Marketing P/N to FRU P/N Listing Support - Expansion/Enclosures (Part 1/2)

Expansion/Enclosures - Part 1/2

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Part Number
FRU P/N Product Name
01K1326 * 50 to 68Pin Converter
01K8017 01K8017 .8mm to 68-pin SCSI Adapter
01K8018 * Netfinity Cluster Pack (by Vinca)
01K8020 * Netfinity 5500 Rack-to Tower Kit
01K8021 * Netfinity 5500 Tower-to-Rack Kit
01K8027 01K6502 2m Ext .8mm SCSI Cable
01K8028 01K6503 3m Ext .8mm SCSI Cable
01K8029 01K6484 4.3m Ext .8mm SCSI Cable
02K3454(B) 01K1497 Wide SCSI Cable
03K9352 01K6488 Netfinity EXP10 3m External Auto-Sensing Cable
04G6129 * External SCSI Option
04G6130 * External SCSI Cable (TMC-850)
05J6411 * SSA Dummy Disk Drive Module
06H3153 06H3153 3511 Wide Upgrade Cable Kit (1m)
06H3231 06H3231 SCSI-2 Card to SCSI-2 Option Cable
06H6217 06H4018 730 PCI/MCA Riser
06H6218 06H4003 730 PCI/ISA Riser
06H6219 06H4023 750 PCI/MCA Riser
06H6220 06H4008 750 PCI/ISA Riser
06H7938 MultiFRU HDD Kit, Desktop PS/2 SCSI
06H7938(A) 96F7775 Slide (8535/40/56/57/67/77)
06H7938(B) 64F0141 Tray for 8540/57/77/85/95/3511
06H7938(C) 85F0094 Bezel (8540/57/77)
06H7938(D) 85F0035 Slide (8590)
06H7938(E) 85F0052
Bezel (8590)
06H7939 MultiFRU HDD Kit, Floorstanding PS/2 SCSI
06H7939(A) 64F0141 Tray for 8540/57/77/85/95/3511
06H7939(B) 92F0255 Bezel Shields(3), EMC Spring (8585/95/3511)
07H0448 * Int SCSI Cable Self-terminated w/two connect
10H4021 04H6915 Port Enabler, Multiport TP701
11J8839 MultiFRU TPad 760 UltraBay Options Tray f/Select-aDock III
11J8839(A) 82H6727 TPad 760 UltraBay Options Tray
11J8839(B) 11J8975 UltraBay Options Tray Bezel
11J8997 11J9000 TP 560X Enhanced Port Replicator
12H0824 * 4-Port Internal SCSI Cable (PowerPC)
12J2467 12J2480 TPad SelectaBase 600
21H8767 * 5-pk Upg Kit 3517-001 to 3517-002
27F4245 27F4211 External FDD Adapter Kit
29H9333 29H9295 TPad Second HDD Adapter (US)
29H9334 * TPad Second HDD Adapter EMEA
29H9335 * TPad Second HDD Adapter Japan
31F4186 31F4222 Ext Cable, SCSI Device to Device 5ft.
31F4187 31F4221 Ext MCA Cable, SCSI Controller 5ft.
32G3097 61G3508 Int Cable, SCSI-2 8bit Int Cable 8590 0.8m
32G3098 61G3005 Int Cable, SCSI-2 8bit Int Cable 8595 1.2m
32G3099 71G2590 Ext Cable, SCSI-2 Cd to Single Pt SCSI Opt 1.5m
32G3507 * PS/2 Upgrade Kit for Diskette Drive
32G3539 * PS/2 HDD Upgrade Kit F
32G3913 92F0326 Ext Cable, SCSI-2 Cd to SCSI-2 Opt 1.5m
32G3914 92F0441 Ext Cable, SCSI-2 Opt to SCSI-2 Opt 0.3m
32G3915 92F0321 Ext Cable, SCSI-2 Card to SCSI Option 1.5m
32G3916 92F0442 Ext Cable, SCSI-2 Opt to SCSI Opt 0.3m
32G3917 92F0325 Ext Cable, SCSI Opt to SCSI Option 0.3m
32G3918 92F0432 Terminator, SCSI-2 16bit Active
32G3919 92F0057 Terminator, SCSI 8bit Active
32G3920 32G3920 Ext Cable, SCSI-2 Upg Kit for 3510-0V0 0.3m
32G3921 61G3511 Int Cable, SCSI-2 16Bit Int Cable 8590 0.8m
32G3922 92F0327 Int Cable, SCSI-2 16Bit Int Cable 8595 1.2m
32G3925 92F0324 SCSI internal 16-8 bit Converter
32G4143 34F0017 Ext Cable, SCSI Card to SCSI Option 1.5m
35100V0 12FRUs Enclosure for 1 SCSI device (3510-0V0)
3510AV0 MultiFRU Enclosure for 1 SCSI device (3510-AV0)
3511003 30FRUs PS/2 SCSI Enclosure (3511-003)
