File - Extensions - P -

File - Extensions - P -
.P10    Tektronix Plot 10 drawing
   .P3    Primavera Project Planner file
   .P65    Pagemaker 6.5 file
   .P7    Xv's visual schnauzer format
   .P7C    Digital ID file used in Outlook Express - application/pkcs7
   .PAB    Microsoft Personal Address Book
   .PAC    Proxy AutoConfig - application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
   .PAC    SB Studio II package
   .PAG    Visual Basic property PAGe file
   .PAK    PK-Pak archive, Quake WAD file
   .PAL    PALette file used by eg. Dr. Halo
   .PAR    Windows swapfile (as 386SPART.PAR)
   .PAS    Pascal source code (Borland)
   .PAT    Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte tech-Patch
   .PAT    CorelDRAW PATtern file, Gimp PATtern
   .PBD    PowerBuilder Dynamic library, an alternative to a native DLL
   .PBF    Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank file
   .PBK    Microsoft Phonebook
   .PBL    PowerBuilder Library used in the PowerBuilder development environment
   .PBM    Portable BitMap image - image/x-portable-bitmap
   .PBR    PowerBuilder Resource
   .PC1    see .PI1
   .PC2    see .PI1
   .PC3    see .PI1
   .PCB    Print Shop Deluxe business card?
   .PCC    Zsoft PC Paintbrush bitmap image, also used as .PCXsee .PCX
   .PCD    Kodak PhotoCD bitmap image - image/x-photo-cd
   .PCD    P-Code compiled test scripts as in Microsoft Test and Microsoft Visual Test
   .PCE    Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames
   .PCL    Hewlett Packard Printer Control Language
   .PCM    Audio file format
   .PCM    OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM format
   .PCP    Symantec Live Update Pro file
   .PCS    PICS animation
   .PCT    Macintosh QuickDraw PiCT image
   .PCX    Zsoft PC Paintbrush bitmap image, uses RLE compression
   .PDB    3Com Palmpilot database file
   .PDD    Graphic image that can be opened with Paint Shop Pro and possibly other image software
   .PDF    Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format file (displayable with a Web browser)
   .PDF    Microsoft Systems Management Server Package Definition file. Verifies installed packages when performing an inventory scan of a client.
   .PDF    Netware Printer Definition file
   .PDP    Broderbund's Print Shop Deluxe file
   .PDQ    Patton&Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite file
   .PDS    Planetary Data System format by NASA
   .PDX    Index file of .PDFFMV (ODBC needed)
   .PET    Macintosh PICT image
   .PF    Aladdin Systems Private files encrypted file
   .PFA    PostScript font
   .PFA    Type 1 font (ASCII)
   .PFB    Postscript Font Bezier, Adobe Type 1 Font
   .PFB    Type 1 font (binary)
   .PFC    PF Component
   .PFL    Lotus Freelance PortFoLio file
   .PFM    Printer Font Metrics (Adobe)
   .PFS    First Publisher ART files
   .PGL    HP Plotter drawing, HPGL image
   .PGM    Portable GrayMap image - image/x-portable-graymap
   .PGP    Pretty Good Privacy encryption-file
   .PGX    Visual Basic binary property page file
   .PH    Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compiler
   .PHP3    HTML page that includes a PHP script
   .PHP    HTML page that includes a PHP script
   .PHTML    HTML page that includes a PHP script
   .PHTML    Perl-parsed HTML
   .PI1    Degas & Degas Elite image file
   .PI2    see .PI1
   .PI3    see .PI1
   .PIC    Handy Scaner Cameron image?
