Abbreviations (S)

  Abbreviations (S)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   SASD    Sequential Access Storage Device (tape)
   SCAM    SCSI Configured AutoMagically (Fast-20 / SCSI-3 / Ultra-SCSI)
   SCB    Subsystem Control Block
   SCSI    Small Computer System Interface
   SDK    Software Developers Kit
   SDRAM    Synchronous DRAM (5-1-1-1) appr. 20% faster than EDO
     and 33% faster than Fast Page Mode. For BUS speeds up to 100MHz
   SEC    Single Edge Cartridge (Pentium® II)
   SECC    Single Edge Cartridge CPU (Pentium® II)
     (SECC1 / SECC2 - different Pentium® II - packages)
   SEK    Svenska Elektriska Kommissionen
     Swedish counterpart to International
     Electrotechnical Commisionen)
   SelectaBus    Allows to change from one Bus architecture to another
     ISA/VESA <> ISA/PCI or PCI/ISA <> PCI/Micro Channel
   SGRAM    Synchronous Graphics Random-Access Memory
   SES    Smart Energy System
     Smart Energy System (SES) description
     Power Management
   SIR    Serial Infrared
     (Hewlett-Packard Serial-Infrared 2400bps - 115.2kbps)
   SLIP    Serial Line Internet Protocol (framing protocol)
   SMART    Self Monitoring Analytical and Repair Technology
     Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
   SMP    Symmetric Multiprocessing (multiple processors)
   SMTP    Simple Message (Mail) Transfer Protocol (RFC 822)
   SNMP    Simple Network Management Protocol
   SOD    Statement of Direction
   SO-DIMM    Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module
     (EDO 3.3V non parity unique memory card / 144-pin)
   SOHO    Small Office Home Office
   SOM    System Objects Model (Software)
   SPC    System Priority Controller
   SPD    Software Product Description
   SPS    Standby Power Supplies
   SPX    Sequenced Packet eXchange
   SQL    Structured Query Language
   SR    Service Representative
   SRAM    Static Random Access Memory
   SRS    Sound Retrieval System (Sound Blaster)
   SSA    Serial Storage (HDD) Architecture (2x 3-wire serial bus-ring)
   STN    Super Twisted Nematic (as in LCD)
   STP    Shielded Twisted Pair (e.g. Token Ring cable)
   SVGA    Super Video Graphics Adapter
   SWEDAC    Swedish Board for Technical Accrediation
     (responsible for MPR-II emission guidelines)
   SWG    Standard Wire Gauge (Imperial)
   Sync SRAM    Synchronous Burst Static RAM
     fastest with a BUS speed of up to 66MHz (2-1-1-1)
     for a BUS speed higher than 66MHz (3-2-2-2)

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