Abbreviations (B)

  Abbreviations (B)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   BALUN    BALanced / UNbalanced (coax to twistet cable converter)
   BASIC    Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
   BBS    Bulletin Board Services
   Bps    Bit per second (Transferrate)
   beaconing    Error indicating function (e.g. Token-Ring)
   BEDO    Burst Extended Data Output DRAM (5-1-1-1)
   BER    Bit Error Rate
   BGA    Business Graphics Adapter (8514/A card)
   BIOS    Basic Input Output System
   BIT    Binary digit
   BLT    Block Logical Transfer
   BMP    Bitmap (graphic format)
   BNC    Bayonet Neill Concelman (Connector)
   bps    Bits Per Second
   BPS    Bytes Per Second
   BPSK    Bi-phase Shift Keying (Modulation)
   BTU    British Thermal Unit
   BVE    Base Video Extension
   BWG    Birmingham Wire Gauge
   B&S    Brown and Sharpe Wire Gauge

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