Marketing P/N to FRU P/N Listing - Miscellaneous


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Where/what is the difference between FRU - OPT - MKT P/Ns

Part Number
FRU P/N Product Name
00F5424 76X1013 ARTIC (512KB)-5.25" media
00F5525 16F2223 ARTIC Multiport (128KB) 5.25" media
00F5527 16F2223 ARTIC Multiport (128KB) 3.5" media
00F5529 76X1022 ARTIC 512KB Mem Expansion
00F5530 09F1796 ARTIC Multiport 4-Port RS-232 Add
00F5531 00F5524 ARTIC Multiport Interface Cable
00F5531(R) 09F1801 ARTIC Multiport Interface Cable FRU
01K1179 None Deluxe Leather Mobile Computer Carrying Case
01K1256 None Economy Nylon Mobile Computer Carrying Case
01K1257 None Standard Nylon Mobile Computer Carrying Case
01K1258 None Deluxe Nylon Mobile Computer Carrying Case
01K8024 * Netfinity 5500 Security Kit
01K8026 replaced by 01K7951 03K8774 Netfinity 5500 H-S Redundant Power Supply
01K7951 includes mounting brackets for the following
Netfinity server famies:
5500, 5500 M10, 7000 and 7000 M10.
04G5835 04G5827 ARTIC High Speed Commun Co-Proc MCA
04H7122 MultiFRU Modem for Cellular/CDPD, Ext Adpt 1-pk
04H7123 MultiFRU Modem for ARDIS, Ext Batt Adptr 1-pk
04K0064 01K1215 Cordless Computer Connectiom (900Mhz)
05F2028 04G5501 ARTIC 6-Port X.21/RS232 Cable
06H2153 MultiFRU ISDN Primary Adapter
06H2153(A) 82G2656 ISDN Primary Rate Adapter
06H2153(B) 91F9161 Wrap Connector
06H3890 06H5384 ARTIC Multiport 8-Port RS232 (1MB) Adpt
07F4412 * Printer Adapter Cable
07F4421 * Printer Adapter Cable
09F1897 MultiFRU ARTIC Multiport/2 (512Kb)
09F1897(A) 09F1888 ARTIC Multiport/2 w/o Memory
09F1897(B) 16F2267 512KB Single Module FRU
09F1952 09F1889 ARTIC Multiport/2 8-Port RS-232 IF Bd
09F1952(R) 91F7974 ARTIC Multiport/2 8-Port RS-232 IF Bd FRU
09F1955 91F7976 ARTIC Multiport/2 4-Port RS-232 IF Bd
09F1958 09F1890 ARTIC 4-Pt RS-232 & 4-Pt RS-422 IF Bd
09F1958(R) 91F7966 ARTIC 4-Pt RS-232 & 4-Pt RS-422 IF Bd FRU
09F1989 09F1937 ARTIC Multiport 4-Port RS-422 Add
1051712 1051712 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter 1-pk
1051715 N/A 16/4 Busmaster EISA Adptr 30-pk 1051712
11J9013 * Mechanical
1525612 8529214 Parallel Att Prn Cable
15F8852 15F8858 ARTIC Multiport/2 8-Port RS-422A IF Bd
15F8861 15F8864 ARTIC Mltprt/2 6-Port RS-232C Sync IF Bd
15F8861(R) 91F7963 ARTIC Mltprt/2 6-Port RS-232C Sync IF Bd FRU
15F8866 15F8868 ARTIC Multiport/2 Synch Interface Cable
16F1820 MultiFRU ARTIC Multiport/2 Adapter (1MB)
16F1820(A) 09F1962 ARTIC Multiport Adapter w/o Memory
16F1820(B) 16F2265 512Kb Memory Module
16F1858 MultiFRU ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2
16F1858(A) 15F8888 ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 w/o Memory FRU
16F1858(A1) 44F7123 ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 w/o Memory FRU
