Abbreviations (T)

  Abbreviations (T)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   TAPI    Telephone Application Programming Interface
   TCP    Tape Carrier Package (TCP-Processor)
   TCP/IP    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
   TCO    Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees
     (responsible for the TCO-91 emission recommendations)
   TDD    Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
   Tesla    unit of magnetic flux density or induction
     (1T = 1 Weber/sq.-meter)
   TFT    Thin-Film Transistor (e.g. LCD Display)
   TFTP    Trivial File Transfer Protocol
   TI    Timing Interface
   TIFF    Tag Image File Format (graphic format)
   TLV    Threshold Limit Value, for permitted emissions
   TMDS    Transition Minimized Differential Signal (Display)
     (1x TMDS-Link = 165MHz = SXGA / 2x TMDS-Link = 330MHz = QXGA)
     See > P&D-D 30-pin Video connector
   TPI    Tracks Per Inch
   TS    Timing Sequencer
   TSR    Terminate and Stay Resident

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