Flash Recovery Boot Block Jumper (300/700-Series / IntelliStation)

Flash Recovery Boot Block Jumper (300/700-Series / IntelliStation)

  -Attention- If an interruption occurs during the Flash/BIOS upgrade process, the BIOS
might be left in an unusable state.

The Boot Block Jumper or Switch enables you to restart the system and recover the BIOS.

To perform a Flash/BIOS recovery using the Boot Block jumper/switch:

  1.  Power-off the computer and remove the cover.
  2.  Move the system board Boot Block jumper or switch to the recover position.
  3.  Insert the upgrade diskette into the diskette drive.
  4.  Power-on the computer. The IBM Logo will appear.
  5.  When the Flash update Utility appears, select your country/keyboard, then press Enter.
  6.  If the computer serial number was previously recorded, the number is displayed with an option to update it.
     Press Y to update the serial number.
  7.  Type the 7-digit serial number of the computer you are servicing, then, press Enter.
  8.  Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the flash (BIOS/VPD) update procedure.
  9.  When you are instructed to reboot the computer, power-off the computer and move the Boot Block jumper  or switch to the normal position.  Then, replace the cover and power-on the computer.

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