35110V0 12FRUS Enclosure for up to 7 SCSI device (3511-0V0)
35167V0 22FRUs DASD 7 Hot Swap Bays Exp Encl (3516-7V0)
3517001 MultiFRU 3517 SCSI MultiStorage Encl (3517-001)
3517001(A) 26H9205 Power Supply
3517001(B) 26H9180 Backplane Assembly
3517001(B1) 21H8767 Backplane Assembly FRU
35170011 * Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3517-001. See P/N
3517002 MultiFRU 3517 SCSI MultiStorage Encl (3517-002)
3517002(A) 26H9205 Power Supply
3517002(B) 26H9180 Backplane Assembly
3517002(B1) 21H8767 Backplane Assembly FRU
35170021 * Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3517-002. See P/N
3518001 MultiFRU PC Server Enterprise Exp Encl (3518-001)
3518001(A) 06H3589 470W Power Supply
3518001(B) 06H8625 Planar Assembly
3518001(R) 01K9837 470W Power Supply FRU
3518002 * Enclosure (Special Bid) (3518-002)
3519R01 14FRUs SVR 3519 Rack Storage Expansion Encl
35201RU 12FRUs Netfinity EXP10 Storage Expansion Unit
35201RX * Netfinity EXP10 Storage Expansion Unit -EMEA
3527001 MultiFRU SSA Entry Storage Subsystem
3527001(A) 26H9205 Power Supply
3527001(B) 27H1019 Backplane
35270011 * Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3527-001. See P/N
3545001 32FRUs Dock I Port Exp Stat (3545-001)(FC=7584)
3545J01 * Dock I Port Exp Stat (3545-001)(FC=7584)
3546001 MultiFRU Dock II (3546-001)
3546001(A) 84G3618 Power Supply Unit
3546001(B) 84G3614 Main Card
3546001(C) 84G3615 Riser Card
3546001(D) 84G3616 Audio Card
3546001(E) 84G3613 Bottom Cover
3546001(F) 84G3619 Sensor Group
3546001(G) 84G3620 Solenoid Group
3546001(H) 84G3621 Micro Switch Group
3546001(I) 84G3622 Key Lock Assembly
3546001(J) 84G3623 Blank Cover Group
3546001(K) 84G3626 LCD Circuit Board Group
3546001(L) 84G3627 Tray Unit Group
3546001(M) 84G3628 Speaker Group
3546001(N) 84G3629 Cable Group
3546001(O) 84G3633 Speaker Cover Group
3546001(P) 84G3630 Misc Kit
3546001(Q) 84G1290 Tape Drive Kit
3546001(R) 84G1312 Main Card FRU
3546001(S) 66G3576 2.5in IDE HDD Install Kit
3546001(T) 66G3577 Int CD-ROM 1 inch Drive Kit
3546001(U) 66G3580 Hardfile Bracket
3546001(V) 84G3631 Display Shelf
3546001(W) 84G3632 Tray Cover
3546001(X) 84G5253 Device Cable Group
3546001(Y) 84G1291 Bracket & Bezel
3546J01 * Dock II (3546-001) Japan
3547001 MultiFRU SelectaDock I
3547001(A) 39H7417 SelectaDock I Power Supply Unit
3547001(B) 39H7418 SelectaDock I Base Cover Set
3547001(C) 39H7419 SelectaDock I Upper Cover Set
3547001(C1) 73H8593 SelectaDock I Upper Cover Set FRU
3547001(D) 39H7420 SelectaDock I Rear Panel Set
3547001(E) 39H7421 SelectaDock I Riser Card
3547001(F) 39H7422 SelectaDock I Main Card
3547001(F1) 39H7452 SelectaDock I Main Card FRU
3547001(G) 39H7423 SelectaDock I Option Card Cover Set
3547001(H) 39H7431 SelectaDock I Miscellaneous Kit
3547002 MultiFRU SelectaDock II
3547002(A) 39H7438 SelectaDock II Power Supply Unit
3547002(B) 39H7439 SelectaDock II Base Cover Set
3547002(C) 39H7440 SelectaDock II Upper Cover Set
3547002(C1) 12J2190 SelectaDock II Upper Cover Set FRU
3547002(D) 39H7441 SelectaDock II Rear Panel Set
3547002(E) 39H7442 SelectaDock II Riser Card
3547002(F) 39H7443 SelectaDock II Main Card
3547002(G) 39H7444 SelectaDock II Audio Card Set
3547002(H) 39H7446 SelectaDock II Speaker Set
