Abbreviations (H)

  Abbreviations (H)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   HAL    Hardware Abstraction Layer (Windows NT)
   HBCI    Homebanking Computer Interface
   HDCD    High Density CD-ROM
   HDLC    High level Data Link Control (also known as SyncPPP)
   HDSL    Highspeed Digital Subscriber Loop
     (2 Mbs - ISDN connection)
   Hertz    The unit of frequency, 1 Hertz = 1 cycle per second
   HES    Home Electronic System (Siemens 'instabus')
   HIF    Host Information File System
   HPA    High Performance Addressing (ThinkPad LCD)
   HPFS    High Performance File System
   HSP    Hot Spare (RAID HD-drive for use in the event of a drive failure)
   H-SYNCH    Horizontal Synchronization
   Ht    Height
   HTML    Hyper Text Markup Language (for create Internet WEB pages)
   HTTP    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Internet for HTML)

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