IBM - Modem-Setup strings

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  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES CONNECT -or- TOUCH MODEM's and attached equipment during a local THUNDERSTORM


IBM - Modem-Setup strings

The MODEM (default AT-cmd's) setup strings are found in the IBM Internet-dial setup (MODEM.LST) file.
However, this setup strings should also work, if used for an BBS connection.

How to use - Example:

A COMMUNICATION - (SW) program is already installed and functioning.
The SETUP for the COMx-port used, and LINE-parameters (8N1) should have been configured.

NOTE: If an external MODEM is used (COMx port) then the MODEM-COMPUTER speed (COMx) should be set to a higher transmission speed, than the setup speed for the MODEM-MODEM (telephone speed) used. e.g. for 28.800 MODEM tel.-speed, you should have prepared the COMx for 57.000 (or more) as your used computer PORT-speed, because an MNPx-MODEM setup allows to receive/send COMPRESSed-DATA over the telephone-line.

After starting your COMMUNICATION - SOFTWARE (Terminalprogram)

  1.  Input AT and press the Enter key.
  2.  You should see OK on the display.

If the above two steps works OK, then let's start with the following:
  1.  Input the (below) MODEM-Factory-RESET command needed for your modem (AT&F)
  2.  Press Enter
  3.  Now you should see (once more) OK on the display.
  4.  Input the (below) MODEM-SETUP-String for your modem
  5.  Press Enter
  6.  You should see (once more) OK on the display.
  7.  Input ATDT or ATDP (Tone or Pulse dial)

      HINT Enter a 'comma' after ATDT or ATDP, followed by the Phone-NUMBER
      you want do a call. (Separate Tel.# (long distance calls) with a comma (for delay).
      Find in your modem-manual, the DELAYed-DIAL instruction).
      Example if Tel.No. 0333123562777 use ATDx,0333,1235,62777

  8.  Press Enter
  9.  That's it... you should hear the outgoing dial-call (ORIGINATE-Station) and then the
     answer tone (ANSWERING-Station) from the remote modem.

      If no outgoing dialing is done and you see BUSY, then please find in your MODEM-manual
      the instructions for 'BLIND-Dial'. (in most cases the X0 up to X4 command).

  10.  Follow the (received) LOGIN - instructions shown on your display.

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