Marketing P/N to FRU P/N Listing Support - CD-ROM/Optical Drives

CD-ROM / Optical Drives

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Part Number
FRU P/N Product Name
00K7890 76H6101 16XMax IDE CD-ROM for AAP 1-pk
00K7890(R) 02K1123 16XMax IDE CD-ROM FRU
00K7903 02K0493 TPad 765/760 8X-20X IDE CD-ROM
01K0058 MultiFRU 24X-10X Int IDE CD-ROM Drive
01K0058(A) 02K1110 24X-10X CD-ROM MKE FRU 1
01K0058(B) 12J3432 IDE Cable
01K0058(C) 00K8155 Audio Cable FRU 1
01K0058(D) 10H2924 Audio Cable FRU 2
01K0058(E) 12J4498 IBM PC Tower Bezel - Mufasa
01K0058(R) 02K1113 24X-10X CD-ROM SONY FRU 2
01K0059 MultiFRU 24XMax Int IDE CD-ROM Drive AAP
01K0059(A) 12J3521 24XMax CD-ROM MKE FRU 1
01K0059(B) 12J3432 IDE Cable
01K0059(C) 75H9219 Audio Cable
01K0059(D) 76H7339 IBM PC Desktop Bezel - Simba
01K0059(E) 12J4498 IBM PC Tower Bezel - Mufasa
01K0059(R) 12J3523 24XMax CD-ROM SONY FRU 2
02K0516 02K0515 TP770 10X-24X CD-ROM Drive
04K0059 MultiFRU 32X-14X IDE CD-ROM (White) f/AAP
04K0059(A) 02K1115 32X-14X IDE CD-ROM HITACHI FRU1
04K0059(B) 02K3412 32X-14X IDE CD-ROM SONY FRU2
04K0059(B) 12J3432 IDE Cable
04K0059(C) 75H9219 Audio Cable
04K0059(D) 76H7339 IBM PC Desktop Bezel - Simba
04K0059(E) 12J4498 IBM PC Tower Bezel - Mufasa
05H2762 MultiFRU Bezel KIT For Optical Disk Drive
05H2762(A) 34F0041 Rail Kit Mod 8560/65/80/85/3510
05H2762(B) 85F0009 Model 8540/57/77/95/3511 Rail Kit
05H2762(C) 85F0008 Model 8540/56/57/77 Bezel
05H2762(D) 64F0138 Bezel Mod 9595/3511
05H2762(E) 34F0044 Model 8560/80/65 Bezel
05H2784 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/ M/T 3432-715. See P/N 3432715
05H2794 MultiFRU Imagestar 230MB Int SCSI Optical Disk Drive
05H2794(A) 05H3449 Imagestar 230MB Int SCSI ODD FRU
05H2794(B) 66G7444 Cleaner (Not in PCC94-227)
05H3414 05H3449 Imagestar 230MB Ext ODD - World Trade
05K8867 05K8865 TP310/315 20X-8X CD-ROM Drive EMEA
06H5313 N/A 1.3GB Opt Disk Drive 8-pk (06H7199) (Ind Dist.)
