Abbreviations (C)

  Abbreviations (C)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   CAMC    Common Access Method Committee
   Candela    Unit of luminous intensity, appr. equ. to the pre-SI Candele Power
   CAPI    Common Application Programming Interface
   CAS    Column Access Strobe (Memory)
   CBIOS    Compatibility Basic Input Output Service
     or Compatibility BIOS
   CCD    Charge Coupled Devices
   CCITT (see ITU)    The International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee
   CCS    The SCSI Common Command Set. A set of SCSI commands that is
     specified in the ANSI standard that all SCSI device must be to use
     in order to be fully compatible with the ANSI standard.
   CCSB    Common Complete Status Block
   CCSB    Configuration Control Sub Board
   CDDI    Copper Distributet Data Interface
   CDPD    Cellular Digital Packet Data
   CD-R    CD-Recordable
   CD-ROM    Compact Disk - Read Only Media. Usually 4.75 Inch or 12 cm in
     diameter, from which data is read optically by means of laser.
   CD-ROM/XA    Compact Disk/Extended Architecture - Read Only Media
   CD-RW    CD-ReWritable
   CE    Customer Engineer or Service Representative
   CELP    Card Edge Low Profile (see COAST)
   CGA    Color Graphics Adapter
   CGI    Common Gateway Interface
   CHAP    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
   CHS    Cylinder Head Sector, Standard CHS - limit = 16 heads/1024 cyl. (528MB)
     Extended (large) CHS - for more than 1024 cyl. (if possible use LBA)
   CICS    Customer Information and Control Program
   CID    Configuration, Installation and Distribution
   CIRC    Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code
     (CD-ROM error correction)
   CMOS    Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
   COAST    Cache On A Stick (Lvl.2 CPU-Cache SIMM) aka = CELP
   COFDM    Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulation (digital TV)
   CompTIA    Computing Technology Industry Association
   CP : xx    Check Point (e.g. during 8595 Startup)
   CPU    Central Processing Unit
   CRC    Cyclic Redundancy Check
   CRT    Cathode Ray Tube
   CRTC    CRT Controller
   CRU    Customer Replaceable Unit
   CSA    Canadian Standards Association
   CSD    Corrective Service Diskette
   CSMA/CA    Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
   CSMA/CD    Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
   CTS    Common Transport Semantics
   CUA    Common User Access

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