   .PIC    Lotus picture, Macintosh
   .PIC    MTV & Rayshade image file
   .PIC    PC Paint/Pictor bitmap image, Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT, Pegasus or Lotus PIC vector image, SoftImage, PC Paint/Pictor, Macintosh QuickDraw
   .PIC    SoftImage image file
   .PICT    drawing
   .PICT    Mac PICT image file
   .PIF    Program Information file
   .PIG    Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
   .PIN    Atari ST graphics format
   .PIN    Epic Pinball data file
   .PIX    Inset Systems bitmap
   .PIX    see .ALS, .TGA
   .PJ    MKS Source Integrity file
   .PJP    JPEG image - image/jpeg
   .PJPEG    JPEG image - image/jpeg
   .PJT    Microsoft's Visual Foxpro Project
   .PJX    Microsoft's Visual Foxpro Project
   .PKG    Microsoft Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL file)
   .PKR    PGP Public Keyring
   .PL    PerL - application/x-perl
   .PLG    A file format use by REND386/AVRIL
   .PLI    Oracle 7 data description
   .PLM    DisorderTracker2 module
   .PLS    DisorderTracker2 sample
   .PLS    MPEG PLayList file (used by WinAmp)
   .PLT    AutoCAD Plot drawing
   .PLT    Gerber sign-making software
   .PLT    HPGL Plotter drawing
   .PLY    Polygon mesh format ZipPack by Silicon Graphics
   .PM3    PageMaker 3.0 data
   .PM5    Pagemaker 5.0 file
   .PM6    Pagemaker 6.0 file
   .PM    see XPM
   .PMA    Archive format used on CP/M & MSX computers
   .PNG    Paint Shop Pro Browser catalogue
   .PNG    Portable Network Graphics. Like GIF but royalty-free
   .PNM    Portable aNyMap - image/x-portable-anymap
   .PNT    MacPaint graphic file
   .PNTG    Same as PNT file
   .POG    Descent2 PIG file extension
   .POL    InnovMetric Software POLygon 3D Models Format
   .POL    Windows NT Policy file
   .POP    Visual dBASE popup file
   .POT    Microsoft PowerPoint Template
   .POV    Persistence Of Vision Raytracing, 3D scene
   .PP4    Picture Publisher 4 bitmap
   .PPA    Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in
   .PPF    Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program file
   .PPM    Portable PixelMap - image/x-portable-pixmap
   .PPP    Parson Power Publisher
   .PPP    Serif PagePlus desktop publishing default output
   .PPS    Microsoft PowerPoint slide show
   .PPT    Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
   .PR    Sun Icon or Cursor?Various:
   .PRC    3Com Palmpilot resource (text or program) file
   .PRE    Lotus Freelance presentation
   .PRF    Macromedia Director settings file
   .PRF    Windows system file
   .PRG    dBase, Clipper, and FoxPro program source files
   .PRG    WAVmaker program
   .PRJ    PRoJect file used in programming environments
   .PRN    DataCAD Windows Printer file
   .PRO    Configuration file (PROfile) used by several programs
   .PRP    Oberon's Prospero data conversion product saved project file
   .PRS    Harvard Graphics for Windows presentation
   .PRS    Lotus Freelance PReSentation for OS/2
   .PRS    Norton Viewer DLL
   .PRT    A print-formatted file
   .PRT    Microsoft Schedule+ PRinT
   .PRT    Pro/ENGINEER part file
   .PRV    A PsiMail Internet provider template file
   .PRZ    Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 file
   .PS2    Adobe Level II PostScript (Ghostscript needed)
   .PS    Postscript-formatted file (a Postscript printer-ready file)
   .PSB    Pinnacle Sound Bank
   .PSD    Adobe PhotoShop Document = bitmap image
   .PSI    PSION a-law audio
   .PSM    Protracker Studio Module (sound)
   .PSP    Paintshop Pro image file
   .PST    Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder file
   .PTD    Pro/ENGINEER table file
   .PTM    Polytracker music module (MOD) file
   .PUB    Microsoft Publisher document
   .PUB    Ventura Publisher publication
   .PWD    Microsoft Pocket Word document
   .PWL    Windows 95 password list file
   .PWP    Photoworks image file (a roll of file that can be viewed using Photoworks)
   .PWZ    Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard
   .PX    Paradox indexfile
   .PXL    Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet
   .PXR    3D rendering file
   .PY    Python script file
   .PY    Save emessages from Yahoo
   .PYC    Python script file

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