File - Extensions - F -

File - Extensions - F -
.F2R    Farandoyle linear module format
   .F3R    Farandoyle blocked linear module format
   .F77    FORTRAN file
   .F90    FORTRAN file
   .F    FORTRAN file
   .F    Paradox file
   .FAQ    Frequently Asked Questions. Notepad
   .FAR    Farandole Composer music module (MOD) file
   .FAV    Microsoft Outlook navigation bar
   .FAX    Variety of FAX formats (Group 3)
   .FB?    FastBack Plus file
   .FB    Backup file made by Novell (DR)Dos' FastBack Express (fbx.exe)
   .FBK    Navison Financials Backup
   .FCD    FastCad or EasyCad image
   .FCD    Virtual CDROM
   .FDB    Navison Financials Database
   .FDF    Adobe Acrobat Forms Document file
   .FDF    Adobe Acrobat Forms, see .PDF
   .FEM    CADRE Finite Element Mesh file
   .FFA    MS fast find file
   .FFF    GUS PnP bank file format
   .FFIVW    ASCII file Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds (VRML)
   .FFL    MS fast find file
   .FFO    MS fast find file
   .FFT    Final Form Text (part of IBM's DCA)
   .FFX    MS fast find file
   .FH3    Aldus Freehand 3 drawing
   .FI    Fortran source code
   .FIF    Altamira Genuine Pixels 1.0 compressed format
   .FIF    Fractal Image file. Viewer - application/fractals
   .FIG    file format used by REND386/AVRIL
   .FIL    WordPerfect overlay. MIRROR.FIL saved FAT
   .FIO    Image PALS viewer DLL
   .FIT    Flexible Image Transport SystemGWS
   .FITS    Flexible Image Transport System, CCD camera image
   .FITS    see .FIT
   .FIX    Patch file
   .FLA    Macromidia Flash movie
   .FLC    AutoDesk FLIC animation
   .FLF    An OS/2 driver file
   .FLF    Corel Paradox Delived form
   .FLF    Firehand Technologies Firehand Lightening picture presentation file (slide-show)
   .FLF    Navison Financials License file
   .FLI    Movie. FLIC, Autodesk Animator, Animation
   .FLM    Image format used on Atari
   .FLT    file format use in MulitGen Inc.'s Open Flight
   .FLT    Aldus-Compatible Import Filter (=DLL)
   .FLT    Autodesk Animator Animation
   .FLT    Corel filter
   .FLT    MultiGen FLighT
   .FLT    StarTrekker music module (MOD) file
   .FM    Adobe FrameMaker Document
   .FMB    Oracle binary source code for form, version 4.0 and later
   .FML    file Mirror List (GetRight)
   .FMT    Microsoft Schedule+ print file
   .FMT    Oracle text format of form, version 4.0 and later
   .FMX    Oracle executable form, version 4.0 and later
   .FND    Microsoft Explorer Saved Search file (Find applet)
   .FNG    Font group file (Font Navigator)
   .FNK    FunkTracker module format
   .FOG    Fontographer font
   .FON    FONt with fixed size. Fontview.exe
   .FOR    FORtran source code
   .FOT    Font-related file
   .FP1    Flying Pigs for Windows data file
   .FP3    filemaker Pro database
   .FP3    fileMaker Pro file
   .FP    fileMaker Pro file
   .FPT    fileMaker Pro file
   .FPT    Microsoft FoxPro memo file
   .FPX    Kodak FlashPiX format
   .FRM    Datacad Symbol Report file
   .FRM    FoRM (textfile)
   .FRM    Form Letter in WordPerfect
   .FRM    Frame Stacks
   .FRM    FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
   .FRM    Oracle executable form version 3.0 and earlier
   .FRM    Visual Basic form
   .FRM    Visual Basic source file belonging to a FoRM Notepad
   .FRT    Mirosoft FoxPro report file
   .FRX    Binary file belonging to Visual Basic .FRM
   .FRX    Microsoft FoxPro report file
   .FSF    fPrint Audit Tool file format
   .FSL    Borderland's Paradox 7 forms
   .FSM    Farandoyle Sample format
   .FT    Lotus Notes Full Text index
   .FTG    Full-text Search Group file resulting from using Find in the Windows Help system.
   .FTS    Full-Text Search index file resulting from using Find in the Windows help system.
   .FTS    Windows Full Text Search
   .FW2    FrameWork II file
   .FW3    Framework III file
   .FW4    Framework IV file
   .FXD    WinFaxFMV
   .FXP    Microsoft FoxPro compiled source file
   .FXR    WinFax
   .FXS    WinFax
   .FZB    Casio FZ-1 Bank dump
   .FZF    Casio FZ-1 Full dump
   .FZV    Casio FZ-1 Voice dump

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