Abbreviations (P)

  Abbreviations (P)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   PAL    Phase Alternation Line (Color-TV)
   PAP    Privileged Access Password
   PAS    Pro Audio Spectrum
   PBX    Private branch exchange (phone/modem-line)
   PFA    Predictive Failure Analysis (e.g. RAID Controller) see also SMART
   PB SRAM    Pipelined Burst Static RAM
     for BUS speed up to 133 MHz (4.5 versus 8ns addr./data
     fastest with a BUS speed of 75MHz or above.
   PC    Personal Computer
   PCA    Program Calibration Area (CD-R area -> for calibrate laser enery)
   PC AT    Personal Computer Advanced Technology
   PC XT    Personal Computer eXtended Technology
   PCI Bus    Peripheral Component Interconnect
     (32-Bit at 30 MHz)
   PCMCIA    Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
   PCX    Picture Exchange (graphic format)
   PECL    Positive Emitter Coupled Logic (e.g. Fibre channel)
   PEL    Picture Element. (See pixel) also used for Permit Exposure Limit
   PI    Port In (e.g. 8230 Port In line/address)
   PIF    Product Information File
   PIO    Programmable Input Output. A means of data transfer that
     requires the use of the host processor.
   PIO mode    Programmed I/O mode (BIOS - used for define IDE/EIDE speed)
     PIO mode 0 (ATA) up to 3.3 MB/sec
     PIO mode 1 (ATA) up to 5.2 MB/sec
     PIO mode 2 (ATA) up to 8.3 MB/sec (IDE)
     PIO mode 3 (ATA-2) up to 11.1 MB/sec (EIDE)
     PIO mode 4 (ATA-2) up to 16.6 MB/sec (EIDE)
     PIO mode 5 more than 16.6 MB/sec (EIDE)
   pixel    Picture Element. The minimum item that can be displayed
     on a video display.
   PM    Presentation Manager (OS/2)
   PMA    Program Memory Area (CD-R area -> track numbers)
   PnP    Plug&Play BIOS
   P&D-D    digital Plug&Display-Interface (see TMDS)
   P&D-D/A    digital and analog Plug&Display-Interface (se TMDS)
   PO    Port Out (e.g. 8230 Port Out line/address)
   POH    Power-on-hours
   POS    Programmable Option Select
   POST    Power-On Selftest
   PPP    Point-to-Point Protocol (Internet)
   PROM    Programmable Read Only Memory
   PSM    Product Specific Module
   PSTN    Public Switched Telephon Network
   PS/VP    PS/ValuePoint
   PxBLT    Pixel Block Transfer
   PUN    Physical Unit Number (as in SCSI)

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