File - Extensions - H -

File - Extensions - H -
.H    C program header file
   .H    Header file, mostly belonging to .C or .CPP file
   .HBK    MathCAD HandBooK
   .HCM    IBM HCM configuration file
   .HCOM    Sound Tools
   .HCR    IBM HCD/HCM production configuration file
   .HDF    Hierarchical Data Format
   .HDF    National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) geospatial Hierarchical Data Format file
   .HED    HighEdit document
   .HEL    Microsoft Hellbender saved game
   .HEX    Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file
   .HGL    HP Graphics Language drawing
   .HH    Map file, Contains topic IDs and map numbers for each of the topics in a Help system.
   .HLP    DataCAD Windows Help file
   .HLP    Helpfile. As OS/2 / Windows-helpfile use Winhelp.exe or Winhlp32.exe
   .HOG    Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
   .HPJ    Help Project file
   .HPP    C++ program header
   .HQX    BinHex archive format, often used on Macintosh
   .HQX    Macintosh BinHex 4.0 file
   .HRF    Hitachi Raster Format bitmap image
   .HRZ    SSTV, Slow Scan TeleVision file
   .HST    History file
   .HT    HyperTerminal file
   .HTM    HyperText Markup Language file (WWW-page)
   .HTML    see .HTM
   .HTT    Microsoft Hypertext Template
   .HTX    Extended HTML template
   .HXM    Descent2 HAM file extension

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