Abbreviations (D)

  Abbreviations (D)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   DAC    Digital to Analog Converter
   DASD    Direct Access Storage Device (hard disk, diskette)
   DAT    Digital Audio Tape (Sony & Hewlett-Packard)
   dB    deciBel A logarithmic means of expressing ratios
     (gains of amplifiers)
   DCDB    Domain Control Data Base
   DCE    Data Communications Equipment (Modem)
     Data Carrier Equipment (Modem)
   DCLK    Video Dot Clock
   DCC    Digital Compact Casette
   DDC    Display Data Channel (a VESA Standard for PnP Monitors)
   DDE    Dynamic Data Exchange
   DDNS    Dynamic Domain Name Services
   DDS    Digital Data Storage (Tape-media)
   degaussing    Removal of magnetic residual effect from CRT
   DES    Data Encryption Standard
   DFP    Digital Flat Panel Port
   DFT    Drive Fitness Test (IDE-HDD dirmware diagnostics) see SMART
   DHCP    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
   DHHS    Department of Health and Human Services (USA)
   dithering    Mixing patterns from one color with patterns from
     another color to create a third color.
   DIB    Device Independent Bitmap
   DIMM    Dual Inline Memory Module (168-pin)
   DIME    Direct Memory Execute
   DIVE    Direct Interface Video Extensions
   DLL    Dynamic Link Library
   DLT    Digital Linear Tape (DAT -> DLT)
   DMA    Direct Memory Access
   DMI    Desktop Management Interface
   DMQS    Display Mode Query and Set (e.g. used to configure XGA-2 adapter)
   DoD    Department of Defense
     (US/DoD security requirements A1,B3,B2,B1,C2,C1 and D)
   DOS    Disk Operating System
   DPI    Dots Per Inch (Laserprinter)
   DPMS    Display Power Mgmt. System (Display VESA Power Mgmt. Signalling)
   DRAM    Dynamic Random Access Memory
   DSP    Digital Signal Processing (DSP processor)
   DSTN    Double Super Twisted Nematic (DSTN-Display)
   DTE    Data Terminal Equipment (e.g. Computer RS232-connector)
   DTP    DeskTop Publishing
   DVD    Digital Versatile Disk (CD-ROM for Data/Audio/Video
     (4.7GB up to 17GB))
     DVD-5 single sided - one layer - 4.7 GB
     DVD-9 single sided - two layer - 8.5 GB
     DVD-10 double sided - one layer - 9.4 GB
     DVD-18 double sided - two layer - 17.0 GB
   Country Code     Region
   0     w/o Country-code
   1     North America
   2     Japan and EMEA
   3     AP North and AP South
   4     Latin America and AP South
   5     Russia
   6     China
   DVI    Digital Visual (video) Interface (PC - display interface)

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