16F1858(B) 16F2267 512KB Single Module FRU
16F1865 16F1887 ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 Cable Opt X.21
16F1869 16F1888 ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 Cable Opt V.24
16F1871 16F1889 ARTIC X.25 IF Co-Proc/2 Cable Opt V.35
25H4775 MultiFRU Modem for Cellular/CDPD, Tray adpt 1-pk
29H8000 29H9877 TP755CV/CDV Cool Fan Kit - O/H Proj Opt
32G2430 * PS/2 Cable Cover 2
32G2431 * PS/2 Cable Cover 3
32G3649 61G3841 PS/2 Cable Cover 4
33F8791 MultiFRU ARTIC Multiport Model II (1MB)
33F8791(A) 33F8967 Multiport Adapter Mod2 w/o Memory
33F8791(B) 53F2662 1MB Memory
39H7408 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3547-001. See P/N 3547001
39H7433 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3547-002. See P/N 3547002
39H7436 39H7448 Display Stand II (also houses Dock Solutions)
39H8058 39H8084 ARTIC960 PCI Adapter
44F7228 MultiFRU ISDN Interface Co-Proc/2 Model 2
44F7228(A) 44F7244 ISDN Co-Proc/2
44F7228(B) 45F7230 ISDN Interface Co-Proc/2
44F7228(C) 07G4139 ISDN Co-Proc Attach Cable
46F3786 MultiFRU S/370 Channel Emulator/A Adapter
46F3786(A) 06F3160 S/370 Channel Emul/A
46F3786(B) 80F1939 S/370 Channel Adapter Cable
48G9665 * TP710T Battery Pack
48G9728 * TP710T Quick Charger
48G9816 * TP710T Soft Case Carrier
48G9817 * TP710T Stand
48G9818 * TP710T Carrying Case
48G9887 * TP710T Pen Assembly
48G9892 * TP710T Pen Tip
51H5900 * Person Comm for OS/2 V4.1 Twinax Entry
53F2601 MultiFRU ARTIC Portmaster Adpt/A (512KB)
53F2601(A) 53F2603 ARTIC Portmaster w/o Memory
53F2601(B) 53F2658 512Kb Memory
53F2604 MultiFRU ARTIC Portmaster Adpt/A (1MB)
53F2604(A) 53F2603 ARTIC Portmaster w/o Memory
53F2604(B) 53F2662 1MB Memory
53F2607 MultiFRU ARTIC Portmaster Adpt/A (2MB)
53F2607(A) 53F2603 ARTIC Portmaster w/o Memory
53F2607(B) 53F2666 2MB Memory
53F2610 53F2612 ARTIC 8-Port RS-232 IF Board/A
53F2613 53F2615 ARTIC 8-Port RS-422 IF Board/A
53F2616 84F7540 ARTIC Selectable Interface Board/A
53F2619 53F2621 ARTIC Portmaster 8-Port Cable
53F2622 53F2624 ARTIC Selectable Cable
53F2625 53F2627 ARTIC Surge Protection Adapter
53F6425 53F6424 Advanced 3278/9 Emulation Adpt (ISA)
53G6961 * TP710T Handle
53G9720 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3545-001. See P/N 3545001
54H5365 * TP730TE Vehicle Mounting Platform
54H5375 * TP730TE Vehicle Swivel/Tilt Platform
54H5376 * TP730TE Vehicle Basic Mounting Platform
54H5389 * TP730TE Vehicle Swiv/Tilt Platform w/Kybd Tray
54H5393 * TP730TE Veh Swv/Tilt Platfrm w/Kyb Tray&Heat
54H5404 * TP730TE Vehicle 2.5inch Pedestal
54H5405 * TP730TE Vehicle 4.0inch Pedestal
54H5406 * TP730TE Vehicle 5.0inch Pedestal
54H5407 * TP730TE Vehicle 9.0inch Pedestal
55H4501 55H4513 ARTIC X.25 Interface CoProc PCI Adpt.
