 Internal Modem
   6FD7    CHI Communications Adapter
   6FDB    National Instruments MC-DIO-24 Digital I/O Interface
   6FDD    ICC/Intercom Adapter
   6FE4    DigiBoard PS-COM/16
   6FE5    DigiCHANNEL MC/8
   6FE6    DigiBoard PS-COM/4
   6FE7    Digi MC/2e, MC/4e, and MC/8e Multiport Ser.
   6FE8    Digi MC C/X2 Adapter Card
   6FE9    DigiBoard MC/4i or MC/8i Multiport Serial Cards
   6FEA    DigiBoard RS-422 MC/4i or MC/8i Multiport Serial
   6FEB    Digi MC/16i Multiport Serial Card
   6FEC    DigiCHANNEL** C/X System for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   6FED    Digi ISDN NetLINK
   6FF0    Arnet Corporation, Multiport/2 Communications Adapter
   6FF1    STB Serial/Parallel Adapter
   6FF3    Micro-Integration COAXXSYS Adapter
   6FF3    3270 Local Communication Card
   6FF6    Modem DIGICOM SNM
   6FF7    PC Communications Ltd Breakout 2400/2 modem
   6FFC    Jovian Logic Corp. VIA
   6FFF    Interactive Images Touch Screen Adapter
   6FFF    Devlonics Terminals CDD155 controller card

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