06H7199 50G0620 Imagestar 1.3GB Int SCSI Optical Disk Drive
06H7647 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3509-707. See P/N 3509707
06H7648 MultiFRU CD-ROM Drive Int SCSI 4X (Panasonic)
06H7648(A) 88G4921 CD-ROM Drive 4X
06H7648(B) 06H5053 Audio Cable
06H7648(R) 73H1513 CD-ROM Drive 4X
06H7649 MultiFRU CD-ROM Drive Int IDE 4X
06H7649(B) 52G8749 IDE Data Cable
06H7649(C) 06H2944 Audio Cable
06H9088 MultiFRU CD-ROM 4X Int SCSI for TPad Dock II
06H9088(A) 06H9090 Int SCSI 4X CD-ROM Drive for TP Dock II
06H9088(B) 06H9091 Audio Cable
07H0635 MultiFRU 6X Int IDE CD-ROM
07H0635(A) 06H9431 6X IDE CD-ROM Drive FRU
07H0635(B) 52G8749 IDE Data Cable
07H0635(C) 06H2944 Audio Cable
11J8676 11J8598 10X CD-ROM Drive
11J8933 11J8935 TPad 770 8X-20X IDE CD-ROM Upg
11J8933(R) 12J0424 770 8X-20X CD-ROM FRU per PCC97-571
12J2471 05K8873 TP600 24X-10X CD-ROM Drive
12J4755 76H0472 CD-ROM 8X IDE w/o Hdpn for AAP 10-pk
1969007 MultiFRU PCMCIA Ext IDE 2X CD-ROM w/frt Hdphn
19690071(A) 66G3359 Ext PCMCIA 2X CD-ROM
19690071(B) 66G3366 PCMCIA Interface Card
1969008 MultiFRU 4X PCMCIA CD-ROM Drive
1969008(A) 75H7515 CD-ROM Drive
1969008(B) 75H7523 PCMCIA Interface Cd
1969008(C) 75H9590 Interface Cable
1969009 MultiFRU 4X PCMCIA Stereo CD-ROM Drive
1969009(A) 75H9478 CD-ROM Drive
1969009(B) 75H7523 PCMCIA Interface Cd
1969009(C) 75H9590 Interface Cable
03L3300 03L3320 8XMin/20XMax Portable CD-ROM (EMEA only)
1969010 MultiFRU 8XMin/20XMax Portable CD-ROM (1969-010)
1969010(A) 03L3080 8XMin/20XMax Portable CD-ROM
1969010(B) 00K1124 Interface Cable for Portable CD-ROM
1969010(C) 00K1123 PC Card for Portable CD-ROM
03L3350 03L3320 8XMin/20XMax Port Ster CD-ROM (EMEA only)
1969011 MultiFRU 8XMin/20XMax Port Ster CD-ROM (1969-011)
1969011(A) 03L3090 8XMin/20XMax Portable Stereo CD-ROM
1969011(B) 00K1124 Interface Cable for Portable CD-ROM
1969011(C) 00K1123 PC Card for Portable CD-ROM
1969011(D) 03L3082 Speaker for Portable CD-ROM
1969108 MultiFRU 4X PCMCIA CD-ROM Drive
1969108(A) 75H9499 CD-ROM Drive
1969108(B) 75H7523 PCMCIA Interface Cd
1969108(C) 75H9590 Interface Cable
1969109 MultiFRU 4X PCMCIA Stereo CD-ROM Drive
1969109(A) 75H9500 CD-ROM Drive
1969109(B) 75H7523 PCMCIA Interface Cd
1969109(C) 75H9590 Interface Cable
32G2958 61G1901 SCSI Enh CD-ROM II
32G2959 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3510-005. See P/N 3510005
32G2960 2FRUS Enh Int CD-ROM II Drive Kit C
32G2961 4FRUs ISA Int CD-ROM (2X)
32G2961(A) 61G4109 ISA CD-ROM DRIVE (Panasonic)
32G2962 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3509-001. See P/N 3509001
32G2963 32G2963 Read/Write Optical Drive Kit B
32G3133 2FRUS CD-ROM ISA Int Install Kit A
3431705 62G2928 Ext 1.3GB OPTICAL DRIVE (3431-705)
3431705(A) 61G9312 Ext 1.3GB SCSI R/W Optical Drive FRU
3431705(B) 46G2251 3431 Filter Assembly
3431705(C) 49G6654 3431 Power Supply
3431705(D) 55F9553 3431 Card Assembly
3431705(E) 55F9421 3431 Fan Assembly
3432705 MultiFRU Ext 127MB Optical Disk Dr. SCSI (3432-705)
3432705(A) 66G7510 127MB Optical Disk Drive FRU
