File - Extensions - O -

File - Extensions - O -
.O01    Typhoon voice file
   .OBD    Microsoft Office binder template
   .OBJ    Compiler OBJect file
   .OBJ    Metatools' Bryce Support file (OBJects)
   .OBT    MS Office Binder Template
   .OBZ    Microsoft Office Binder Wizard
   .OCA    Visual Basic control typelib cache
   .OCX    Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding custom control
   .ODF    Open Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
   .ODS    Microsoft Outlook Express mailbox file
   .OFF    3D Object file Format
   .OFN    Microsoft Office fileNew file
   .OFT    Microsoft Outlook template
   .OKT    Oktalyzer music module (MOD) file
   .OLB    OLE Object Library
   .OLD    Backup file
   .OLE    OLE object
   .OMF    Avid video editor interchange files
   .OOGL    Object Oriented Graphics Library
   .OPL    Organiser Programming Language source file - Psion/Symbian
   .OPO    OPL output executable file
   .OPT    Configuration information (OPTions) used by several programs
   .OPX    OPL extension DLL
   .OR2    Lotus Organiser 2 file
   .OR3    Lotus Organiser 97 file
   .ORA    Oracle 7 configuration
   .ORC    Oracle 7 script
   .ORG    Lotus Organiser file
   .OSS    Microsoft Office Search file
   .OST    Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Offline file
   .OST    Microsoft Inbox offline folder file
   .OTL    Super NoteTab template file (Fookes)
   .OUT    C language output file
   .OVL    OVerLay, program code for DOS
   .OYZ    Lotus Approach alternate dBASE index

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