Abbreviations (U)

  Abbreviations (U)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   UAA    Universally Administered Address (e.g. Token Ring Adapter)
   UART    Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter
   UDF    Universal Disk Format (CD and DVD-ROM's)
   UDP    User Datagram Protocol (e.g. Internet suite)
   UL    Underwriters Laboratory
   Utra 160/m    Subset of Ultra3 SCSI (Ultra3 = 16-bit 160MB/sec)
     Requires low-voltage differential (LVD) disks
     - Slower speed if use Ultra2 disks.
     Ultra2 cabling, terminators, and connectors fully compatible.
   UMA    Universal Management Agent (tool - manage computers)
   UPS    Uninterruptible Power Supply
   URL    Uniform Resource Locators (Internet)
     define the address of Web pages
   USB    Universal Serial Bus (63 devices up to 12Mb/sec.)
   UTP    Unshielded Twisted Pair (e.g. Token Ring cable)
   UUCP    Unix to Unix Copy Protocol

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