Marketing P/N to FRU P/N Listing - Multimedia


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Part Number
FRU P/N Product Name
01K1188 01K2069 2D Graphics Adapter for AAP
01K1189 * S3 GX2 AGP Graphics Adpt f/AAP (drop per LP)
01K1190 01K2014 AAP 3D Graphics Adpt for AAP
01K1191 01K2036 Geom Engine f/Intgraph Intense 3D 2200 AAP
02K3456 02K3457 16Bit Sound Card for AAP
02K3459 01K2048 PCI Graphic Card for AAP (Hatteras)
02K3460 01K2044 PCI 3D Graphics Card for AAP (Hatteras)
02K3461 01K2046 Geometry Accelerator (3D Video Card)
02K3462 01K2154 16 Bit Sound Card II f/AAP
02K4241 MultiFRU Business Audio Kit
02K4241(A) 02K4243 Speaker FRU
02K4241(B) 02K4263 Accessory Bars
06G8215 07F4401 PS/2 Image Adapter/A 1MB
06G8215(R) 49G2709 PS/2 Image Adapter/A FRU
06G8216 07F7441 Image Adapter/A 3MB
06G8217 07F7441 Image Adapter/A 3MB 6091
07F4400 07F2508 PS/2 Image Adapter/A
07F4402 07F4403 PS/2 Image Adapter/A Prt/Scan Option
07F4406 07F4407 Image Adapter 1MB DRAM Memory Kit
07F4410 * OEM Scanner Adapter Cable
07G1450 07G1459 DBCS Enabling Kit -Japan Display Adpt
08H3842 08H3842 3D PCMCIA SOUND Cd Attach Module
08H4188 MultiFRU 3D PCMCIA Sound Cd Yukon
08H4188(A) 08H3841 PCMCIA Cd
08H4188(B) 08H3771 EARPHONES
08H4188(C) 08H4206 AUDIO CABLE
1057507 1383643 MIDI Cable
1057735 1383624 PS/1 Audio Card
12J2845 75H9225 3D Graphics Accelerator for AAP 1-pk
12J2846 75H9229 2D Graphics Accelerator for AAP 5-pk
12J2847 75H9213 Graphics Accelerator for AAP 10-pk
12J2853 * Sec'dary Ed MMed Kit (Full E)(Drop per LP)
12J2854 * Late Elem Ed MMed Kit (Full D)(Drop per LP)
12J2855 * Early Elem Ed MMed Kit (Full C)(Drop per LP)
12J6059 * ED Software - Early Elem'tary (Spec Promo)
12J6060 * ED Software - Late Elem'tary (Spec Promo)
12J6061 * ED Software - Secondary (Special Promo)
12J6062 * ED Software - Computr Liter (Spec Promo)
12J6063 * ED Software - Reference (Special Promo)
2420801 * TPad DSP Upgrade (Easy Serve Only)
25H2749 MultiFRU 16Bit DSP WaveTable Sound Cd
25H2749(B) 25H2792 AUDIO CABLE 1 (MPC2 - Panasonic)
25H2749(C) 25H2791 AUDIO CABLE 2 (MPC2 - MPC2)
30H2343 MultiFRU VoiceType Microphone w/Battery Box
30H2343(A) 30H2312 VoiceType Microphone w/o Battery Box
30H2343(B) 30H2202 Battery Box
30H2343(C) 30H2348 3 to 2 Converter
30H2445 30H2312 VoiceType Microphone w/o Battery Box
35G4712 07F4401 PS/2 Image Adapter/A 1MB
35G4712(R) 49G2709 PS/2 Image Adapter/A FRU
35G4713 07F7441 Image Adapter/A 3MB
35G4714 07F7441 Image Adapter/A 3MB 6091
41G8686 * SpeechViewer V1.1 3.5"
42H0428 MultiFRU ActionMedia II Lite Video Player
42H0428(A) 42H0430 Video Card
42H0428(B) 42H0432 VIDEO CABLE
42H0428(C) 42H0434 F BUS CABLE
42H2671 * 16MB SIMM DRAM (2210 x2x Models)
44F9914 07F4401 PS/2 Image Adapter/A 1MB
44F9914(R) 49G2709 PS/2 Image Adapter/A FRU
44F9919 07F2481 PS/2 Image Adapter/A 3MB
44F9921 07F2508 PS/2 Image Adapter/A 3MB 6091
49G2716 49G2716 PS/2 Image-I Adapter/A
