Fibre Channel - Power ON/OFF Procedure

Fibre Channel - Power ON/OFF Procedure

  When applying or removing power, a certain order must be followed on the NetFinity fibre Solution.

The Netfinity Fibre Controller requires that drives that are attached to it be available any time that it is powered up.
This means that a certain order must be followed when turning on or off power to the Fibre subsystem.
The Fibre channel Hub, if installed, must be powered on before the host adapter in order to insure proper loop initialization.

(It is suggested that the following information be attached to the Server in one or more places to ensure that servicers and operators follow proper powering sequence) .

Power down procedure

The power down procedure includes following steps:

  1.  Turn off the Server. (after proper NOS shutdown)
  2.  Turn off the Fibre controller.
  3.  Turn off Hub (if attached).
  4.  Turn off the Drives.

Power up procedure

The power up procedure includes the following steps:

  1.  Turn on the Drives.
  2.  Turn on Hub (if attached).
  3.  Turn on the Fibre controller.
  4.  Turn on the Server.

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