3432705(B) 62G2919 3432 Power Supply
3432705(C) 49G6682 3432 Cable Assembly - SCSI
3432705(D) 49G6683 3432 Circuit Card
3432705(E) 49G6685 3432 Fan
3432705(F) 66G7444 Cleaner (Not in PCC94-227)
3432715 MultiFRU Imagestar 230MB Ext SCSI ODD (3432-715)
3432715(A) 05H3449 Imagestar 230MB Int Optical Disk Drive FRU
3432715(B) 05H3453 3432 Power Supply
3432715(C) 49G3413 3432 Cable Asm (not in PIMS)
3432715(C1) 49G6682 3432 Cable Asm FRU
3432715(D) 49G3447 3432 Circuit Card (not in PIMS)
3432715(D1) 49G6683 3432 Circuit Card FRU
3432715(E) 49G6685 3432 Fan
3432715(F) 05H3438 3432 Case Asm
3432715(G) 66G7444 Cleaner (Not in PCC94-595)
3509001 4FRUs ISA Ext CD-ROM (2X)
3509001(A) 61G4109 ISA CD-ROM DRIVE (Panasonic)
3509701 MultiFRU EXTERNAL ISA CDROM 2X (3509-701)
3509701(A) 61G4109 ISA CD-ROM DRIVE (Panasonic)
3509701(B) 82G6461 CD-ROM Enclosure
3509701(C) 61G4114 External Adapter Card
3509701(D) 61G4115 External Drive Cable
3509705 MultiFRU Ext SCSI 2X CDROM (Panosonic) (3509-705)
3509705(A) 88G4898 CD-ROM Drive
3509705(B) 06H5311 Enclosure/Power Supply
3509707 MultiFRU CD-ROM Drive Ext SCSI 4X (3509-707)
3509707(A) 88G4921 CD-ROM Drive 4X
3509707(B) 06H5311 Enclosure/Power Supply
3509709 76H6112 8X SCSI-2 External CD-ROM (3509-709)
3510005 12FRUs SCSI Ext Enh CD-ROM II
3510005(A) 61G1901 SCSI Enh CD-ROM II
3510705 MultiFRU Ext Enhanced SCSI CD-ROM II
3510705(A) 61G1901 SCSI Enh CD-ROM II
3510705(B) 34F0041 Rail Kit Mod 8560/65/80/85/3510
3510705(C) 31F4232 Media Kit
3510705(D) 53F3610 Headphones
3510705(E) 92F0086 Remote Add Switch Cable
3510705(F) 92F0082 Terminator/Jumper Kit
3510705(G) 22F9419 CD Caddy
3510705(H) 92F0010 Misc Parts Kit
3510705(I) 85F0027 3510 External Cover
3510705(J) 85F0051 Power Supply
3510705(K) 85F0072 3510 Base
3510705(L) 92F0009 3510 Signal Cable
39H3987 39H3990 CD-ROM 4X Adapter for Dock I & II -US
39H3987(R) 39H3992 CD-ROM 4X Adapter FRU
39H3987(R1) 73H8591 CD-ROM 4X Adapter FRU
39H3988 39H3990 CD-ROM 4X Adapter for Dock I & II -EMEA
39H3989 * CD-ROM 4X Adapter for Dock I & II -Japan
39H7413 39H7424 CD-ROM 4X - US Univ. Docking
39H7413(R) 46H8136 CD-ROM 4X - US FRU
39H7413(R1) 73H9229 CD-ROM 4X - US FRU
39H7413(R2) 12J2186 CD-ROM 4X - US FRU
39H7413(R3) 105K884 6CD-ROM 4X - US FRU
39H7414 39H7424 CD-ROM 4X - EMEA Univ. Docking
39H7415 * CD-ROM 4X - Japan Univ. Docking
45H8786 82H8851 8X IDE CD-ROM 19.0mm TP760
45H8786(R) 97H3419 8X IDE CD-ROM 19.0mm TP760 FRU
46G2684 49G7920 Rewritable SCSI Ext ODD (3431-001)
60G3654 * CD-ROM 2X (Kod Sampler) Mitsumi CD654
62G0489 N/A 127MB R/W Int Opt Disk Drive, 22-pk 62G2908
62G0535 N/A Imgestar 230MB Int ODD 10-pk 05H2794 (Ind Dist)
62G2908 66G7510 127MB R/W Int Optical Disk Drive
62G2910 62G2928 Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3431-705. See P/N 3431705
62G2911 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3432-705. See P/N 3432705
62G2929 49G6658 1.3GB SCSI R/W Optical Drive
6450847 6FRUs CD-ROM Installation Kit A
6451104 92F0084 PS/2 CD-ROM II SCSI Drive
6451126 MultiFRU CD-ROM Opt Drive Kit A
6451145 MultiFRU CD-ROM II Drive Install Kit A
