File - Extensions - M -

File - Extensions - M -
.M1V    Moving Pictures Experts Group video, (MPEG) video/mpeg
   .M3D    Corel Motion 3D animation
   .M3U    MPEG URL (MIME audio file)
   .M    MatLab source
   .MAC    MacPaint bitmap image, black & white, PackBits compressed
   .MAC    MACro file
   .MAD    Microsoft Access module
   .MAF    Microsoft Access Form
   .MAF    Ms Access Form Shortcut
   .MAG    A graphics file format found in some Japanese files
   .MAGIC    Magic Mail Monitor configuration file
   .MAK    Visual Basic or MS Visual C++ Project
   .MAM    Microsoft Access Macro
   .MAN    Unix Manual page output
   .MAP    Card document of Route 66
   .MAP    ColorMAP intensities and indices
   .MAP    Debug info used by some programming languages
   .MAP    Duke Nukem 3D game file
   .MAQ    Microsoft Access Query Shortcut
   .MAR    Microsoft Access Report
   .MAS    Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster file
   .MAT    MATlab sound
   .MAT    Microsoft Access Table Shortcut
   .MAUD    MAUD sample format
   .MAX    KINETIX's 3D Studio MAX file format for a 3D scene
   .MAX    OrCAD layout file
   .MAZ    A file format use by Division's dVS/dVISE
   .MB1    Apogee Monster Bash data file
   .MB    Paradox 4.0 Windows memo
   .MBFAVS    see .AVS
   .MBFS    see .AVS
   .MBOX    Berkeley Unix mailbox format
   .MBX    Extension Microsoft Outlook adds to saved email, Eudora mailboxes
   .MCC    Dialer10 calling card
   .MCC    Shortcut to The Microsoft Network, CCDIALER
   .MCD    MathCaD file
   .MCM    Enable Macro
   .MCP    Metrowerks CodeWarrior project file
   .MCR    DataCAD Keyboard macro file
   .MCW    Microsoft Word for Macintosh document
   .MDA    Microsoft Access workgroup for version 2
   .MDB    Microsoft Access database
   .MDE    Microsoft Access MDE file
   .MDI    MIDI-sequention sound, see .MID
   .MDL    Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
   .MDN    Microsoft Access blank database template
   .MDT    Microsoft Access Add-in Data
   .MDW    Microsoft Access Workgroup
   .MDW    Microsoft Access Workgroup Information
   .MDX    Maintained dBASE database index
   .MDZ    Microsoft Access wizard template
   .ME!    As! an urgent textfile. Notepad
   .ME    As '' a textfile. Notepad
   .MED    MED/OctaMED Module (sound)
   .MED    Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) file
   .MER    Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized by filemaker, Excel, and others
   .MET    OS/2 Presentation Manager metafile
   .MFG    Pro/ENGINEER manufacturing file
   .MGF    ASCII-based 3D rendering Materials and Geometry Format
   .MGX    Micrografx Designer
   .MHT    see .MHTML
   .MHTM    MHTML document
   .MHTML    MHTML file Explorer - message/rfc822
   .MI    Miscellaneous
   .MIC    Microsoft Image Composer file
   .MID    MIDI music MIF Adobe FrameMaker Interchange Format
   .MIDI    see .MID
   .MIF    see .MIFF
   .MIFF    Machine Independent Format file
   .MIM    A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions.
   .MIM    MIME encoded file
   .MIX    Microsoft Windows sound MIX
   .MIX    Power C object file
   .MLI    file in 3D Studio's Material-Library format
   .MME    Multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions.
   .MMF    Meal Master Format, a recipe catologing format
   .MMF    Microsoft Mail file
   .MMG    Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file
   .MMM    Microsoft Multimedia Movie
   .MMP    Mindmapor MindManager file
   .MN2    Descent2 Mission file
   .MND    Cerious MaNDelbrot image
   .MNG    Multi-image Network Graphics
   .MNI    Cerious MaNDelbrot image
   .MNT    Microsoft FoxPro menus
   .MNU    DOS mouse MeNU
   .MNU    Intertel Systems Interact menu file
   .MNU    Visual dBASE menu file
   .MNX    Microsoft FoxPro menus
   .MOCHA    Javascript, application/x-javascript
   .MOD    FastTracker, StarTrekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) music module file
   .MOD    file implementing DOS support for Windows DLL's
   .MOD    Microsoft Multiplan spreadsheet
   .MOD    Sound, originaly from Amiga, UltiMOD
   .MOOV    Quicktime movie
   .MOTIF    Microangelo Motif
   .MOV    Apple QuickTime MOVie, standard Macintosh video format Media Player - video/quicktime or Quicktime Virtual Reality - require the QuickTime for Windows MCI drivers.
   .MOV    QuickTime for Windows movie MP2
   .MP2    Moving Pictures Experts Group - video/x-mpeg2a, video/x-mpeg, audio/x-mpeg
   .MP2    MPEG Audio Layer 2 file (MIME video file)
   .MP2V    see .MP2 - video/x-mpeg2
   .MP3    MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3)
   .MP3    MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) file
   .MP3    MPEG Layer 3 (Highly compressed audio) Media Player - audio/mpeg, audio/basic
   .MP    MultiPlan
   .MPA    MPEG sound, PCM digitized, high compression - video/x-mpeg, audio/x-mpeg
   .MPE    MPEG animation
   .MPEG    Audio Layer 2
   .MPEG    MPEG animation
   .MPEGA    MPEG sound - audio/x-mpeg
   .MPG    MPEG animation
   .MPG    MPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
   .MPNT    see .MAC (MacPaint)
   .MPP    CAD drawing file format
   .MPR    Microsoft FoxPro menus (compiled)
   .MPV2    see MP2 - video/x-mpeg2
   .MPV    MPEG movie, no sound, also as .VBS - video/mpeg
   .MRI    MRI Scan
   .MRS    WordPerfect Macro ReSource
   .MS    As a Microsoft virus control file
   .MSA    Magic Shadow Archive
   .MSDL    Manchester Scene Description Language, 3D rendering?
   .MSG    Microsoft Mail message
   .MSI    Windows Installer package
   .MSN    Descent Mission file
   .MSN    Microsoft Network document
   .MSP    Microsoft Paint bitmap
   .MSP    Windows Installer patch file
   .MST    Windows Installer transform
   .MSX    Image format
   .MTM    MultiTracker music module (MOD) file
   .MTV    MTV Raytracing image format
   .MU    Quattro pro for DOS MenU definition
   .MUL    Online game called Ultima online
   .MUS10    Mus10 audio
   .MUS    Music
   .MVB    Microsoft Multimedia Viewer file
   .MWP    Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster file

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