Abbreviations (L)

  Abbreviations (L)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   L1-Cache    Microprocessor (eg. 8-16KB) INTERNAL Cache
   L2-Cache    Microprocessor EXTERNAL Cache
     (e.g. 256-512KB located on System Board)
   LAM    Lobe Attachment Module (IBM 8230)
   LAN    Local Area Network
   LAPS    LAN Adapter and Protocol Support
   LASER    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation
   LBA    Logical Block Addressing (ATA-2/SCSI-HDD linear addr. sector addresses
     Cyl-0 Head-0 = LBA 0, up to last physical drive sector (max.-128 GB).
   LCCM    LAN Client Control Manager
   LCD    Liquid Crystal Display
   LCP    Link Control Protocol (Internet)
   LEAD-in/out    See > CD-R/CD-RW - CD-ROM area definitions
   LED    Light Emitting Diode
   LiIon    Lithium-Ion (battery)
   LIM    Lotus Intel® Microsoft
   LLC    Logical Link Control
   LRU    Last Recently Used
   LSB    Least Significant Bit
   LSP    LAN Support Program
   LTB    Local Transfer Bus
   Lumen    Unit of luminous flux. The luminous energy radiating from a 1
     candela point source through 1 steradian solid angle.
   LUN    Logical Unit Number (embedded target - SCSI)
   lux    Unit of illumination. 1 lux = 1 lumen/sq. meter
   LVD    Low Voltage Differential (e.g. Ultra-2-SCSI-LVD)
   LVDS    Low Voltage Differential Swing (Protocol)

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