Abbreviations (F)

  Abbreviations (F)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   FC-AL    Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
   FCC    Federal Communications Commission (USA)
   FDDI    Fiber Distributed Data Interface (Fiber-optic 100 Mbps network)
   FDM    Frequency Division Multiplexing
   FFST/2    First Failure Support Technology/2
   FIFO    First In / First Out
   FILO    First In / Last Out
   foot-lambert    Old British Imperial unit of luminous intensity
     (1fl = 1 lumen/sqr foot)
   FM    Frequency Modulation
   FP    File Processor
   FP    Fast Page (FP-SIMM Memory)
   FPC    Flat Plastic Cable (Flexible Plastic Cable)
   FPM    Fast Page Mode DRAM (5-3-3-3)
   FPS    Frames Per Second
   FRU    Field Replaceable Unit (part)
   FSB    Front Side Bus (66/100 MHz selectable - Pentium® II processor)
   FST    Flat Square Tube (CRT-tube)
   FTA    Fault Tolerant Adapter (e.g. IBM Netfinity 10/100 Ethernet Adapter)
   FTMI    Fault Tolerant Management Interface (e.g. IBM Netfinity 10/100 Ethernet Adapter)
     (IBM PCI Hot Plug Services)
     File Transfer Protocol (Internet)

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