File - Extensions - Q -

File - Extensions - Q -
.QAG    Norton Destop Group
   .QBW    QuickBooks for Windows file
   .QD3D    Apple's QuickDraw 3D Metafile format
   .QDAT    Quicktime for Windows install log datafile
   .QDT    Quick Books data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice program
   .QDV    Image format
   .QFL    FAMILY LAWYER document
   .QFX    Quick Link II fax file
   .QIC    Microsoft Backup file
   .QIF    Quicken Import file
   .QLB    Quick Library
   .QM    Quality Motion file
   .QRT    see .DIS
   .QRY    Lotus Approach query for SQL tables
   .QRY    Microsoft Query
   .QST    Ami Pro QuickStart Tutorial image
   .QST    Quake Spy Tab file
   .QT    Apple QuickTime movie, see also .MOV
   .QT    QuickTime Movie
   .QTI    QuickTime-related image
   .QTIF    QuickTime-related image
   .QTL    see .YUV
   .QTM    Apple QuickTime Movie, see also .MOV
   .QTP    QuickTime Preferences file
   .QTS    Mac PICT image file
   .QTS    QuickTime-related image
   .QTVR    QuickTime VR
   .QTX    QuickTime-related image
   .QW    Symantec Q&A Write program file
   .QXD    Quark XPress file

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