49G2716(R) 66G2280 PS/2 Image-I Adapter/A FRU
49G2717 49G2717 6091-1 Cable Assembly
49G2718 49G2718 9517 Cable Assembly
50H9295 * 4X CD-ROM MultiMedia Kit - Spanish
50H9296 * 4X CD-ROM MultiMedia Kit - Portuguese
55H7980 * Multimedia Modem S/W Upgr for 13H6715
55H8615 MultiFRU MPEG Interactive Video Player
55H8615(A) 55H8617 MPEG Video Board
55H8615(B) 55H8622 Video Cable
55H8615(C) 55H8623 Audio Cable
56X2412 * InfoWindow Enh Graphics Adapter
60G3523 * 16BIT STEREO Audio Cd w/DSP AC523
60G3525 * 8 BIT Audio & Game Cd (6/24/93), AC525
60G3527 * Game Card GC527 (ANKO)
60G3540 * PC TV CARD, TV540
60G3550 * PROFESS SVGA 16.7M COLOR, VC550
60G3551 * VIDEO CARD 256 COLOR, VC551
60G3555 * WINDOWS Accelerator Video Cd, VC555
60G3556 * High Speed Windows Accel Vid Cd VC556
60G3657 * CD Powerplay-8 Kit CD657
60G3658 * CD PowerWave16 MMedia Upg Kit CD658
60G3659 * CD PwrWave16Plus MMed Upg Kit CD659
60G3660 * PwrWave 16 PRO MMedia Upg Kit CD660
60G3878 52G7224 Audiovation ISA Adapter
60G3878(R) 13H9293 Audiovation ISA Adapter FRU
60G3879 52G2917 Audiovation MCA
60G3879(R) 65G8863 Audiovation MCA FRU
60G3879(R1) 13H9294 Audiovation MCA FRU
60G3880 65G8597 Audiovation Kit
60G3882 60G3882 Audiovation Midi Pac
60G3990 * Game Cd & Flght Stick (JOY577) Became 73G6990
60G3991 * Game Cd & Flght Stick (JOY576) Became 73G6991
66G3537 66G3581 A-D/VGA Cd (TFT Color Model Only)
66G3540 66G3518 Audio Cable
66G3689 * TV Tuner(NTSC/TFT Color Only)US TP750
66G6520 * TV Tuner (NTSC/TFT Color Only) Canada TP750
69F9730 69F9731 PS/2 Action Media II Display Adpt 2MB ISA
69F9732 69F9733 PS/2 ActMedia II Displ Adpt/A 2MB
69F9734 69F9735 PS/2 Action Media II Capture Option
70G8976 71G6641 Personal Dictation Adapter
70G8977 71G6642 Personal Dictation Adapter/A
70H2318 * 6X CD-ROM MultiMedia Kit - Spanish
70H2319 * 6X CD-ROM MultiMedia Kit - Portuguese
72G6927 * Mfg. P/N f/M/T 9529-001. See P/N 9529001
72H3260 * Compact Stereo Speakers
73G6987 * Bundle Audio Cd/2 Speaker, WAK987
73G6988 * GC527/JOY575/Game S/W, WGS988
73G6990 * Bundle JOY577/GC527MicroSoft, WGS990
73G6991 * Bundle JOY576/GC527 S/W, WGS991
75X5887 75X5886 PS/2 XGA Display Adapter/A
75X5887(R) 96F7657 PS/2 XGA Display Adapter/A FRU
76H1843 07H0017 PC700 DSP Audio Kit for AAP 5-pk
76H1852 MultiFRU 16-Bit Sound Card
76H1852(A) 07H0849 16-Bit Sound Card
76H1852(B) 10H2856 Audio Cable
76H1853 * 16-Bit Sound Card
76H1900 * Lineout: follow to Mmed Mod (Drop per LP)
76H3289 * Subwoofer Speaker Combo
76H3409 * Ref Res Ed MMed Kit (Full A)(Drop per LP)
76H3410 * Comp Lit Ed MMed Kit (Full B)(Drop per LP)
76H3411 MultiFRU Early Elememtary Education MultiMedia Kit
76H3411(A) 07H0849 16-Bit Sound Card
76H3411(B) 10H2856 Audio Cable
76H3411(C) 06H9429 6X CD-ROM Drive
76H3411(C1) 75H9601 6X CD-ROM Drive Alt FRU per DPRS
76H3411(D) 06H6326 IDE Cable
76H3412 MultiFRU Late Elememtary Education MultiMedia Kit
76H3412(A) 07H0849 16-Bit Sound Card
