Abbreviations (A)

  Abbreviations (A)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   ABEND    Abnormal End
   ABIOS    Advanced Basic Input Output System
   ACP    Advanced Communication Processor (TP-770 modem)
   ACPA/A    Audio Capture and Playback Adapter
   ACPI    Automatic Configuration and Power Interface (BIOS)
     (Not all Operating Systems support ACPI BIOS mode).
   ADF    Application Development Facility
   ADP    Automatic Data Processing
   ADPCM    Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
   ADSL    Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line
     (for baseband Modem up to 2Mbs)
   AGC    Automatic Gain Control
   AGP    Accelerated Graphics Port
   AIX    Advanced Interactive Executive
   aka    Also Known As
   ALU    Arithmetic and Logic Unit
     A part inside the CPU/Processor chip
   A/N    alphanumeric
   ANSI    American National Standards Institute
     11 West 42 Street, New York, New York 10036
   APA    All Points Addressable
   APAR    Authorized Program Analysis Report
   API    Application Programming Interface
   APIC    Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (e.g.PC 365 - IRQ 0-24)
   APM    Advanced Power Management
   APPC    Advanced Program-to-Program Communication
   APPN    Advanced Peer to Peer Networking
   arbitration    A method with which multiple devices
     attached to a single bus can bid to get control of that bus.
   ARCNET    Attached Resource Computing Network
   ARTIC    A Real Time Interface Co-Processor
   ASCII    American National Standard Code for Information Exchange
     The standard code uses only 7-Bit '00-7F' IBM has defined an
     extension to ASCII code (characters 128-255 '80-FF')
   ASIC    Application Specific Integrated Circuit
   ASK    Amplitude Shift Key (Sharp ASK - Infrared 9600bps - 19.2kbps)
   ASPI    Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
   ASSET-ID    Radio Frequency Identification (see ASSET-ID)
   AT    Advanced Technology (as in AT Bus)
   AT    Attention Command (Hayes) setup parameter used for configuring MODEMS
   (Modem Command setup)  
   ATAPI    AT Attachment Packet Interface (e.g. CD-ROM, Tapes)
   AT-DBA    AT Direct Bus Attach
   ATA    AT Attachment
   ATC    Attribute Control
   ATM    Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM-Network - up to 622MBit/s)
   AVC    Audio Video Connection
   AVE    Auxiliary Video Extension
   AWG    American Wire Gauge

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