File - Extensions - I -

File - Extensions - I -
.IBM    Commodore Amiga graphics
   .ICA    Citrix file, IoCA ICon Archive
   .ICB    Targa bitmap
   .ICC    ICC-profile, Kodak printer format
   .ICE    Cooltalk audio? - x-conference/x-cooltalk
   .ICE    Lempel Ziv Huffman archive
   .ICL    Icon Library file (an industry standard)
   .ICM    Image Color Matching profile file
   .ICN    Icon Resource Paint, Imaging
   .ICO    Gimp ICOn
   .ICO    Windows 3.x/95/NT ICOn Resource
   .ICO    Windows Icon
   .ICON    Sun IconVarious
   .IDB    MSDev 'intermediate' file
   .IDD    MIDI Instrument Definition
   .IDF    MIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file)
   .IDQ    Internet Data Query file
   .IDX    Microsoft FoxPro relational database index file
   .IDX    Microsoft Outlook Express file
   .IDX    Symantec Q&A relational database index file
   .IEF    Image - image/ief
   .IFF    Image, Deluxe Paint, Electronic Arts
   .IFF    see .TDI
   .IFF    see .VFF
   .IGES    Initial Graphics Exchange Specification file
   .IGF    Inset Systems metafile
   .IIF    QuickBooks for Windows interchange file
   .III    Intel IPhone-compatible - application/x-iphone
   .IKO    see .ICO
   .IL    hDC Designer Icon Library (= DLL)
   .ILBM    A bitmap (graphic image) file
   .IM    see .IMA
   .IMA    WinImage file
   .IMG    Bitmap image, GEM Paint/Ventura, originally from Atari
   .IMG    Vivid imageVarious
   .IMP    Lotus IMProv Spreadsheet
   .INC    Assembler language or Active Server include file
   .INF    Setup INFormation used for OS/2 / Windows. View.exe / Xview or Iview
   .INI    Gravis UltraSound bank setup
   .INI    INItialisation file used in Dos and Windows
   .INI    MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM-setup
   .INP    Oracle source code for form, version 3.0 and earlier
   .INRS    INRS-Telecommunications audio
   .INS    Ensoniq EPS family instrument file
   .INS    InstallShield install script
   .INS    Internet Communication Settings - application/x-internet-signup
   .INS    Sample Cell/II MAC/PC instruments
   .INS    X-Internet sign-up file
   .INT    Intermediate Code, an executable code produced when a source program is syntax-checked
   .IOF    Findit document
   .ION    As 'Description' a small textfile. Notepad
   .IPF    Bookmaster language text source (.INF or .HLP when compiled) IBM OS/2
   .IPX    Ipix Spherical panorama
   .IQY    Microsoft Internet Inquiry file
   .IRIS    see .RGB
   .ISH    Image Speeder Image
   .ISP    X-Internet sign-up file
   .IST    Digitaltracker instrument file
   .ISU    Windows uninstall script by Stirling Technologies
   .IT    Impulse Tracker music module (MOD) file
   .ITI    Impulse Tracker instrument
   .ITS    Impulse Tracker sample
   .ITS    Internet Document Set
   .IV    Inventor VRML Format by Silicon Graphics
   .IVD    Beyond 20/20 microdata dimension or variable-level file
   .IVF    Movie
   .IVP    Beyond 20/20 user subset profile file
   .IVT    Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file
   .IVUE    Live Picture multi-view format
   .IVX    Beyond 20/20 microdata directory file
   .IW    Idlewild screensaver
   .IWC    Install Watch document

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