76H3412(B) 10H2856 Audio Cable
76H3412(C) 06H9429 6X CD-ROM Drive
76H3412(C1) 75H9601 6X CD-ROM Drive Alt FRU per DPRS
76H3412(D) 06H6326 IDE Cable
76H3413 MultiFRU Secondary Education MultiMedia Kit
76H3413(A) 07H0849 16-Bit Sound Card
76H3413(B) 10H2856 Audio Cable
76H3413(C) 06H9429 6X CD-ROM Drive
76H3413(C1) 75H9601 6X CD-ROM Drive Alt FRU per DPRS
76H3413(D) 06H6326 IDE Cable
76H3414 MultiFRU College Education MultiMedia Kit
76H3414(A) 07H0849 16-Bit Sound Card
76H3414(B) 10H2856 Audio Cable
76H3414(C) 06H9429 6X CD-ROM Drive
76H3414(C1) 75H9601 6X CD-ROM Drive Alt FRU per DPRS
76H3414(D) 06H6326 IDE Cable
76H5486 07H1680 Subwoofer Speaker Option
76H5487 07H1680 Subwoofer Speaker Option (EMEA)
76H5488 07H1680 Subwoofer Speaker Option (Japan)
81X8630 81X8620 PC Music Adapter
82G4884 82G1795 MediaBurst Movie Adapter
83G8292 * Multiple XGA Display Dev Drv MXGA
84G2388 * Audio Option Cd (Special Bid Only)
84G5700 * Audio Option Cd (Special Bid Only)
85G1650 * Mwave DSP Kit
85G1651 * Mwave DSP Kit
85G1652 * Mwave DSP Kit
85H4060 * Califone Stereo Headphone 4-pk
87F4773 87F4774 PS/2 XGA-2 Display Adapter/A
87F9915 * M-Audio Capture 2 Playback Adpt Upg Kit
87G9748 MultiFRU PCMCIA 16 Bit Audio Adapter
87G9748(A) 87G9549 PCMCIA 16-Bit Audio Adapter
87G9748(B) 87G9550 AIM
89G2854 89G2846 VoiceType Dictation Adapter - PCMCIA
89G3000 89G3003 VoiceType Dictation Adapter - ISA
89G3004 89G3007 VoiceType Dictation Adapter - MCA
92F3378 34F2786 M-Audio Capture 2 Playback Adapter
92F3379 95F1256 M-Audio Capture 2 Playback Adapter/A
92F3380 34F2788 Video Capture Adapter/A
92G7463 52G7224 Audiovation Adpt ISA AC463
92G7463(R) 13H9293 Audiovation Adpt ISA FRU per DPRS
92G7464 65G8863 Audiovation Adapter MCA (Was 60G3879)
92G7465(A) 60G2306 ISA CD-ROM DRIVE (Panasonic)
92G7465(B) 52G7224 Audiovation ISA Adapter
92G7465(R) 13H9293 Audiovation ISA Adapter FRU per DPRS
92G7466 92G7466 Audiovation Midi-pak (Was 60G3882) Cables
92G7504 * Fax Enh I for Mwave DSP
92G7505 * Telephony Enh I
92G7506 * Message Cntr Enh I for Mwave
92G7528 MultiFRU VP Jazz 16 Multimedia Audio Adapter 10-pk
92G7528(A) 06H3086 Multimedia Audio Adapter
92G7528(B) 06H3085 Audio/Data Cables
92G7583(A) 71G0297 IDE CD-ROM Drive
92G7583(A1) 06H8500 IDE CD-ROM Drive FRU
92G7583(B) 92G7565 Audio Board
92G7583(C) 92G7579 SPEAKERS
92G7584(A) 71G0297 IDE CD-ROM Drive
92G7584(A1) 06H8500 IDE CD-ROM Drive FRU
92G7584(B) 92G7555 Joystick
92G7584(C) 92G7565 Audio Board
92G7584(D) 92G7581 Speaker Set
92G7585 MultiFRU MMedia CD585 Mega Kit w/ IDE CDROM
92G7585(A) 71G0297 IDE CD-ROM Drive
92G7585(A1) 06H8500 IDE CD-ROM Drive FRU
92G7585(B) 92G7566 Audio Card
92G7585(C) 92G7581 Speaker Set
92G7585(D) 92G7555 Joystick
93F1431 93F0139 PS/2 TV (2460-001)
9529001 * MM-1 MultiMedia Audio Option (9529-001)
95F1091 95F1094 M-Motion Video Adapter/A
95F1260 * Sony Speakers SRS-5 for M-Audio

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