55H6756 MultiFRU ISA 2 Slot PCMCIA Front Acc Adpt 5x5Bay
55H6756(A) 76H2745 ISA Card
55H6756(B) 76H2746 Ribbon Cable
55H6756(C) 76H2747 Socket Card-PCMCIA Bay
55H6757 MultiFRU ISA 2 Slot PCMCIA Front Acc Adpt Reg Bays
55H6757(A) 76H2745 ISA Card
55H6757(B) 76H2746 Ribbon Cable
55H6757(C) 76H2748 Socket Card-3.5inch Bay
55H6759 12J2785 PCMCIA 33.6 D/F Modem w/XJack
57F2746 57F2751 ARTIC Selectable X.21 Cable
57F2748 57F2752 ARTIC Selectable V.35 Cable
58G6406 58G6406 FDDI Fiber Base MC Adapter
58G6407 58G6407 FDDI Copper Base MC Adapter
58G6408 58G6408 FDDI Fiber Base EISA Adapter
58G6409 58G6409 FDDI Copper Base EISA Adapter
58G6410 58G6410 FDDI Fiber Base ISA Adapter
58G6411 58G6411 FDDI Copper Base ISA Adapter
58G6412 58G6412 FDDI Fiber Extender MC Adapter
58G6413 58G6413 FDDI Copper Extender MC Adapter
58G6414 58G6414 FDDI Fiber Extender EISA/ISA Adapter
58G6415 58G6415 FDDI Copper Extender EISA/ISA Adapter
58G6540 58G6540 FDDI UTP5 Base MC Adapter
58G6541 58G6541 FDDI UTP5 Base EISA Adapter
58G6542 58G6542 FDDI UTP5 Base ISA Adapter
59G7970 * TPad Carrying Case
60G3533 * 2400 POCKET Mod w/96/48 Fax MOD533
61G1268 61G1268 VoiceType Dictation - Microphone
61G1268 61G1268 VoiceType Dictation - Microphone
61G2918 61G2919 ARTIC960 EIA232 Cable - 4 Port
61G2922 N/A ARTIC960 Adpt (w/1MB &fw) 30-pk 61G2925
61G2923 61G2924 ARTIC960 EIA530 Cable - 4 Port
61G2925 61G2916 ARTIC960 Adpt w/1MB RAM & frmwr 1-pk
61G2928 61G2929 ARTIC960 X.21 Cable - 4 Port
61G2930 59F4581 ARTIC960 1MB SIMM
61G2932 61G2917 Developer's Kit (ARTIC960)
61G2933 61G2934 ARTIC960 V.36 Cable - 4 Port
61G2940 70F9973 ARTIC960 4MB SIMM
61G2945 70F9976 ARTIC960 8MB SIMM
61G2950 61G3865 ARTIC960 16MB SIMM
61G2960 61G2961 ARTIC960 4-Port Application IF Bd, 1-pk
61G2962 N/A ARTIC960 4-Port Applic IF Bd, 30-pk 61G2960
61G3862 61G3863 ARTIC Multiport 4-Port RS232 (512KB)
6339073 * CDP Cable 8ft.
6403635 6403635 Enh 5250 Display Stat Emul Integ Cable Asm.
