File - Extensions - C -

File - Extensions - C -
.C01    Typhoon wave files
   .C    C program source.
   .CAB    Archive format (Microsoft CABinet file). Extract.exe
   .CAD    used by the drafting program "Drafix Cad" by Softdesk
   .CAL    CALS Compressed bitmap-image
   .CAL    SuperCalc 4/5 spreadsheet
   .CAL    Windows CALendar file
   .CAM    Casio camera format
   .CAMCasio    digital camera file
   .CAP    Compressed music file format
   .CAP    ProComm CAPture file
   .CAP    Ventura Publisher CAPtion
   .CAS    Comma-delimited ASCII file
   .CAT    dBASE CATalogue-file
   .CAT    IntelliCharge categorization file used by Quicken
   .CB    Microsoft clean a boot file
   .CBI    Column binary formatted file (used in IBM mainframe systems)
   .CBS    MasterWord button bar configuration
   .CC    Visual dBASE custom class file
   .CCA    mail file
   .CCB    Visual Basic Animated Button configuration
   .CCF    Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2
   .CCH    Corel Chart
   .CCH    OES Systems Photomodeler Photochip file (thumbnail)
   .CCM    Lotus CC: Mail "box" (for example, INBOX.CCM)
   .CCO    CyberChat data file
   .CCT    Macromedia Director Shockwave cast
   .CDA    CD Audio Track
   .CDB    Clipboard
   .CDF    Common Data Format, NSSDC scientific graphical format
   .CDF    Cyberspace Description Format, ASCII format describing VRML worlds
   .CDF    Microsoft Channel Definition Format file
   .CDI    Phillips Compact Disk Interactive format
   .CDM    Visual dBASE custom data module file
   .CDR    Corel DRAW vector-image
   .CDR    Raw Audio-CD data
   .CDT    Corel Draw template
   .CDX    Corel Draw compressed drawing
   .CDX    Microsoft's Visual FoxPro index
   .CEL    AutoDesk Animator Cel file (bitmap image), used for animations
   .CEL    CIMFast Event Language file
   .CER    Certificate file
   .CFB    Comptons Multimedia file
   .CFG    ConFiGuration-file
   .CFM    ColdFusion template files
   .CFM    Corel FONT MASTER.
   .CFM    Visual dBASE Windows customer form
   .CGI    Common gateway interface script file
   .CGM    Computer Graphics Metafile
   .CGM    Computer Graphics Metafile vector-image, mostly vectors but also bitmaps
   .CH1    Freelance CHart
   .CH3    Harvard Graphics v3.0 CHart/image
   .CH    OS/2 configuration file
   .CHIPS    (CopenHagen Image Processing System) uses these files
   .CHK    Repair file made by CHKDSK.
   .CHM    Compiled HTML file
   .CHP    Ventura Publisher CHaPter
   .CHR    Borland language stroke font file
   .CHT    ChartViewer file
   .CHT    Harvard Graphics Graphwriter II v2.3 CHarT
   .CIL    Clip Gallery download package
   .CIM    Sim City 200 file
   .CIN    Digital moving Picture eXchange bitmap by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
   .CIN    OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file
   .CK1    iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file
   .CK2    iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file
   .CK3    iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file
   .CK4    iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file
   .CK5    iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file
   .CK6    iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file
   .CLASS    Java Class
   .CLD    TerraGen CLouD layer file (landscape renderer)
   .CLDLYR    CLouD LaYeR file (landscape renderer)
   .CLG    Database of Disk Catalog
   .CLL    Crick Software Clicker file
   .CLO    Cloe image
   .CLP    Quattro Pro CLiP-art
   .CLP    Windows Clipboard file
   .CLS    Visual Basic Class Module
   .CMB    Xtree for Windows button bar
   .CMD    Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file), OS/2
   .CMD    dBase-II program file
   .CMD    DOS CP/M command file
   .CMF    Corel Metafile
   .CMF    Sound Blaster synthesized sound
   .CMG    Chessmaster saved game
   .CMP    Address document of Route 66
   .CMP    LEAD JPEG bitmap imageTVP
   .CMP    Photofinish Calibration MaP
   .CMR    Movie. Mediaplayer
   .CMV    Corel Move animation
   .CMX    Corel Presentation Exchange image
   .CMYK    Raw cyan, magenta, yellow and black bytes
   .CNF    Configuration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications with varying internal formats
   .CNM    Windows application menu options and setup file
   .CNQ    Compuworks Design Shop file
   .CNT    Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
   .CNV    Winword file used for import CoNVersion (=DLL)
   .COB    Calgari trueSpace2 file Format
   .COD    Microsoft C compiler output as displayable machine language/assembler with original C as comments
   .COM    MS-DOS program (Executable) or CP/M, mostly smaller than 64 Kb
   .CP8    CP8 256 Gray Scale image
   .CPD    Corel PrintOffice file (drawing)
   .CPD    Fax Cover document
   .CPE    Fax Cover document
   .CPI    Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file
   .CPJ    CeQuadrat CD ProJect file Notepad
   .CPL    Control Panel extension
   .CPL    Corel color palette
   .CPO    Corel Print House file
   .CPP    C++ source.
   .CPR    Corel PRESENTS Presentation.
   .CPT    Archive format used on the Macintosh.
   .CPT    Corel Photo-Paint image
   .CPT    PHOTO-PAINT bitmap image, see also .TIFGWS
   .CPX    Corel Presentation Exchange compressed drawing
   .CRD    Windows CaRDfile database.
   .CRP    Corel Presents run-time presentation
   .CRP    Visual dBASE custom report file
   .CRT    Certificate file
   .CSA    Comma Delimited textfile
   .CSC    Corel script
   .CSP    PC Emcee On-Screen image
   .CSS    Cascading Style Sheets, files describing how HTML and XML documents are drawn - text/css
   .CST    Macromedia Director "Cast" (resource) file
   .CSV    Comma Separated Values, this could be a database or spreadsheet file. Readable with Notepad
   .CT    Graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor
   .CT    Scitex CT Bitmap
   .CT    see .SCT
   .CTL    Used in general to mean a file containing control information. FAXWorks uses it to keep information about each fax sent and received.
   .CTX    Visual Basic user control binary file
   .CUE    Microsoft Cue Cards data
   .CUR    Windows 3.x/95/NT Cursor Resource
   .CURSOR    Sun CursorVarious
   .CUT    Dr. Halo image GWS
   .CV    Corel Versions archive
   .CV    Microsoft CodeView information screen
   .CVG    Image format
   .CVS    Canvas Drawing
   .CWK    Claris Works data file
   .CWS    Claris Works template
   .CXT    Macromedia Director protected. (not editable) "Cast" (resource) file
   .CXX    C++ source code file

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