3547002(I) 39H7447 SelectaDock II Miscellaneous Kit
3547002(J) 39H7450 SelectaDock II Connector Cover
3547002(K) 39H7453 SelectaDock II Cable Set
3547002(L) 82H6727 SelectaDock II UltraBay Tray
3547002(M) 82H6728 SelectaDock II 1 inch Bay Tray
3547002(N) 82H6729 SelectaDock II 1/2 Height Bay Tray
3547003 MultiFRU Select-aDock III
3547003(A) 11J8827 Select-aDock III Power Supply Unit
3547003(B) 11J8828 Select-aDock III Base Cover Set
3547003(C) 11J8829 Select-aDock III Upper Cover Set
3547003(D) 12J2493 Select-aDock III Rear Panel Set
3547003(E) 11J8831 Select-aDock III Riser Card
3547003(F) 11J8832 Select-aDock III Main Card
3547003(G) 12J2494 Select-aDock III Audio Card Set
3547003(H) 12J2495 Select-aDock III DC/DC Card Set
3547003(I) 12J2496 Select-aDock III USB Card Set
3547003(J) 39H7446 Select-aDock III Speaker Set
3547003(K) 39H7447 Select-aDock III Miscellaneous Kit
3547003(L) 12J2497 Select-aDock III Connector Cover
3547003(M) 11J8833 Select-aDock III Cable Set
3547003(N) 11J8834 Select-aDock III New UltaBay Tray
3547003(P) 82H6729 Select-aDock III Half Height Bay Tray
3547J03 * Select-aDock III - Japan
38H6303 41H7435 TP365 Port Replicator/Tray
39H7405 39H7416 SelectaDock Base Model I
39H7405(R) 73H8594 SelectaDock Base Model I FRU
39H7406 * SelectaDock Base Model I
39H7407 * SelectaDock Base Model I
39H7428 * SelectaDock I and SelectaDock Base Model I
44H7645 * 3527- 5Dr Enclosure Open Bay AP/APJ
44H7646 * 3527- 5Dr Enclosure Open Bay Canada
46H4209 46H4107 TP560 Port Replicator
46H4209(R) 12J1602 TP560 Port Replicator FRU
46H4218 * TP560 Port Replicator (EMEA)
46H4219 * TP560 Port Replicator
46H5994 39H7432 TPad Conversion Cd for DockI/II
53G9714 53G9710 TP700 Port Replicator
59H7220 * Cable, SSA External Pair, 1.0m
59H7221 * Cable, SSA External Pair, 2.5m
59H7222 * Cable, SSA External Pair, 5.0m
59H7223 * Cable, SSA External Pair, 10.0m
59H7224 * Cable, SSA External Pair, 25.0m
60H7826 * SVR Four Drop Wide Cable
6451039 33F8464 PS/2 SCSI Ext Terminator (60 Pin)
6451042 34F0018 Ext Cable, Option to SCSI Option 0.66m
6451053 72X8563 PS/2 Model 80 HDD Kit A
6451120 MultiFRU PS/2 SCSI Drive Kit D
6451127 MultiFRU Mod 35 Kit for Disk Drive Install
6451128 MultiFRU PS/2 HDD Install Kit
6451129 MultiFRU PS/2 HDD Upgrade Kit
6451300 * HDD Upgrade Kit R
64G3675 87F9787 Int Tape Backup Kit D
66G3501 * 2.5in IDE HDD Install Kit
66G3505 * TP Port Replicator MOD I
66G3510 66G3574 TP Port Replicator MOD I
66G3512 * Int SCSI Device Install Kit
66G3520 66G3575 TP Port Replicator MOD II
66G3520(R) 69H8340 TP Port Replicator MOD II FRU
66G3525 * TP Port Replicator MOD II
66G3535 66G3576 2.5in IDE HDD Install Kit
66G3538 66G3579 Int SCSI Device Install Kit
70G8165 70G8165 Conversion Kit, 5.25" to 3.5" DASD Bay
70G8505(A) 96F7775 Slide (8535/40/56/57/67/77)
70G8505(B) 64F0141 Tray for 8540/57/77/85/95/3511
70G8505(C) 85F0094 Bezel (8540/57/77)
70G8505(D) 85F0035 Slide (8590)
70G8505(E) 85F0052 Bezel (8590)
70G8506 MultiFRU HDD Kit, Floorstanding PS/2 SCSI
70G8506(A) 64F0141 Tray for 8540/57/77/85/95/3511
70G8506(B) 92F0255 Bezel Shields(3), EMC Spring (8585/95/3511)

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