6451123 * Companion Cable
6451168 * Automobile Adapter Mobile
66G0425 * TP710T Shoulder Strap
66G3516 * Display Stand
66G3539 66G3584 Display Stand
66G3585 * TP Carrying Case 750/755
66G3684 * Security Base TP750
66G3685 * TP750 Key Guard
66G3686 * Battery Safety Cover TP750
66G3687 66G6695 TPad Untethered Stylus (Black)
66G7870 66G7871 Microphone Kit
67G5055 67G5055 PCMCIA Adapter/A
67G5055(R) 24H5129 PCMCIA Adapter/A FRU
67X1244 67X1245 ARTIC DualPort RS-232C Direct Attach Cable
67X1246 67X1247 ARTIC DualPort RS-232C Modem Att Cable
67X1248 67X1249 ARTIC DualPort CCITT V.35 Attach Cable
67X1255 58X7286 ARTIC DualPort RS-422A IF Board
67X1256 58X7287 ARTIC DualPort CCITT V.35 IF Board
67X1257 * ARTIC DualPort 20mA Current Loop IF Bd
70G7365 MultiFRU PS/2 ServerGuard Option
70G7365(A) 61G3628 PS/2 ServerGuard Adapter/A
70G7365(A1) 06H8091 PS/2 ServerGuard Adapter/A FRU
70G7365(B) 61G3629 PS/2 ServerGuard Battery
70G7365(C) 42G2593 PCMCIA 2400/9600 D/F Modem
70G7365(D) 92F0287 ServerGuard to DAA Cable
70G7365(E) 43G3398 DAA to Telephone Outlet Cable
70G7365(F) 43G3392 DAA for 42G2580
70G7365(G) 71G6222 Power Control Box
70G9742 06H9386 PC Server Security Cover
70G9936 06H3096 ISA/VESA Riser, DeskTop
70G9937 06H3097 ISA/VESA Riser, Mini-Tower
70G9938 82G3555 ISA/PCI Riser, DeskTop
70G9938(R) 06H8081 ISA/PCI Riser FRU
70G9939 82G3563 ISA/PCI Riser, Mini-Tower
70G9939(R) 06H8083 ISA/PCI Riser FRU
71G3494 71G5052 ARTIC 8-Pt Direct Mod Att Cable Multiport/2
71G3497 71G5053 ARTIC 8-Pt Direct Mod Att Cable Portmaster
71G6460 71G6458 ARTIC X.25 Interface CoProc (ISA)
72F0163 72F0164 ARTIC 6-Port V.35 IF Board/A
72F0165 72F1966 ARTIC 6-Port V.35 Cable
72F0165(R) 72F0165 ARTIC 6-Port V.35 Cable FRU
72F0176 04G5500 ARTIC 6-Port X.21 IF Board/A
72G0485 MultiFRU PCMCIA 4 Slot Adapter ISA
72H5062 * ISDN Quad BRI Adapter - U Interface
73G9773 * DisplayMiser
76H3296 MultiFRU PC Floor Stand for PC300PL (6562)
76H3296(A) 76H3296 PC Floor Stand (Per PCC97-529 11/4/97)
76H3296(B) 76H4916 Bottom Cover
76H3296(C) 76H4906 Rear Cover
76H3302 12J3146 CPU Floor Stand
76X1019 76X1022 ARTIC DualPort 512KB Mem Expansion
79F6800 79F6840 CD Modem Serial Adapter
80G4620 * DAA/Telphny Kit w/Fxwrks Voice - Spain
8134877 * TP560 Carrying Case
8134878 * TP560 Portfolio (Black Leather)
81G4246 MultiFRU PCMCIA 2 Slot Front Access Adpt ISA
81G4246(A) 81G4632 ISA Card-2 Slot
81G4256 MultiFRU PCMCIA 2 Slot Front Access Adpt MCA
81G4256(A) 81G4261 MCA Card-2 Slot
82G4892 * 9576 Security Cable Cover
82G4984 06H1792 PC Floor Stand
82G4985 06H1791 PC350/750 Base Cover
84G0490 * Soft Case TP730T
84G0495 * Hand Strap TP730T
84G3587 MultiFRU Mfg. P/N f/M/T 3546-001. See P/N 3546001
85G1301 * Headset (TP) (may be bad P/N)
85G1517 85G1529 Headset
85G1519 * Headset
85G1529 * Headset
85H7139 * 8274/RED/PS/W93
85H7141 * 8274/RED/PS/W53
86H0586 * 8274 MPM-1G - 3.0
86H0587 * 8274 MPM-1GW - 3.0
86H2850 * 8274 MPM II 16MB - 3.0