6451146 MultiFRU CD-ROM II Drive Install Kit B
6451295 92F0167 Enh Read/Write 127MB SCSI Opt Drive
66G3358 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 1969-007. See P/N 1969007
66G3504 * Int CD-ROM 1 inch Drive Kit
66G3536 66G3577 Int CD-ROM 1 inch Drive Kit
70G8501 MultiFRU ISA Int CD-ROM DRIVE (2X)
70G8501(A) 61G4109 ISA CD-ROM DRIVE (Panasonic)
70G8501(B) 61G4110 Internal Adapter Cable
70G8501(C) 61G4111 Internal Data Cable
70G8501(C1) 82G2657 Internal Data Cable FRU
70G8501(D) 61G4112 Internal Audio Cable
70G8502 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3509-701. See P/N 3509701
70G8503 MultiFRU Int CD-ROM II DRIVE
70G8503(A) 61G1901 SCSI Enh CD-ROM II
70G8503(B) 34F0041 Rail Kit Mod 8560/65/80/85/3510
70G8503(C) 31F4232 Media Kit
70G8503(D) 53F3610 Headphones
70G8503(E) 92F0086 Remote Add Switch Cable
70G8503(F) 92F0082 Terminator/Jumper Kit
70G8503(G) 22F9419 CD Caddy
70G8503(H) 85F0009 Model 8540/57/77/95/3511 Rail Kit
70G8503(I) 85F0008 Model 8540/56/57/77 Bezel
70G8503(J) 92F0087 Grounding Springs
70G8503(K) 34F0043 Model 8560/80 Signal Cable
70G8503(L) 72X8521 Model 8560/80 Power Cable
70G8503(M) 85F0010 Model 8560/80 Ground Bracket
70G8503(N) 34F0044 Model 8560/80/65 Bezel
70G8503(O) 64F0138 Bezel Mod 9595/3511
70G8504 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3510-705. See P/N 3510705
70G8519 MultiFRU IDE 2X CD-ROM Drive
70G8519(A) 06H6152 CD-ROM Drive
70G8519(B) 06H2944 Audio Cable
70G8519(C) 52G8749 IDE Data Cable
70G9207 71G2552 Enhanced Int CD-ROM II Install Kit D
73H7225 MultiFRU TP365X 4X Int CD-ROM Drive
73H7225(A) 69H7925 4X Int CD-ROM Drive
73H7225(B) 39F2086 Fixed Disk Drive (3 Mode)
73H7225(C) 74H0219 External Drive
73H9795 73H9933 8X CD-ROM (13.7mm) for TP380/385
76H0490 75H9746 8X IDE CD-ROM (Commercial)
76H0491 MultiFRU 8X Int IDE CD-ROM (Commer/Retail)
76H0491(A) 75H9746 8X Int IDE CD-ROM Drive
76H0491(B) 06H2944 Audio Cable
76H0491(C) 52G8749 IDE Data Cable
76H3215 MultiFRU 8X SCSI Internal CD-ROM Drive
76H3215(A) 73H2601 8X SCSI CD-ROM
76H3215(B) 76H3208 Audio Cable
76H3220 76H6112 Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3509-709. See P/N 3509709
76H3230 75H9601 6X IDE CD-ROM for AAP 10-pk
76H3230(R) 06H9429 6X IDE CD-ROM Alt FRU per DPRS
76H6110 MultiFRU 16X Max Int IDE CD-ROM Drive
76H6110(A) 76H6109 16X Max CD-ROM Drive
76H6110(A1) 02K1127 16X Max CD-ROM Drive FRU
76H6110(B) 06H6326 IDE Cable
76H6110(C) 00K8155 Audio Cable
76H6110(D) 10H2924 Audio Cable
83H6726 MultiFRU 8X Internal IDE CD-ROM TP365X/XD
83H6726(A) 82H8173 8X Internal IDE CD-ROM
85G1957 82H8850 UltraSlim Int 6X IDE CD-ROM f/Docks
85G1957(R) 83H5428 6X IDE CD-ROM FRU
94G2686 MultiFRU SCSI 2X Int CD-ROM Drive
94G2686(A) 88G4898 CD-ROM Drive
94G2686(A1) 88G4921 CD-ROM Drive FRU
94G2686(A2) 73H1513 CD-ROM Drive FRU
94G2686(B) 06H5053 Audio Cable
94G2686(C) 33F8431 Power Cable
94G2686(D) 31F4232 Media Kit
94G2687 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3509-705. See P/N 3509705

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