Abbreviations (V)

  Abbreviations (V)
Abbreviations.    Meaning
   VCA    Video Capture Adapter
   VESA (VL-bus)    Video Electronics Standards Association
     (responsible for defining display mode timing,
     DPMS and DDC standards)
   VFAT    Virtual File Allocation Table (Win 95)
   VL-Bus    Vesa Local Bus (32-Bit at 33 MHz /1 x 50 MHz)
   VLSI    Very Large-Scale Integration. The process of integrating
     very large numbers of circuits on a single chip of
     semiconductor material.
   V-SYNC    Vertical Synchronization
   VCLK    Video Clock
   VDM    Virtual DOS Machine (OS/2)
   VDT    Video Display Terminal
   VGA    Video Graphics Adapter/Array
   VLMF    Very Low Magnetic Field
     (below 20 milli-Teslar (SEK))
   VLSI    Very Large Scale Integration
   VM    Virtual Machine
   VPD    Vital Product Data
   VRAM    Video Random Access Memory
   VU    Vendor Unique
   VVIDD    VESA Video Interface for Digital Displays

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