87G9001 * RS232 Serial Cd (PCMCIA)
87G9250 MultiFRU PCMCIA RS232 Serial Adapter
87G9250(A) 87G9243 PCMCIA RS232 Serial Adapter Cd
87G9250(B) 87G9244 PCMCIA to 9-Pin Serial Cable
87H3320 87H3330 ARTIC186 8-Port Adapter (ISA)
87H3395 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port RS-449 Cable
87H3395(A) 87H3396 ARTIC960 4-Port RS-449 Cable FRU
87H3395(B) 87H3440 ARTIC960 4-Port RS-449 Wrap Plug
87H3398 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port V.35 DTE Cable
87H3398(A) 87H3399 ARTIC960 4-Port V.35 DTE Cable FRU
87H3398(B) 87H3442 ARTIC960 4-Port V.35 DTE Wrap Plug
87H3401 87H3402 ARTIC960 4-Port EIA-530 Cable
87H3404 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port EIA-232 Cable
87H3404(A) 87H3405 ARTIC960 4-Port EIA-232 Cable FRU
87H3404(B) 87H3439 ARTIC960 4-Port ISO2110 Wrap Plug
87H3407 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port X.21 Cable
87H3407(A) 87H3408 ARTIC960 4-Port X.21 Cable FRU
87H3407(B) 53G0638 ARTIC960 4-Port X.21 Wrap Plug
87H3410 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port Selectable PMC
87H3410(A) 87H3413 ARTIC960 4-Port Selectable PMC FRU
87H3410(B) 87H3311 ARTIC960 4-Port Selectable Wrap Plug
87H3435 87H3416 ARTIC960 Modem MUX Mezzanine Card
87H3448 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port T1/E1 Mezzanine
87H3448(A) 87H3428 ARTIC960 4-Port T1/E1 Mezzanine FRU
87H3448(B) 87H3502 ARTIC960 4-Port T1/E1 Mezzanine Wrap Plug
87H3450 MultiFRU ARTIC960Hx PCI Adapter (with VR)
87H3450(A) 87H3427 ARTIC960Hx PCI Adapter (with VR) FRU
87H3450(B) 87H3562 ARTIC960 Bracket Kit
87H3455 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port V.35 DCE Cable
87H3455(A) 87H3456 ARTIC960 4-Port V.35 DCE Cable FRU
87H3455(B) 87H3458 ARTIC960 4-Port V.35 DCE Wrap Plug
87H3514 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port E1 RJ-48 Cable
87H3514(A) 87H3515 ARTIC960 4-Port E1 RJ-48 Cable FRU
87H3514(B) 87H3588 ARTIC960 4-Port RJ-48 Wrap Plug
87H3517 MultiFRU ARTIC960 4-Port T1 RJ-48 Cable
87H3517(A) 87H3518 ARTIC960 4-Port T1 RJ-48 Cable FRU
87H3517(B) 87H3588 ARTIC960 4-Port RJ-48 Wrap Plug
87H3520 87H3521 ARTIC960 4-Port E1 BNC GRD Cable
87H3523 87H3524 ARTIC960 4-Port T1 Phonejack Cable
87H3530 MultiFRU ARTIC960Rx PCI Adapter (4MB, VR)
87H3530(A) 87H3545 ARTIC960Rx PCI Adapter (4MB, VR) FRU
87H3530(B) 87H3562 ARTIC960 Bracket Kit
87H3550 MultiFRU ARTIC960Rx PCI Adapter (8MB, No VR)
87H3550(A) 87H3426 ARTIC960Rx PCI Adapter (8MB, No VR) FRU
87H3550(B) 87H3562 ARTIC960 Bracket Kit
87H3580 MultiFRU ARTIC960Hx PCI Adapter (no VR)
87H3580(A) 87H3581 ARTIC960Hx PCI Adapter (no VR) FRU
87H3580(B) 87H3562 ARTIC960 Bracket Kit
87H3628 87H3629 ARTIC960 4-Port E1 BNC UNGRD Cable
87H3650 87H3651 ARTIC960 Surge Protection - RJ48
87H3655 87H3656 ARTIC960 Surge Protection - BNC
87H3675 87H3670 ARTIC186 8-Port PCI Adapter
92G7460 92G7460 DisplayMiser DM460
