File - Extensions - B -

File - Extensions - B -
.B&W    Black & White image
   .B4    Helix Nuts and Bolts file
   .B64    StuffItEncoded (=Archive?)
   .BAD    BAD file
   .BAK    Backup file
   .BAS    BASIC source code
   .BAT    Batch file
   .BAT    MS-DOS batch-file (Executable)
   .BB    Papyrus database backup
   .BBL    TeX BiBLiographic reference
   .BBM    Deluxe Paint bitmap image, used for animations
   .BBS    Text from Bulletin Board System
   .BCH    dBASE BatCH process object file
   .BCM    Ms Works Communications
   .BCP    Borland C++ makefile
   .BDB    Ms Works database
   .BDF    Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format stores Adobe screen fonts as ASCII
   .BDF    extension for a program called West Point Bridge Designer
   .BFC    Windows 95 Briefcase document
   .BFF    WorldToolKit Neutral file Format (binary) used for virtual reality
   .BFX    BitFaX fax
   .BG    Backgammon for Windows game
   .BG    Lotus Agenda file
   .BGA    OS/2 graphic array.GWS
   .BGI    Borland Graphics Interface (Device driver for graphical adapters)
   .BGL    from Microsoft concerning scenery files from the well known Flight Simulator
   .BI    Visual Basic for DOS Include file
   .BIF    GroupWise initialization file
   .BIFF    XLITE 3D file format
   .BIN    (BINary) machine language - application/octet-stream
   .BIN    MacBinary archive format often used on MacintoshSE Mac:
   .BIO    OS/2 BIOs
   .BK!    BacKup file
   .BK    Backup file
   .BKS    An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf
   .BKS    Ms Works spreadsheet
   .BLK    see .IFF
   .BLK    WordPerfect temporary file
   .BM1    Apogee BioMenace data file
   .BM    see .XBM
   .BMF    Corel Gallery fileTP
   .BMK    BookMarK file belonging to Windows help
   .BMP    BitMaP image, OS/2 or Windows, RLE compressed or uncompressed.
   .BMT    Ami Pro button image
   .BNK    Adlib instrument BaNK
   .BOO    Compressed archive
   .BOOK    Adobe FrameMaker Book
   .BOX    A mailbox in Lotus Notes
   .BPL    Borland Delphi 4 packed library
   .BPS    Ms Works document
   .BPT    CorelDRAW Bitmap fills file
   .BPX    see .TGA
   .BQY    BrioQuery file
   .BRK    Brooktrout fax
   .BRX    A file for browsing an index of multimedia options (pictures, sound, text, videos) on a CD-ROM
   .BS1    Apogee Blake Stone data file
   .BSA    Compressed archive
   .BSC    Compressed archive used on Apple II
   .BSC    MS Developer Studio (MSDev) browser information file
   .BSP    Quake map
   .BST    BiblioTex file (BiblioTex=bibliography file for TeX)
   .BS_    Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu shell extension
   .BTM    Batch file used by Norton Utilities
   .BTN    Makeover BuTtoN
   .BUB    Ipix Spherical panorama
   .BUD    Backup disk for Quicken
   .BUN    CakeWalk Audio Bundle file (a MIDI program)
   .BW    SGI Black and White image file
   .BWV    Business Wave file
   .BYU    A file in a Movie BYU format
   .B_W    Black & White image
   .B~K    Backup file

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