94F4311 MultiFRU ISDN Interface-Coprocessor
94F4311(A) 94F4312 ISDN Co-Proc Card
94F4311(B) 07G4139 ISDN Co-Proc Attach Cable
94G2724 MultiFRU PC720 Svr SMP 100Mhz Processor Upg
94G2724(R) 06H4369 PC720 Svr SMP 100Mhz Proc FRU per 95-081
94G2724(R1) 71G0692 PC720 Svr SMP 100Mhz Proc FRU
94G2724(R2) 76H6852 PC720 Svr SMP 100Mhz Proc FRU per DPRS
94G2762 81F8852 PC SVR 320 SMP 90Mhz
94G2762(R) 06H6142 PC SVR 320 SMP 90Mhz
94G2766 MultiFRU PC SVR 300 Security Cover
94G2766(A) 55H8188 Cover
94G2766(B) 06H5072 Cover
94G3134 * APC Smart-UPS 700
94G3135 * APC Smart-UPS 1000
94G3136 * APC Smart-UPS 1400
94G4375 MultiFRU SVR 320 C2 Security Kit
94G4375(A) 06H8766 Cable
94G4375(B) 06H8767 Cable C2
94G4606 06H5072 SVR 300 Security Cover II
94G6398 76H0206 SVR 325 Security Cable Kit
94G6398 76H0206 SVR 325 Security Cable Kit
94G6398(R) 12J2778 SVR 325 Security Cable Kit FRU
94G6398(R) 12J2778 SVR 325 Security Cable Kit FRU
94G6399 76H0220 SVR 330 Security Cable Kit
94G6399 76H0220 SVR 330 Security Cable Kit
94G6471 55H8188 SVR 325 Security Cover
94G6471 55H8188 SVR 325 Security Cover
94G6666 12J4472 PDU 100-120V/12A for 9306-900
94G6667 76H4962 Power Cable Type A14 for 9306-900
94G6668 12J4479 Power Cable Type B14 for 9306-900
94G6674 * APC Smart-UPS 1400RMB for 9306-900
94G6675 * Rack Mountable UPS/1400VA APC SU140
94G6676 * APC Smart-UPS 3000RMB for 9306-900
94G6677 * Rack Mountable UPS/3000VA APC SU300
94G7077(B) 12J2699 Voltage Regulator
94G7080(B) 12J2699 Voltage Regulator
94G7081 MultiFRU SVR Upg Card for Pent II Processors
94G7081(B) 12J2701 Terminator Card
94G7081(C) 01K7067 Air Baffle
94G7082 12J2680 SVR SMP 180Mhz/256Kb PentPro Proc Upg
94G7427 01K6459 Netfinity Security Cover III
94G7448 07H0075 Power Cable Type C12 for 9306-900
94G7449 76H4964 Power Cable Type D12 for 9306-900
94G7450 12J4483 PDU 200-240V for 9306-900
94G7526(A) 55H8188 Svr325 C2 Cable Cover
94G7526(B) 76H0206 Svr325 C2 Security Cable
94G7526(B1) 12J2778 Svr325 C2 Security Cable FRU
94G7526(C) 60H9817 Svr325 Rear Bezel Tower
95F5606 79F3458 PS/2 Floor Stand
95F5610 79F3462 PS/2 Cable Cover
TBDCOM2 * US Travel Kit for EMEA
TBROP09 * DAA/Telephony Kit (EMEA & AP)
TP11000 * Overnighter
TP12002 * Sport Case (navy blue)
TP12003 * Sport Case (dark green)
TP13002 * Back Pack (royal blue)
TP56000 * UltraPortable Carrying Case
TP56100 * UltraPortable Portfolio, Black Canvas
TP56102 * UltraPortable Portfolio, Navy Canvas
TP56103 * UltraPortable Portfolio, Green Canvas
TP56110 * UltraPortable Portfolio (black leather)
TP69600 * Standard Case
TP69700 * Carry All Case
TP70100 * Leather Carryall for 701
TP70200 * Leather Portfolio for 701
TP80000 * Leather Portfolio (black)
TP80001 * Leather Portfolio (brown)
TP81000 * Women's Case
TP83000 * Deluxe Leather Case
TP88600 * Briefcase
TPG7000 * Compact Carrying Case
TPG8500 * Dock I Case
TPG8500 None Dock I Case

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